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Borneo Happy Farm

Bengkayang, Kalimantan Barat
Alamat: 94000 Bau, Sarawak, Malaysia
Rating: 4.00
Telp: +60 16-898 8084

Komentar :

Chua SP (02/06/2018 08:04)
A very nice place that is closer to nature, perfect for bringing children to experience in the green. The facilities are well built (eg. Toilets, shades, resting place). While there are information boards placed at every stop, there are guides to assist.

Charles Wong (29/05/2018 05:34)
Very friendly staffs and very good service. Will go there again with family. Really live up to the name Happy Farm.

Philip Wong (25/05/2018 02:04)
Good place for children to explore close up with the animals. It's a farm so don't expect orangutan or tiger. It's well built and well maintained. Overall it's clean and tidy. Great experience for young children. The place is huge so make sure you are well prepared with water, umbrella, and stroller. Check out the feeding times for more fun and staff are super friendly. Very helpful as well. Good for large groups.

Mandy Candy (18/04/2018 22:30)
Had a really great time here! Although we surpass the visiting hours, the employees were kind enough to let us extend our time there.

A big farm with lots of animals to play with! Preferably to go in the morning as most animals only show themselves during then. Wear loose outfit for a long comfortable walk.

There’s also a small rainforest that takes up around 1 hour to complete the trail (optional). And remember to collect stamps on each station you visited. Give yourself around 4-5 hours to visit the entire farm.

There’s a cafeteria along the way with delicious food and fruit juices made locally from the farm.

Employees there are really helpful and friendly. Tickets are rm28 for adult sarawakian and rm38 for non-sarawakian.

Lisa Chin (10/04/2018 03:47)
selfish dealer.

Nathan Ting (04/02/2018 10:58)
It was an educational trip and the tour guides were very helpful and friendly

Chai CF (11/01/2018 00:06)
Lot of fun. Bunny hamsper. Nice experience good to spend your holiday here. The pond, what inside, lets go and find out yourself....not only these, cow, horses n more

Ace Hsy (08/12/2017 09:00)
Nice place, worth to visit for people who loves nature.

Ace Hsy (08/12/2017 09:00)
Nice place, worth to visit for people who loves nature.

Poh Yaw Ch'ng (03/12/2017 08:13)
A must go place!

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