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Merdeka Palace Hotel & Suites

Bengkayang, Kalimantan Barat
Alamat: Jalan Tun Abang Hj Openg, Taman Budaya, 93000 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
Rating: 3.90
Telp: +60 82-258 000

Komentar :

Munawar Fira (06/05/2018 01:52)
Merdeka Palace Hotel
One of the best hotel for vacation trip...
Strategic place because its near many place to visit..
Near Water Front, India Street, Plaza Merdeka Muzium and many more place to visit...
Thank you for your time to read my simple review...
Good day and have fun..

azra hadirah (22/04/2018 07:09)
Went there twice, holiday & conference. The staffs were friendly, breakfast & lunch were so delicious. Last time i took the suite and i had a really nice view of kuching. The rooms were quite nice but some of the wall paper and ceiling were torn off. The room wasn't properly taken care of i reckon. But still i had a nice view & a bathtub 😊

Patricia Lucas (20/04/2018 06:34)
They offer the best breakfast! From local breakfast to western breakfast. Really love their standard room, big and clean. Front liner staff is friendly and they also offer a welcoming drink at the lobby area. Located not far from Kuching Waterfront and shopping mall like Plaza Merdeka.

Eddy Chi (07/04/2018 08:12)
Wifi tidak berfungsi dari dalam kamar.
Kamarnya luas tapi fasilitasnya kurang diupdate. Televisi tabung jaman dulu dengan channel yang tidak jernih tampilannya. Gorden juga ada yang macet sehingga susah dibuka dan ditutup. Panel kontrol di kamar utama tidak berfungsi dengan baik.
Staf hotel ramah dan pelayanannya bagus.

Cik Siti (30/03/2018 05:46)
I went to Seattle Coffee & Tea actually and it is one of the restaurant in Merdeka Palace. This place is clean, cozy and you can enjoy your coffee or tea in a nice and relax mode. The ambiance is good. This place also have freshly baked bread n cake. It's a good place to hangout with friends. While catching up with each other stories, you can enjoy the light food too.. Why not 5 stars? Coz i waited for my burger like almost 20 minutes, even though their customers only my table and the one beside my table.😊

erna lily (24/03/2018 17:55)
Nice hotel... good service. This hotel is close to waterfront and plaza merdeka. I took a standart room with breakfast. You can book a room from traveloka like i did. When you arrive in here... you have to pay a tax. I paid 20myr because i ordered for 2 days 2 night.

Lim Andrew (23/03/2018 07:08)
For a classy hotel, I am very disappointed with the hotel staffs. They are unprofessional when dealing with customers. First come first serve basis is not in their book. They rather entertainment foreign guests first leaving behind local guests waiting. This kind of mind set is unacceptable. We have to wait for almost an hour for them to get ready my apartment. This is ridiculous. We reached the hotel around 2 pm and was given the room card around 3 pm. Check in time for most hotels are 2 pm. The hotel management should look into this matter. Guests are paying the same amount for the rooms. Why are foreign guests given special treatment or priority?

Alif Atan (02/03/2018 09:25)
Grand entrance. Nice staff. They provide parking for both car and motorcycle. The room is spacious but a bit old. The air conditioner is like an old school but working well. The location is near to waterfront and mall.

Anwar Arif (18/11/2017 14:03)
old hotel but still in good condition. near to the riverfront

aloy metal (16/11/2017 03:50)
The room is quite old but still acceptable. I like its classy + elegant style for the room and lobby

Mohammed Nor bin Dato Haji Abdul Rahman Barnawi (10/11/2017 21:33)
Very nice... Staff very friendly... Helpful and the atmosphere is upmarket.. And the rate is not more than elsewhere for a bit of class....

Aliff Najmi (28/08/2017 02:55)
The services is good. I really enjoyed the experinces 😊. Definitely will come again later.

Numan (13/08/2017 12:00)
Owned by Felda Investment. Booked 2 bedrooms apartment. Room is big but the bed is 1 queen and 1 king size. The aircon is slow cooling. Lack of light in rooms, kichen. No mirror at dressing table. Swimming pool at level 8 is lack of maintenance, so is the playground. Overall this hotel require major maintenance.

F.F Thian (18/07/2017 01:14)
Very bad service. Booked their facilities for a 3 daya workshop but they insisted that wifi can be access via room number. We can only allowed to check in at 2pm and the whole morning we cannot access any internet for our workshop. This is such a disgrace to our invited guests of the workshop. In order for you to sustain in the competitive market, you must be able to provide a good service to your customer. That is the very basic requirement in the service industry.

Karthik Manokaran (17/07/2017 08:25)
Rooms were clean. Service was fast. Air-conditioning in the room was not working, called the reception and they got it fixed in under an hour.

Hassan Zarikah (01/07/2017 14:30)
- Generally, the place is showing signs of aging and being run down, with wallpapers in the suites torn and having some scribbles.
- The air-conditioners couldn't be set properly and with our guests in the suite the room felt balmy despite putting the air-cond fans at the maximum levels and temperatures in the teens.
- Since we booked the apartment we'd expected to have a fridge and food-heating facilities to be available; instead we had to request them. They only delivered a microwave but the fridge didn't arrive despite our pleas that we needed to keep some food chilled.
I think the management should consider some "rejuvenation" programs for the place.

Syalyna Nashikin (17/06/2017 16:33)
The hotel is quit old and cozy. But the breakfast was not good and tasteless. Interior design was ok and room also good and ok too.

Bor Yean Lew (07/04/2017 11:22)
Located in city centre with cheap price. Services are good but need renovation and refurbish as the hotel is pretty old and not that well maintained.

huzainah akbar @ abdul rani (22/03/2017 05:01)
Management should really do something about the overall cleanliness.. Disgusting. And can someone answer the phone at the cake shop please i need bread.

AF A (18/03/2017 15:02)
Quiet and restful. Good service. Great breakfast.

Suriani Abdul Rahman (04/03/2017 05:51)
beautiful room but lousy old bath with faulty toilet flush. bathroom was flooded over a nite from leaking

atirah epit (24/02/2017 01:32)
Overall its ok for me but 1 things is not ok..the wifi is not include in room charge and the wifi price is rm20 for 1 person . Thats all

Azman Badaruddin (20/02/2017 06:49)
Cosy and friendly staff

Melina Hassan (18/12/2016 13:23)
Comfy accommodation conveniently located near a shopping mall and sight seeing places.

James Chong (06/11/2016 10:33)
Excellent services. Comfortable & well upkeep. Internet speed needs improving.

Neil Johnson (06/08/2016 11:34)
Big oldish hotel. Room a bit tired and had to call multiple times to get bathtowels. Having said that, good size room. Great shower. Nice overall feel about the place. Great location. Would stay again.

Jimmy Mak Chii Ping (24/08/2016 13:37)
A bit run down. Sad

Neil Johnson (06/08/2016 11:34)
Big oldish hotel. Room a bit tired and had to call multiple times to get bathtowels. Having said that, good size room. Great shower. Nice overall feel about the place. Great location. Would stay again.

Wilbert Yong (26/11/2015 03:43)
This is my first visit. Took quite some time to check me in. I got my room key card, yet can't access my room and I had to change room. Room service took some time too. Complimentary Wi-Fi

Robert Newly (14/06/2015 00:28)
Classy & Elegant.

asfanina farliza (05/03/2015 03:54)
Tgh dgr ceramah.

Antoine ERBACHER (13/10/2013 16:22)
Even if the lobby is nice, and the location convenient... i shall not recommend this hotel. Odours of old cold smoke, no fridge in room, wifi as extra, parking lot view (!!), doubts with cleanliness,... a lot more best places to stay in kuching rather than this one!

Robert Theng (01/05/2013 13:13)
It is a good experience with the restaurant. We are arrived,the sign read " the restaurant is closed for private function." It is quite a shock. My friend want to leave. Then I proceed to the counter. and ask can we order. Yes, is the answer. The order is made.
The food is served well. The price is fair. It is on promotion time. All must try their cooking. It is fine dinning.

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