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Metropolitan Mall XXI

Bekasi, Kabupaten, Jawa Barat
Alamat: Metropolitan Mall Lantai 2, Jalan KH. Noer Ali, Pekayon Jaya, Bekasi Selatan, Pekayon Jaya, Bekasi Sel., Kota Bks, Jawa Barat 17148, Indonesia
Rating: 4.40
Telp: +62 21 8844985

Komentar :

Pak Liam (20/05/2018 16:02)
Metropolitan Mall Bekasi is a mid level mall. It had a decent food court and some quite OK restaurants available at a low to mid level price range. Cinemas are good. Valet parking available and quite OK price. 40,000 Indonesian rupiah last I checked.

The only problem is the traffic to get there and get home is, as usual a complete nightmare. But that's Bekasi and that's Indonesia I guess.

Attached to a hotel that has a good friday evening bbq buffet.

FIQKY FADZAN (09/05/2018 14:47)
One of the best Mall in Bekasi. It has XXI theater, plenty of choices to eat, and a very affordable employee's food court, which is my fav place to eat at MM :)

Laras Deaziska (08/05/2018 14:17)
This shopping area is located in Bekasi, and I think that this place is good but for me this place is kinda confusing me. Besides that, this place is too crowded for me especially for weekend. But overall this place has a complete packages too for me.

Nando Fernando (04/05/2018 06:22)
One of the biggest shopping mall in bekasi,, surrounded by at least 3 other shopping mall that will confuse us about which mall to go to,, but it seems like this metropolitan mall will come first in line,, since it's the most prestige one,,

Ekra Dinningrum (29/04/2018 15:30)
It's a very nice place to watch new movies. It has good view and you can buy popcorn inside the theater. Usually, their people will go arund the seat before the movies start to offer you some soft drink and pop corn

Aaagc Jain (06/02/2018 13:02)
Location is very good. Lots of persons almost crowded. Good point for your purchasing, movie and food in Bekasi. Enjoy

Siti Nuraisyah Suwanda (24/01/2018 14:41)
A middle class mall in which most people can enjoy entertainment. All the food, clothes, make up, and department stores are affordable. There is even a red cross representative here where you can donate blood. Love this. The red cross was the reason I gave 4 stars instead of just 3 stars.

Lady Yesisca (09/12/2017 01:28)
Good place for hanging out with family. Crowded especially on weekend

Ivy Shira (02/12/2017 04:25)
Very crowded at weekend and public holiday. But overall it a cosy place too watch movie with your friends or family.

Beast Hunter (22/11/2017 01:59)
This place is cozy , and have many restaurants , it's connected to 2nd mall and have a great play / game floor.

Dianti Rahayu (27/10/2017 07:29)
Cool place. But perhaps you have to consider going here in public holiday or weekend. Since this place must be a real deal. 😁

Yuana dwi handayani (05/08/2017 14:18)
nice place with nice ambience but its quite hard to find parking spot. I used to get valet parking when come to here

Febri S P (29/07/2017 23:42)
Very crowded place. Many restaurants are in here. You can choose what you like. You can also shopping for clothes, books, etc.

Fifi Granger (23/06/2017 23:50)
Oh Hello! This mall is not that big, but for you who really likes shopping with low budget, this is the place you are looking for. The price is pretty affordable. There are Mataharai dept, and other Stores sell clothes, shoes, and of course there are many food courts here like Hanamasa, KFC, J.Co, BreadTalk, etc. Let's go and see...

Sonny Suharsono (22/06/2017 10:01)
The most recommended mall for shopping & entertainment.. Price & value are in balance... Very easy to get public transport as well

Didi mulyadi (21/06/2017 20:57)
Nice place to hang out but the security is rude and has no manner. I was once had an argument as I was picking up my wife. One of the security knocked on the door very hard.

Dio Fikri Aditama (18/06/2017 02:28)
Cozy, fun and enjoyable place for watching movies, shopping, eating-out with families or colleagues. Not so hard finding parking slot for either motorcycle or car. There is velvet parking service provided if you drive a car.

iman prastyo (09/06/2017 13:27)
one of many shopping malls in Bekasi. located by the Jakarta-cikampek highway. take exit in Bekasi barat to get to this place. lot of visitors

berry satria (16/04/2017 12:55)
Nice shopping mall.. easy to notice right after you take Bekasi Barat Exit Toll Road

Nuraini Utami (09/04/2017 15:06)
Its quite comfy place... so far.. but too crowded inside the mall... so sometimes its not too comfy since too many people in the mall

Sanjay Tewari (07/04/2017 23:30)
Good nice popular mall in Bekasi
Proximity to BCP mall and Giant mega Bekasi mall makes it popular. Good stores. Nice cinema hall and attached with Hotel Harrison. Over all good places.

Tri Danu Warsito (29/03/2017 21:59)
A great place to watch the latest movies with a lot of seats provided, There are 10 Theater play various genres of the best and latest films. With facilities Cafe very comfortable around Theater with a relatively cheap price

Luke Samantha (09/03/2017 10:27)
Complete package to look for clothes, bags, furnitures, snacks, cushions, foods, movies or if you wanna car, sometimes there is also a car booth from several brands. Moreover, this mall consists of two malls, MM 1 & 2, and there is a hotel between them

Hafiizh A. Pratama (05/02/2017 23:42)
Located in the oldest mall in Bekasi. Near to hotel and shipping center. Spatial.

Zaki Sentanu (05/02/2017 00:47)
Very big and nice mall. Various stores available there. Not very crowded and their restaurants still limited. But, it's a good place for hang out with your friends.

Andreas A.S. (22/01/2017 00:58)
The first shopping mall in Bekasi. Nice and cozy place for meeting point. A lot of selection of restaurants

dinhar wicaksana (23/12/2016 02:57)
Huge Mall.. It's Very clean mall.. But seems this mall need to add more branded store to become it tenants..
I loved to go to this mall in weekend just to play game in fun world and drink a cup of coffee in the one of coffee shop..

Muhammad Arpan (27/11/2016 08:21)

KeiJR (05/09/2016 21:45)
Good theater

Bradley Marlissa (04/07/2016 08:55)
Good place but it's long walk out of the building after finishing the movies late at night.

Bradley Marlissa (04/07/2016 08:55)
Good place but it's long walk out of the building after finishing the movies late at night.

Harry Renren (21/06/2016 06:50)
Yuk nontooon

Jonas DM Siahaan (05/06/2016 14:41)
Nice and clean

Jonas DM Siahaan (05/06/2016 14:41)
Nice and clean

Angela Agusta (13/05/2016 01:12)
Big screen. Much comfortable.

Angela Agusta (13/05/2016 01:12)
Big screen. Much comfortable.

Fitri Cahyani W (13/04/2016 11:16)
Love it

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