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Aston Imperial Bekasi Hotel & Conference Center

Bekasi, Kabupaten, Jawa Barat
Alamat: Jl. KH. Noer Ali No.177, Kayuringin Jaya, Bekasi Barat, Kayuringin Jaya, Bekasi Sel., Kota Bks, Jawa Barat 17124, Indonesia
Rating: 4.30
Telp: +62 21 88968080

Komentar :

sarif udin (29/05/2018 06:38)
Suka dengan hotelnya. Look calm and cool. Lokasi yang menyenangkan bagi anak muda yang suka nongkrong. Apalagi di tengah-tengah pusat perbelanjaan, saya pikir banyak tempat nongkrong yang di suguhkan di sekitar hotel.
Kamarnya cukup bagus. Apalagi dinding kayu yang di cat hitam, saya suka itu. Rasanya adem di lihat.

Untuk harga, saya pikir tidak usah khawatir. Tidaklah menguras kantong & friendly. Hehe. Staffnya ramah, sopan dan juga menyenangkan dengan tutur bahasanya yang sopan tapi kekinian. Jadi tidak terlalu formal bagi anak muda jaman now.

Kalau makanannya saya pikir masih standart lah ya. Masih sama koq dengan yang disuguhkan hotel-hotel lain.
Over all, jika harus memberikan bintang dari 1-10, saya kasih nilai tertinggi lah untul hotel ini.see you next time. I recommended for this one properties.

James Ridwan (14/05/2018 15:52)
Nice hotel. Located one complex with Bekasi Cyberpark shopping mall, which has many food stall, supermarket and also the mobile phone shops.

The hotel room itself is quite big, as standard as 4-star hotel. The amenities is also complete, the bathroom is clean. The hotel also has swimming pool at the rooftop.

Recommended to stay here.

Aulia Mufti (24/04/2018 10:07)
From good hotels became bad. Worst wifi connection, discomfort pillow and bedding. Need to renew their reputation 3 years before.

wade shaw (13/04/2018 12:15)
I don't usually review things so of course this isn't going to be a good one. No problem getting to the room other than the 3 elevators that always seem to be full or somewhere else. One time my wife and I decided to just take the stairs from our 12th floor room because we were so tired of waiting. The stairwell door on our level was propped open with a wedge. Of course when we got down to about the 7th floor I decided to check a stairwell door and it was locked. Not wanting to walk all the way to down to risk finding more locked doors, we walked back up to the 12 th floor and waited awhile for the elevator again.

The first night we were given a room that looked nice. Staff super was super nice, helping with checkin and luggage to the room. Sat at the foot of the bed and the head of the bed sea sawed upwards. Stood up and it made a noise hitting the floor. Felt like sitting on a waterbed and riding the wave. Called the front desk. Hard for them to understand, even tho my wife was born there, and is the one complaining on the phone in their native tongue. They come up to see the problem and immediately move us to a room on the 12th floor, apologizing of course.

The room on the 12th floor had a better view and a bed that sat flat on the floor, so we overlooked the toilet paper holder that was almost ready to fall on the floor with the screws hanging out, the safe that wouldn't open or close even after I tested the batteries and found them all to be good. They fixed the toilet paper holder. We asked after the roll fell off a couple times and landed on the floor. They replaced the bolted down safe,with one they set on the counter, that anyone could just walk away with. Also the door to our room wouldn't latch without us pulling on it. We found that out after accidentally leaving it open a couple times. I stopped complaining about the maintenance issues because I was afraid it might be worse in another room.

In spite of some of the ups and downs, we're still doing ok until the power starts going out. Of course it's while waiting for the elevator on the 12th floor. Our driver is in the parking lot waiting to take us out to dinner. My wife is in high heels of course. Here we go down the stairwell again from the 12th floor thinking there better be a door open leading to the lobby. My wife hanging on my shoulder trying to walk, and me with my cell phone flashlight out. The power went on and off 4 times so the lights and eleveators were elusive for about a half an hour. Of course no door to the lobby, so we have to keep going down to the parking garage and walk up the car ramp to find our driver awaiting.

Went for a couples massage and was charged for a VIP room because we wanted to be in the same room at the same time. Of course we weren't told about that until I questioned the additional expense. I was told that they should have told me and that they would cancel the charge. I let them keep it, because to be honest it was only like an extra 10 bucks, and you really feel bad not sharing your money with the impoverished people of that country. Wife went to the hotel bar one night and got a couple of 10 dollar beers and 10 dollar martinis. Seemed pretty expensive when the staff probably only make 10 dollars per day in wages. I tipped them all well.

In summary, super friendly people and staff at the Aston, Angela and Nun were very helpful with what felt like a list of problems they had to deal with. The facility itself could use some attention. We cut our visit to the hotel early and went down the street a couple of miles to the Harris Bekasi for about 35 bucks per night. For what worked out to be about 55 bucks per night at Aston, we had a way better experience down the street at the Harris for the remainder of our stay. No power outages, 6 elevators to zip us up and down to the 18th floor, plus super friendly staff as well.

Did I pay too much?

Dicky Sugiharto (08/04/2018 22:25)
Tempat yang nyaman untuk tempat anda yang ingin menginap sementara di Kota Bekasi karena pelayanannya yang sangat memuaskan.

Terletak di dalam kawasan Bekasi Cyber Park menjadikan anda tidak akan kesulitan jika ingin mencari hiburan lain selain fasilitas di hotel.

Selain itu Hotel ini juga tidak jauh dari beberapa tempat perbelanjaan lainnya seperti Metropolitan Mal, Mega Bekasi Mal dan Summarecon Mal Bekasi. Jika ingin berolahraga juga tidak jauh dari Gelanggan Olahraga Kota Bekasi.

Hotel ini juga sangat strategis karena letaknya yang tidak jauh dari Pintu Tol Bekasi Barat memudahkan anda jika ingin bepergian ke tengah Kota Jakarta, Bandung, maupaun ke Cikampek.

Nusi Dewi (14/03/2018 06:01)
Superior room: Safety box tidak ada battery, AC tidak dingin, I've asked 3 times for engineering to come but useless.

Sutaryo Tri Wardhana (20/02/2018 02:58)
Overall the comfortable during stay has came to me my family.
The Room was very clean, the staff's was very warm, friendly and helpfully.
The location was very strategic near from the mall or shopping center and easy to get there from the exit toll gate.
Recommended hotel to stay in Bekasi City.

Thank you to Aston Imperial Bekasi Team.

January january (15/02/2018 07:26)

Thanks for Angela - FO Reception, for her hospitality, always ready to help me and good attitude.

2 times I stay here I am disturbed with housekeeping staff who in a day can be twice was bothered to be questioned check out today or whether to clean room with different people. I wonder whether they no coordination or do not read guest information?

kian wee chau (08/02/2018 01:35)
The room is clean and comfortable. The staff is friendly.

The restaurant (Sky Resto and Lounge) offers delicious western food and drink. Expensive if compared to local living standard. The environment is cosy. But a bit dark. You can have a good view of Bekasi at 16th floor.

The breakfast buffet at 1st floor choice shop offers varieties of food from local to western. Delicious too. But the environment is a bit dark. Can't really see clearly what the food is.

Graciella Arlinda (22/11/2017 06:43)
Overall the facilities are okay, the 3 star is because the room I stayed in smell strongly of cigarette smokes. The housekeeping do tried to fix it by spraying air freshener, but still didn't help.
But it got very good location, with mall just downstairs you could find mcDonald's, domino's pizza, supermarket etc.
Summarecon mall is just 10 minutes by car,
it's in the city center and close to toll road.

Auditya Geomatics (20/11/2017 11:46)
Very nice place to stay. Strategic place between Jakarta Timur and Bekasi Kota. Near Bekasi Cyber Park that gadget enthusiast find their gadget. And near Metropolitan Mall for shopping.

Kiran Salokhe (14/11/2017 09:46)
Our stay at hotel Aston, Bekasi, Indonesia was extremely good. Especially the co-operation what we got at the reception from Rully Madam during our outdoor visit.
Hotel ambiance was quite good.
Swimming tank at 15th floor was a great experience to swim.
Daily breakfast at the hotel was so good that I will remember for ever.
Overall it was a great experience in Aston hotel.

manoj kumar (10/11/2017 01:15)
No comments. Good service and receptionist helped us a lot... Thank you so much

Bernadine Amanda (23/10/2017 01:43)
The venue is easy to spot from vehicle, strategically lies in the side of a main crossroad near Tol Bekasi Barat. But some of the hotel's facilities cannot accommodate big events due to limited capacity, such as entrance gate, parking lot and elevators.

Ayu Hayya Kamila (02/09/2017 03:22)
4 stars hotel with a great location. Comfortable and nice room. Makanan nya enaakkkk.. superbbbb ❤❤❤

Juhartini Aryanto (16/08/2017 01:34)
The comfortable place to stay and to have merting, good food. Strategic place because the hotel is surround by saveral malls. And also easy to find place for hanging out, look for coffee and also food. The access to get here also easy since it close to train station.

Reza Archi (15/08/2017 23:20)
Best place for stayed, swimming pool di rooftop keceee bgt dah

Muhammad Fiqih (28/07/2017 03:25)
The bad first, parking and wifi. The rest is good, the pillow is one of the best i ever felt, the tv channel it is better just to turn it off, its like it dont have any cable tv quality. The food is good. Well, i guess it is enough.

Ika Hs (09/07/2017 04:57)
Great room, food and service. Worth your money

Nevins Manafe (20/06/2017 13:37)
Located at the heart of Bekasi is a plus, but sometimes the parking lot got so crowded because it is shared with the Mall visitors. Need around 35 minutes just to go out from the parking lot during weekend.

dinno mulyono (14/06/2017 14:59)
Nice place, in the middle of city. Good food and big auditorium for meeting

Jeff K (12/04/2017 03:03)
Nice hotel in a central location. Food choices near hotel are OK. Located next to a IT mall that specialises in phones. Can walk opposite for more shopping and food choices.

dade nurjanah (25/03/2017 03:22)
This is minimalist hotel. The hotel does not provide comb, shower cap, cotton buds, and lotion. Furthermore, towel provided is only one, a big one. No tissues in the room (only in the bathroom). The shower in 1503 did not work well. The surrounding is not pleasant. The deluxe room is different with the pictures of it in booking dot com. At last, the receptionist did not give me a receipt for my stay. I asked for that and then they gave me one.

Teo Yuda (21/03/2017 01:34)
great hotel with all the facilities. strategic area and comfortable

dobelden s (15/03/2017 11:33)
Nice place, good view of sunset

Dekrit Gampamole (08/02/2017 03:21)
Cozy Sky Lounge resto. Free gym facility for customers. Free wifi.

Dian Ramadhani (26/01/2017 10:21)
Well it's located in the center of Bekasi. Surrounded by known malls in Bekasi. Not so far away from Bekasi train station and transjakarta bus stop.

Its swimming pool is on the rooftop so it offers quite a view, though it's quite small swimming pool. It also has sky lounge that open from 4 p.m.

For the rooms, well, uhmm.. common hotel rooms. You know what it's like, right. And for the breakfast, I have to say that they need to improve the variations of food. Well it doesn't mean the food is not delicious, though. But it's just that you'll get bored if you stay for more than 2 days.

But overall, Aston is quite okay.

Mochamad Nazmy (31/12/2016 22:54)
I actegorized as transit hotel. Swimming pool at top highest floor but small and low maintenance.
The AC on my room is not working

Agus Kustiwa (19/12/2016 16:36)
This hotel have a good place for meeting or discussion.. near di toll exit gate.. have a good restaurant menu..

Much Yas (14/11/2016 13:37)
It was a true pleasure to be staying in this hotel. The staffs were professional, the breakfast was fine, and the atmosphere was absolutely tranquil. It couldn't get any better for the affordable price.

Hendy Ramdityo (11/07/2016 06:30)
Great location, great room, great food with friendly staff, would come here again another time

dhoni muhamad (30/06/2016 23:00)
Integrated with mall

Herdiansyah Nurhidayat (29/05/2016 19:21)
The Place is very cozy and exclusive and also the Ballroom.

Dwi Wibowo (15/04/2016 06:49)
Aston..the name describe it self...very nice...excellent

Tom Seputro (07/12/2015 08:29)
Been there few days ago. FO were very friendly, very informatif and helpfull. Need 3 minutes of waiting before i can go to my room.
Staying at room 1006 of 10th floor, it was awesome for a small room, not so mall actually, compareable to other hotel of the same price range. It was very comfort, color scheme were very smooth and calm. Very clean, even i can't find a dust at the corner of the curtain.
Room 1006 have great street view, the window gave a straight view to the main street crossing of bekasi barat, the mall metropolitan, mega mall bekasi, amarosa hotel and citarum river. Bathroom were very clean and dry, can't even smell anything. With all the quality of the room, there is still a minor thing that you need to take a look. the window were broken, it was heavy rain and thunderstorm when i was there, the window ruber, have a small hole/leakage that allow water to fill in a bit, but enough to make the curtain and sofa wet, but not so bad. So if you were given room 1006 just make sure you chek this problem.
At morning, breakfast were great. Taste can be "plain" for some person, but still have a good taste. Snack were awesome, combination of international and traditional food were there, they even serve wedang jahe and bubur sum2.. that's lovely for me.
With the leakage problem i still gave 5 stars for it.

Ps: added some picture

Rachi Kim (28/09/2015 14:04)
Everything is perfect!!! Perfect room, bathroom, and breakfast! It's more better than Harris execpt to mall.

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