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TOASTY eatery

Batang, Jawa Tengah
Alamat: Jalan Melati Selatan No. 8A, Brumbungan Tengah, Semarang, Brumbungan, Semarang Tengah, Kota Semarang, Jawa Tengah 50135, Indonesia
Rating: 4.10
Telp: +62 24 3515300 toastyeatery

Komentar :

Daniel Agung Ujianto (17/09/2017 09:54)
Nice place for dinner with family...
N also for a cup of coffee n dessert...

Stanley Alpha (25/06/2017 03:27)
The food is not that good, several of the vegetables are not fresh and taste weird. The place is normally not crowded and has a normal atmosphere.

Evan Dewangga (19/05/2017 09:20)
Premium foods, great service, various menu from eastern and western cuisine, and very cozy atmosphere.

zissiva lestari (14/03/2017 01:40)
Very reasonable price, bread & toast definitely are the specialties. Abundance of cheese when we ordered grilled cheese, creamy pasta (a bit too creamy, too much butter for me), the square bread loaf and ice cream was also nice (dessert), we tried Nasi lemak with fried chicken, it was okay, I don't really recommend the fried chicken (lack of seasoning, not so crispy). Great ambience, not very crowded

moudy sieneta (20/02/2017 06:26)
this is a comfy place to hang out with family or friends.
They offer signature french toast with many kind of topping. You can make your own topping combination too.
The price is reasonable.

Nanda Yulanda (20/05/2017 11:07)
Nice place to work.. Good baverage..

Fidia Bella (28/03/2017 12:19)
The place was good but not with the food.

Aulia Rahmanissa (23/03/2017 05:20)
Nice place to hangout with your friends or just spending some times alone. Food is delicious, price is okay, and wifi provided

Astrid Henariani (05/03/2017 05:24)
Affordable price, cozy place, tasty food. Can't ask for more.

Edwin K (10/01/2017 16:37)
It's the most delicious toast in semarang

Inna Alamsyah (02/01/2017 04:20)
Everything is yummy here 💓

Elisheba Litani (27/11/2016 16:51)
Good food, great place!

Tjipto Steven Senjaya (22/09/2016 01:06)
Comfortable place, the food here was good... And you can have free internet here...

Erwin Widianto (02/09/2016 06:01)
Simple, good coffee not tea. :)

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