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Transmart - Carrefour

Batang, Jawa Tengah
Alamat: Jalan Jenderal Jl. Jenderal Pol Anton Sujarwo No.119, Srondol Kulon, Kec. Banyumanik, Kota Semarang, Jawa Tengah 50263, Indonesia
Rating: 5.00
Telp: +62 822-0825-5170
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Komentar :

Nugrahaning Anindita (26/06/2019 10:41)
Walk aimlessly and maybe do your monthly grocery. Definitely gonna come back

sri painah (23/05/2019 06:24)
Complete shopping center, choice of playground ( rollcoaster is the fav ), cinema, food court, 3d place for selfy 😁

MIZU (09/05/2019 14:33)
Pretty basic as far as shopping centers go. A little bit cramped, not as big as other ones. Layout was a bit confusing, but generally acceptable. Big disappointment is the arcade center, the arcade is quite big, but lacking in games. Some of it are pretty old, some are new, but for a place that big, I expect more. Also has a rollercoaster inside, but not operational. Big letdown. I don't really reccommend this place, you would've fare better at other places like Paragon.

Ario Wirawan (07/05/2019 09:56)
It's a good, clean, fun facility. It's the human resources that aren't up to standards, which is the way it is in this city. Another note: the flow design of the parking space could (and should) be improved.

Ogie Lord (28/01/2019 12:24)
The cheapest ticket XXI Cinema in Semarang. Not because it's bad. But considering the location is in Suburban, not in downtown Semarang. But it's a one stop entertainment here: shop, eat, play n cinema. Watching THE KID WHO WOULD BE KING.

Ega Aditya (08/12/2018 06:16)
walaupun tempatnya tidak begitu besar, namum cukup lengkap. bagian bawah dipenuhi restaurant, cafe dan street food. lantai dua alat-lat elektronik, pakaian dan kosmetik, juga pasaraya bahan-bahan makanan dari buah, sayur dan semacamnya. lantai tiga seperti toserba, makanan instan sampai peralatan rumah tangga, dan lantai empat adalah trans studio mini. cinema xxi pintu masuknya da di lantai dasar ya.

bagus roonkgo (07/12/2018 11:07)
A brand new shopping mall in banyumanik, Semarang, easy to reach but there's a highly busy traffic...overall...its nice n great...

Jemerson Dominguez (27/11/2018 13:26)
After 5 years of not watching any movie. We experiences watching Gridenwald in your movie house. Nice place. Hope the distant of the first row will be farther from the screen.

Krisna Nugraha (13/11/2018 03:04)
A one stop place to shop and entertain. The Transmart itself is the same as the other Transmart. A supermarket, a department store, and a theme park.
The prices here are fair. Location is very easy to access, but the parking lot is usually full at the weekend. I personally suggest to go here by a cab rather than bring your own vehicle.
Also a lot of food an beverage tenants at the ground floor. The minus are: the department store have not much various items, only a few brands; the theme park is too similar between other Transmart, some will be bored, since there's nothing new between the visits.

Raden Arief Nugroho (18/07/2018 08:49)
One stop shopping place! Restaurants are available on the first floor. From American burger to Japanese food. You can also find indoor amusement park here, with indoor roller coaster as the main attraction. The supermarket is considered as one of the biggest ones in Semarang. From electronic equipments to brooms. From deli food to frozen food. The other entertainment unit is their XXI Cinema. Avoid peak hours on weekends, otherwise, you can get tensions only on finding a parking spot for your car.

Dina Fadiah (18/05/2018 02:26)
Easy to navigate around the mall. The staffs are nice and you can always ask them for directions to certain sections/places

lismaokta fikriyani (04/05/2018 05:19)
Tempat belanja dan bermain anak yg kekinian. Unt tempat bermain nya tergolong high end unt price nya. Sekali gesek paling murah nya 3900 dan paling mahal 35rb.

Sekarang agak sepi daripada awal2 buka...jd cukup nyaman.

Kiara Paramita Octaviani (18/04/2018 11:25)
Nice mall and pretty big indoor theme park. But the fashion and shoes section need more variety. I particulary love the grocery area and you could find all kind of foods, even giant fish!

Vino Satwika (04/04/2018 13:48)
Lumayan sepi jika weekday, jadi kalo belanja atau sekedar jalan-jalan, namun saat weekend ruamenya minta ampun. Harga barang sehari-hari relatif mahal, gate exit untuk parkir motor harusnya diperbanyak. Untuk keluar saja butuh waktu 20 menit karena antrinya panjang. ATM-nya nggak komplit, bahkan lucu, karena bank-bank ternama seperi BRI, BNI, Mandiri dan BCA tidam tersedia. Seharusnya bisa ekspansi lagi ya karena masih banyak lahan kosong, serta adanya SAMSAT Online tiap malam hari kerja sangat membantu.

Flow Ren (22/03/2018 09:23)
A cool place to hang out with family and friends. Also, a lot of delicious food here. But sometimes on weekend, there is not enough parking space

Fiqri Al Amin (18/03/2018 01:04)
Good place for shoping, getting food, and watching the movie. Offering a lot of space for vehicle parking and also have a partnership with some Banks that can make you purchase anything from this place a bit cheaper than normal price. Serve the fresh fruit and baking as well. Excellent for family and friends.

Andika Herwijanarko (15/03/2018 16:08)
One of the most famous big retail store in Indonesia, which open the branch at Semarang.
Place is nice, having the Trans Studio Mini at the top floor.
Many nice restaurants available there, and Cinema XXI is available at lowest tickets comparing to other Cinema XXI in the city.

Nanda Kanoko (14/03/2018 18:42)
Finally a Transmart in Semarang ! What makes this place differs from other malls is that they have fully functional indoor theme park, even with roller coaster ! Albeit small and short, it was quite fun. Not only that, they also have variety of food court, restaurant and other vendors here. You can also get groceries, and bakery stuff here. They also put department store inside, so this place is one spot stop for whatever you want to buy. The only downside, that it was far from the downtown.

Ardiyanto Wahyu (19/11/2017 10:27)
Great place to chillin' with your family, especially kids.. Many place to visit.. Nice tenant..

Yosafat Novendiaz (05/11/2017 06:33)
Nice place. This is first Transmart in Semarang. The playground is so fun. You can find new restaurants in here like Yos***oya and We**ys. But note: Parking lot is crowded especially on weekend. Parking lot development needed for visitors' comfort (maybe multi-storey one)

Fransisca chandra tanuwijaya (25/10/2017 15:37)
Nice playground when it is not crowded, the supermarket is quite complicated because they mixed everything in every floor (i used to shop in supermarket with clear section eg. Food vs non food). Some food tenants on ground. They also have cinema XXI

Ariella Theora Biantono (06/09/2017 14:31)
Only looks terrific from outside. It really is actually just a fancy supermarket if you ignore the transmart studio and game centre at third floor.

Adinda Ayu Shabrina (26/08/2017 22:33)
I guess it's an ideal "one stop shopping" place? And the place is not too big so you can look around comfortably without feeling tired.

AG (19/08/2017 00:48)
This place is the same as other Transmart, awesome and modern! You can find many goods and enjoy the facilities here. The place is strategic and easily accessible by public transportation. The main problem here is the few parking lots. Recommended to be visited.

masdi fitrayantonur (12/07/2017 11:28)
Good place to find good groceries and many things you want, cinema, good beverages, food, clothing, and electronics needs. You can play in the indoor theme park too. Even it has not really good parking management but it's ok

Andy Gunarto (08/07/2017 09:09)
Sangat ramai dikunjungi
Trans studio mininya tidak terlalu lengkap, seperti timezone namun dengan mini roller coaster.
Cukup recommended untuk dikunjungi

Aris Putra (06/07/2017 15:41)
Best shopping center on the upper town. Small park lot. Has so many shops and tennants. The bad side is, you can not pay your goods one for all. You need to pay at their own department. Like, soaps and tooth paste have their own cashier. Meat and veggies have their own. Vitamins and meds have their own. Car acc have their own. So you basically have to waste your time to visit one cashier to another. Not to mention their cashiers work like in a sloooooooooowwwwww moooootttttiiiiooooonnnnn.... it is annoying.

xSolidFigure Personal Account (27/06/2017 17:30)
Transmart has a great shopping experience where you can shop, eat, play, and watch. Overall, everything went quite well and they did a good job. The only major downside is an limited parking. Otherwise, this would be a highly recommended place to visit if you're going to Semarang for the first time. Keep it up! Rating: 4.7/5

Bryan Lauter (20/06/2017 06:50)
Location is okay, however finding parking space may be a challenge, and there is no segregation, one step after the food section you can find clothing for example... Everything else is okay... It's currently still new so i cant say much.

Jessu Okriandinata (27/05/2017 12:33)
Transmart is the largest and most complete newest shopping center in Semarang City, because it has the concept of combining 4 (four) services: SHOPPING (place of family's necessary shopping), DINING (many famous food court area), PLAY (place of family entertainment), and WATCH (place to watch cinema).

Helmy Hadi Hidayat (05/03/2017 08:28)
Tempat belanja modern bagi keluarga. Dekat dengan jalan raya, akses nya mudah.

jonathan setyo Wiharja (25/12/2016 17:33)
tempat yang bersih enak untuk berbelanja kebutuhan

Bandrek Premium (03/11/2016 16:40)
harga grosir.

jefri gunawan (25/10/2016 21:48)
Highly recommended. Best services

Rudi Wibowo (16/07/2016 00:55)
Semoga setelah jd transmart binatang nya jd nambah :-)

Masrukin nikursaMâ„¢ (10/06/2016 03:11)

jefri gunawan (19/08/2016 02:54)
Highly recommended

Rudi Wibowo (16/07/2016 00:55)
Semoga setelah jd transmart binatang nya jd nambah :-)

Masrukin nikursaMâ„¢ (10/06/2016 03:11)

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