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MJC City Development

Bengkayang, Kalimantan Barat
Alamat: BD 108, Jalan Batu Kawa, Batu Kawah New Township, 93250 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
Rating: 3.50
Telp: +60 82-452 633 ?cur=page/ page&id=158&title=Property-Development

Komentar :

Abdul Hameed (26/03/2018 14:05)
Great place, still a favourite people's place despite having competitions from other place, including E-Mart

yeo chowboong (03/03/2018 23:24)
Friendly neighbour place with ample parking. Goods and services readily available. Many coin operated laundry services available.

Florence Sundang (06/01/2018 12:07)
Shophouses not fully occupied. However, can still find essential products sold here.

pui jinfen (29/12/2017 08:10)
a well plan company on develop of a landmark with shop lot and residential in batu kawa. the company run successfully after all this years .well maintains the surrounding. good job.

Pui Jinfen (30/11/2017 02:41)
It a 18 years that it here. Some of the facility need to up grade especially the tap water house ,electric bulk and tile on need to up grade. Generally it a good shopping area. Hopefully the CCTV it working.

Robert Chua 3811 (11/06/2017 00:24)
Poor maintenance. Dirty toilets. Unruly drivers not adhering to road usage and regulations.

Angie Ed (13/05/2017 17:08)
I dont know why i like this place so dont ask

Jothinathan Muniandy (05/03/2017 13:57)
Good convinient. Not much traffic within area and have access to plenty of shops... however heavy traffic on main road at peak hours. Would be way better with 4 lane roads

Adi Rahman (04/03/2017 08:16)
I love this place because there is one stall burger has been selling very delicious common burger and home made burger with bbq sauce quite nice.. it's located near 7eleven.. go and try for it..

Abang Abdul Rahman Abang Abdillah (02/03/2017 07:46)
The place is just too big and its easy to get lost and not finding the shop you want to go is norm. Need a better signage system

Alfi Rafandra (13/02/2017 22:37)

Hassan Ahmad (03/02/2017 05:01)
Very convenient

Liew Yew Hua Liew (03/01/2017 23:15)

Adi Sudirman Suparno (10/08/2016 07:16)
variety of choices

mohd zul (23/07/2016 19:39)
It nice and quiet...

rebecca Ocha Lawan (20/08/2016 00:30)
I love here

Aadi Sudirman Suparno (10/08/2016 07:16)
variety of choices

mohd zul (23/07/2016 19:39)
It nice and quiet...

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