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McDonald's Matang Drive Thru

Bengkayang, Kalimantan Barat
Alamat: Jalan Matang, Taman Fah Tah, 93050 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
Rating: 3.90
Telp: +60 82-646 793
Jam Operasional:
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours

Komentar :

ahmad idzham (08/06/2018 01:27)
Went for drive thru. The Spicy Chic McDeluxe is not fresh especially the vege. Nasi Ayam McD was nice.

Jacko Else (07/06/2018 11:47)
Service very slow.. waited my meals almost 30 minutes.. staff many but still slow.. that day buy mcchicken deluxe but no cheese inside.. easy job cannot do ah? stupid services..

ehSy (29/04/2018 04:27)
It's comfortable to eat here. It has enough space for all.

Ahmad Firdaus (25/04/2018 09:57)
Clean, long drive tru ques, frequent missed orders

Rafizah Kasiran (06/04/2018 13:33)
Will get some food from here..once a week.. Very convenient.

Abadies (27/03/2018 10:17)
If peak hours, drive thru can take u to queue almost 1hours not including waiting for yr food

Choco Dark (13/03/2018 03:44)
A nice place to do some personal works.. Hope there will be more power point for mobile charging

Hamdiah Ismail (21/01/2018 01:38)
Convenient laundry + breakfast @RM30 plus a 10 minutes drive from home in normal traffic

Nawawi Matnor (29/12/2017 10:56)
Quite frequent miss out orders. Very irritating when staff try to attend to two customers at same time.

Abdul Rahman Jubli (05/10/2017 10:42)
Just like normal McD outlet.. Nothing special

ABGAZER ABNAS (28/09/2017 02:52)
Always packed, especially after payday. Drive-Thru also available

Alvin Foo (20/09/2017 08:05)
Im lovin it..

nurul ackin (19/09/2017 05:15)
Always no ice cream as i came always for ice cream. And this is disappointing

Florina Abitt (28/08/2017 12:04)
They wil get your order right but have to be little bit patient in repeating your order (if you dont want to take the risk of wrong order)... fridays lunch can be a bit busy (drive thru) so the wait is quite possible..

mohamad Fitri (25/07/2017 03:06)
Compare to other McDonald's drive thru, they deserve 4 star

Mohd Adzhar Mansor (04/07/2017 06:15)
Good food and great for coffee lovers too

Rashid Zainol (21/06/2017 17:02)
Have VIP Drive tru sticker. But no free fries

Frances Phyleexia (07/03/2017 23:59)
Love having my breakfast here. Food was fresh & affordable. My normal order for breakfast was WBS Brekkie wrap with sausage & Cakoi set (no porridge)😘

Zeul He'Shawm (25/02/2017 06:25)
Average service but doesn't take long to serve food and baverages. Thumbs up!

Sham Sarawak (06/02/2017 00:45)
Slow service and always no stock specially when order late nite

syar ael (24/01/2017 19:57)
I hate mcdonalds. Not clean kitchen

Edwin Fang (15/10/2016 07:53)
the manager here no smile face~hate it....

Clement Goh (30/08/2016 10:43)
Most of the latest menu are unavailable or what they called out of stock, so definitely won't choose here to have some latest MCD burgers

Ramlie Mbess (13/07/2016 09:10)
Hai mcdonald's Matang Drive Thru

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