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Bengkayang, Kalimantan Barat
Alamat: LOT 9284, Bandar Riyal, Jln Muara Tuang Park, Kampung Muara Tuang, 94300 Kota Samarahan, Sarawak, Malaysia
Rating: 4.10
Telp: +60 82-504 151
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 8:50 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 8:50 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 8:50 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday: 8:50 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday: 8:50 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday: 8:50 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday: 8:50 AM – 10:00 PM

Komentar :

Schatz Daisy (04/06/2018 03:09)
Good place but few cashiers very rude. Dulu selalu pergi but now i choose other supermarkets yang mana pekerjanya polite and friendly. Entschuldigung....

sama ab - (28/05/2018 09:15)
What are you want to buy? It all here. Just name it.

Rochesler sandah (07/05/2018 07:03)
Im telling u guys, the Human Resource Department of this franchise is so arrogant and pathetic. The management dont have a good communication skills and profesionalism in their working area. Its disappointed really to think of it. What a joke. How can they work in such field with this attitude.

Azmi HSE Advisor (25/04/2018 14:41)
All groceries u can get it here for a better price.. Vote for farley the best in sarawak..

Nurul Izzatty Jamaluddin (22/02/2018 13:37)
Good Place To Shopping. Good Environment And If You Come Here, Please Come And Taste The Delicious Char Kueh Teow at The Garden👍👍👍👍

Chokm Soo Mun (09/02/2018 15:46)
bad customer service..i bought a kid bicycle from Farley supermarket at Bandar Riyal, Kota Samarahan this morning 9 Feb 2018 at 10.07am. Today evening around 6pm, our 40 months old tried her new bicycle. She started to ride, first the bicycle seat dislocated even the screw were tighted. Later her steering was bended down. After around 5 to 10 mins ride around car porch, the front wheel started making metal noises. I noticed the pins and little steels that hold the front wheel frame started to fall out. The front tyre is moving to left and right. It can not go straight position. I stop the ride immediately. Will be disaster and badly injure if the front wheel collapes. I took the bicycle back to Farley Supermarket to inform the defect of the bicycle and demand for exchange. First the supervisor Farley 202 Siow Wee made conclusion that bicycle been badly hit on something that the pins fall out. She told everyone when she on the way to see me. But there are no scrashes and dent on the bicycle. Farley 202 called her manager Farley 205 Mr. Kuan Wei Kian . Mr Kuan told me is my mistake i don't check before i buy. I explained that i a mother carry a 6 months old baby, held a 40 months old and purchased 2 sets of big baskets how to check the bicycle. Furthermore the 2 lady sales persons in bike department are not helpful at all. Later Mr. Kuan checked with his manager Mr. Lau that the bike cannot be exchanged. Mr Kuan said he can give discount for 2nd bicycle purchase only. After 2 hours standing with these 2 persons with no satisfaction answer. I have no choice to bring back the defect bicycle with my 6 months old n 40 months old innocen tag
along for 2 hours with no answers. i totally lost my trust on merchandise that sold at Farley supermarket. i urges everyone buy wisely before regreted at this place.There are consumer right laws in Malaysia.

Damia Hudson (07/02/2018 13:49)
The price is reasonable and very cheap. When you come here don't forget to go to Aji Leh stall, their TomYam Udang Galah is the best👍👍👍👍

ihsan shah bunerwal (29/11/2017 08:43)
The price of the goods are reasonable. And can be cheaper than other places. The fresh food are fresh, the frozen fish are surprisingly good. It is a one stop center for all household items. This place is always packed with customers, so I'd normally come around 9.00 am-ish

Haslina Hashim (29/11/2017 02:16)
The price of the goods are reasonable. And can be cheaper than other places. The fresh food are fresh, the frozen fish are surprisingly good. It is a one stop center for all household items. This place is always packed with customers, so I'd normally come around 9.00 am-ish.

Zeul He'Shawm (15/10/2017 04:44)
Offer wide range of choices of groceries including fresh vegetables and poultry. The cheapest place to buy for monthly consumption and suffice most of the needs of surrounding customers.

BOB LIM (30/09/2017 02:34)
Even Farley price reasonable for variety of fresh food and vegetables , but the security arrangements is haphazard?? Security guards do not allow clients to bring things we have purchased from one department to another even assesible and open. Locker is very far away.
1.Management should sealed with plastic tag the plastic bags with goods already purchased and paid etc for guests to walk to next area or level for further purchase. Was this practise?.
2. Create more lockers at every department for guests, the available lockers far away in front.,the fresh fishes and chickens don't expect us to put in lockers first before we proceed to buy other goods.?
3. If management suspect every clients will steal things inside plastic bags we have already purchased things from Farley, then put up more CCTV. Insult to Farley clients by your unwise policy also inconvenience to them.
4. Put up more railings to separate the various no go areas and department and then station your security guard there with open shelves locker with number tags for clients to leave their things they purchased before they enter next open room since they are not allowed to bring anything in.

Elizebel Danil (27/08/2017 07:13)
Fresh vege and had many choices. Very fair price

Michael Wong (10/08/2017 03:37)
I like this place. Reasonable prices and convenient. Variety goods

Swee Kee Chew (31/07/2017 06:57)
Repeating their formula by providing fresh produce and cheap products with minimal advertising, this outlet seems to outsmart the competition. Own shoe shop, bakery and departmental store.

Ismail Rajak (22/07/2017 07:21)
The best place..but no parking space ..and not enough chair to rest and waiting..

Wan Jin (27/06/2017 12:28)
You can get cheap and fresh daily necessities over here. Besides, I like their steam bun, among it, my favourite will be the steam butter bun, it is superb if you consumed when it still hot.

khaidi sharbini (11/05/2017 06:21)
Lovely environment and value for money. Also strategic location. 😃

ct as (10/05/2017 09:51)
i had the most unpleasant experience shopping at this supermarket this afternoon.i totally understand that i broke the supermarket's regulations when i wanted to bring the basket filled with my stuff to the car.i was told i should use the trolley.if only the lady security guard named hamdiah had talked to me nicely instead of scolding me right in front of other customers,i wouldnt have been so furious over this matter.she was treating me as if i was a thief.i may not earn as much as she does,but i still can afford to pay for my sugar,eggs,chicken,nuggets,chicken frank,cabbage,omega powder milk,rose sauce and bread.farley,better send your staff to attend communication skill courses in handling customers.

Oct Alexa (22/03/2017 05:26)
Great place to shop ... There are variety of stuff

Razors Max (01/03/2017 13:29)
Wide selection of item...spacious...but its always crowded with people..the cashier should be place at more strategic spot..atm can be added more..

Sim Ying Shyang (13/01/2017 08:51)
You can get more here with cheaper price.

Yong Seng Yet (02/01/2017 14:58)
Selling various types of goods, many choices, however some products on sale due to expire date is near... shop smart buy smart.

Chuan Ngee Teck (28/12/2016 23:58)
There are variety types of groceries you can buy and the price is reasonable as well.

Nicholas Ng (25/12/2016 00:35)
Selling lot of items with reasonable price, but crowded.

Vincent Wong (30/09/2016 05:05)
Great variety selection. Proper , tidy and fresh. Doesn't hurt your wallet.

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