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Tjiang Residence

Batang, Jawa Tengah
Alamat: Gg. Pinggir No.24, Kranggan, Semarang Tengah, Kota Semarang, Jawa Tengah 50139, Indonesia
Rating: 3.90
Telp: +62 24 3540330 website/ tjiang-residence

Komentar :

stephanie (20/05/2018 03:34)
Right place for bacpackers. Good location!

Donny Widjaja (16/05/2018 07:26)
Nice location , but not too clean

anita sari dewi (16/04/2018 07:44)
Recomend y gaesss

Hapsarina Dianti (19/03/2018 10:18)
For someone looking for history this place is perfect : placed in China Town and surrounded by many shrines, I found this hotel perfect for my trip. The hotel room is small but well equipped with a electric kettle, working TV, good bed, perfect air con, nice closet and shower of hot and cold water. You can fill you botol from their water dispenser in the hallway. They also have qiblat direction too. So thoughtful isn't it..? Owh it's near ATM and confinient store too. I've stayed there for 2 days they severed the same breakfast but taste good, like home cooking.

Nanda Kanoko (13/02/2018 09:30)
Nice place in Semarang Chinatown. Cheap price, and quality room. Clean and cozy, but no breakfast served here. Good for backpacker or family trip

Rudy .A (04/02/2018 08:09)
Cheap, strategic location, little bit smelly, windowless.

Bruce Bernstein (31/01/2018 02:11)
No cell’s signal and wifi connections is unreliable.
Cheap and have good painting.

Yuliana Tomtom (31/12/2017 05:12)
Nice room with cheap price

Muhamad Habibi (10/11/2017 00:40)
Valie for money

Syaiful Arifin (06/10/2017 06:07)
Good services and cheaper

Albert J. Rinekso (10/09/2017 02:59)
not recommended! dirty and not ventilated enough

Nuno Orange (22/08/2017 01:30)
Pretty good

Vincentius Andi (29/05/2017 17:05)
Awesome place for budget travelling

dominique visser (28/05/2017 11:54)
very nice hotel, friendley staff, good acomondation, pity no windows on the smoking ac rooms. nice location in the chinese district and old town.
worth youre mony buy its location.

Nalafado Tanius (19/05/2017 08:15)
a nice place that suit the price. but its not good to set a breakfast with just indomie noodle lol

ivonne chang (12/03/2017 22:38)
Menu sarapan kurang

Wiryo Darsono (06/02/2017 12:39)
Nyaman murah...

Abung Thio (26/11/2016 15:54)
Calm and quit

handoko widjaja (11/11/2016 11:51)
Numpang lewat aja

Halim Sumardy (25/07/2016 04:20)
Bad smells

Deddy Santoso (29/04/2016 15:22)
Tempat ini lumayan utk menginap,namun akses ke hotel ini agak susah apalagi kalau Jumat malam sampai Minggu bnyk akses jalan yang seharusnya lebih dekat harus memutar. Sayangnya jg tdk ada lahan parkir tersendiri.

NRochman Mindi (17/12/2015 11:15)

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