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Museum Kata Andrea Hirata

Belitung Timur, Kepulauan Bangka Belitung
Klasifikasi: Area Publik
Alamat: Lenggang, Gantung, East Belitung Regency, Bangka Belitung Islands 33516, Indonesia
Rating: 4.20
Telp: +62 823-4057-3556
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Tuesday: 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Wednesday: 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Thursday: 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Friday: 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday: 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Sunday: 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Komentar :

rani amelia (19/05/2018 06:22)
unique place to visit
so colorful, various photo-stop, words to read, coffee & souvenirs shop (kopi kuli).
entry price is 50k by buying buku saku laskar pelangi.

Dektu Mastu (17/05/2018 21:32)
It's only good for instagram I think. Colorful place, good for photo background. There is a fee of 20k for this spot. If you are a fan on Andrea Hirata, may be this place worth a visit.

aninda pradita (15/05/2018 09:27)
Located in east belitong and took about 1 hour 20 minutes ride from the airport. This museum has instagramable colorful spaces and various excerpts of literary works from Andrea Hirata and other well-known artists who have been inspired him. The entry fee is about IDR50.000 as an exchange of a pocket book of Hirata's famous novel, "The Rainbow's Troops" or "Laskar Pelangi"

Sobrydo J Losman (15/04/2018 19:40)
Art collection by Andrea Hirata - Entrance fee IDR 50.000 and get compliment Laskar Pelangi Book.

Alya Hananti (09/04/2018 08:36)
Senang banget lihat desain museumnya yang warna warni dan memasukkan banyak literatur terkenal kayak The Bronte Sisters, Maya Angelou, Mitch Albom dll. Tapi sayaaaang banget, tata letaknya masih berantakan. Sebenernya museum literatur ini ditujukan untuk menumbuhkan minat baca kan ya, tapi karena tata letaknya kurang rapi dan terkesan agak maksa di sana sini, akhirnya kebanyakan orang ke sini buat foto foto aja. Saya awalnya berharap pas masuk ke ruang perpustakaannya saya akan melihat buku-buku oke semacam To Kill A Mockingbird, Catcher In The Rye, 1Q84, tapi sayangnya malah cuma ada novel romansa, majalah lama, dan buku-buku lain yang ngga saya kenal. Please please please, untuk siapapun pengelola museum ini, please dedicate this museum more for literature, don't become just another instagrammable place.

Nb: sori banyak mau hehehehe

Gilbert Sebastiano (06/04/2018 17:11)
Prior to 2017, the entrance fee was only Rp 2.000. However, to enter the museum nowadays, you are forced to purchase a Rp50.000 "pocket book" for the Laskar Pelangi (Rainbow Troops) book written by Andrea Hirata. This is basically a glorified trailer (a small excerpt) from the book.

The museum houses various quotes from different literary figures without any context. Other than that, the brightly painted coloured wall are fairly instagram-able. But that's about it.

Is this one of the most famous place to visit in Belitung? Yes.
Is it worth the 50k entrance fee? No

Steffanie Octavia (02/04/2018 19:34)
As of April 2018: Ticket price is bundled with a small book about Laskar Pelangi (The Rainbow Troops) that does not summarize the entire book, but ends with the promotional tagline of “if you want to know more, buy the novel.” The book is in Indonesian. For that and the museum entry, price is IDR 50k. There is no option to buy only the entry ticket. (Previously, ~1 year ago, there was, and the entry price of the museum was IDR 2k, 4% of current price)

Inside, the exhibit is lacklustre. There were prints of the cover for Laskar Pelangi books in many languages, some newspaper/tabloid clippings about Andrea Hirata, summaries of books from other famous fiction writers (e.g. Coelho), and random literary quotations printed and hung on the wall. Also, you can see 1-2 paintings, and many movie posters. Overall, I’d say this place is more of a promotional/money making gimmick, definitely not worth the hype.

The only differentiating element are the colorful walls, but if you’re expecting fair pricing and quality exhibits, don’t get your hopes up.

Angela Jennifer Aroemrasni (24/03/2018 09:57)
Having a great experience while visiting this museum. A lot of sweet story about Andrea Hirata - the famous writer who own this museum.

They have coffee & souvenir shop.

danur qahari (12/03/2018 11:23)
i don't have any idea to tell about this place. it's so amazing for letter's museum. inspire letter. with strong sense for each words used to.
but I really like coffee from this place

Hadi Haryono (25/10/2017 10:50)
Its not really worthed to go have yo paid idr 50.000 to enter private museum but inside there is no guide..

Zakia Syifa (09/10/2017 13:08)
The idea of this museum is great, but the way it displays Andrea's works and the story is a bit random and not in a flow that anybody could understand. Nothing is really special unless you love Andrea's works.

N.Herawati Sutrisno (30/09/2017 21:01)
Not sure its worth the visit. Jauh2 dr tanjung pandan tapi terlalu terekploitasi. Entrance fee 50rb ada coffeeshop but not really worth it.

Durain Parmanoan (24/09/2017 08:45)
Educate and inspire to all age. Well decorate and fully coloured. Spread with wordlwide wall pictorial and text of literate and education.

Suryati Aya (23/08/2017 10:53)
It is a private collection of Andrea Hirata with the interior design looks like a common living house. The museum was divided into some pavilions: 1) Main Entrance have: guest room with pictures of kids actors Laskar Pelangi, reading room, kitchen (there was a small cafe with an old design, called: Kupi Kuli), 2) A small library 3) Playground 4) backyard.
It was satisfied to see the phrases collection and did a short reflections about our life.

Vincent Wijaya (20/07/2017 08:17)
Good place if you know Andrea Hirata's work. But if not it's a bit overrated I think.

LEVINA SASTRA (19/07/2017 11:12)
unfortunately can't see what inside this museum because it's already close when I came. But my friends say that it's an interesting museum. But it look colorful from outside make visitor want to know what's inside

romandito mahendrayudha.s (12/07/2017 22:01)
Unique colorful literature museum. One of its kind in Indonesia. A must to visit.

PoullyHB Gunharie (03/07/2017 07:09)
Love the place for taking pics.
The Rp50k entrance fee said to suppport maintenance and kids education at Belitung Timur.

Agustinus Prabowo (30/06/2017 07:19)
Just stop by. Watch from a cross road.
I think this place an interesting place, an unusual place.

Dimas Rahadian (29/06/2017 12:02)
Great place for millenials. A lot of spot to take pics.

Ivy Marcia (21/06/2017 12:22)
The exterior is very colorful and the inside is good for taking photos, but not worth the entry of Rp.50000/person (free for kids up to 15 years old) iny opinion. You get the book Laskar Pelangi, but it is in Indonesian and non-Indonesian speakers is left at dark. This museum is made by Andrea Hirata, the writer of Laskar Pelangi though, so it is kind of understandable. Honestly, I don't think this museum gives me many knowledge about literature. Don't forget the fact that the parking lot is so cramped.

Vira Xeva (26/05/2017 16:42)
Only visited for a view minute. I didn't know i have to bring book or donate 50k to enter. But it look very nice from outside. Small parking place though

risna hadiyanti (31/03/2017 12:07)
I do really love this place. I took lot of photos here

supriadi hadi mulyono (19/02/2017 17:36)
Historical site in Belitung Island actually for Andrea Hirata, one of biggest writer in Indonesia.

BeiXian Tang (31/01/2017 10:03)
indonesia's first literary museum - inspired by author andrea hirata. great for instagram, but a bit out of the way

Monic Andyani (31/01/2017 08:41)
Below expectations, the place is beautiful if all you wanted to do is to snap beautiful pictures. The museum doesn't really give you a new knowledge about literature and its mostly just a house with several first edition books, vintage stuff that you can find at any stores, and inspirational quotes from famous literatures. As a bibliophile, this place is good but not worth the price.
The entrance fee is IDR 50K (which is overrated in my opinion) and you'll get a pocket book of Andrea Hirata's most famous tetralogy, Laskar Pelangi. Sadly the pocket book is only in Indonesian and apparently its just an excerpt of a story inside the novel that I already owned. Pretty much disappointing especially since I was really excited about it.

Desniar Nugroho (31/01/2017 06:50)
its okey, you dont need to go here if you dont like the Andrea Hirata book, since it specific for book lovers. nice place to take foto

Aria Dhika Rayendra (03/01/2017 16:15)
Entrance fee is rather high (50K) but its filled with great stuff inside. Great place for inspiration

Fajar Ali (10/09/2016 11:10)
Colorful in outside, and vintage feels in the inside. This gallery contains some photos, but most of them contain words. Literally, most people just take photos with it.

Mirza Hasmy (09/09/2016 22:57)
The entrance fee is Rp. 50.000 but it's below expecation inside

Mariana Ong (26/08/2016 10:43)

Rahmi Kasri (31/07/2016 09:02)
Love this place so much. Reveal transformation of a livelihood through the power of book:)

Angga Indra Nugraha (17/06/2016 05:04)
Unique design

Dedi Suherman (12/04/2016 12:40)
nice to visit, photo gallery

John Holt (28/11/2015 07:57)
A very creative place. Being in the middle of nowhere gives it an even more random feeling just as the art inside.

indra gunawan (16/09/2015 20:37)
Recommended place to go

Milki Izza (18/08/2015 22:22)
Seru. Objek foto yg unik. Banyak hal yg menginspirasi. Penuh sentuhan artistik

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