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Star Hotel Semarang

Batang, Jawa Tengah
Alamat: Jalan Mt Haryono, Lamper Kidul, Semarang Selatan, Lamper Kidul, Semarang Selatan, Lamper Kidul, Semarang Sel., Kota Semarang, Jawa Tengah 50242, Indonesia
Rating: 4.20
Telp: +62 24 86448888

Komentar :

Rosita Noerwardati (21/05/2018 12:56)
A nice 4-star hotel. Somehow the hotel looks a bit old. I found a 3-star hotel that looks new and has lower rate that this hotel. The claimed-as-the-highest-in-Indonesia swimming pool didn't look appealing as well.

Joice Pardede (15/05/2018 15:59)
Good location, good price. The most exciting is the swimming pool at the roof top! Must visit one 👍

Agung Wahyudi (03/05/2018 20:01)
Stayed for two nights here. It has swimming pool on 30th floor so you get the best panoramic view of the city. Room looks a bit old and need more maintenance or refurbish. Very close to shopping mall and convenience store. Breakfast was good. They served mostly Indonesian foods. Staffs were friendly and helpful. If you come by car, they provide you with parking space, but you need to walk from parking to hotel entrance in level 1 (no lift on parking tower. Only for apartment resident).

Andrew Su (23/04/2018 12:48)
It was a great hotel to stay.. Easy to access.. Greatest pool in Semarang.. Well maintain room and facility.. Delicious breakfast.. 👍

Jeffry Sulisto (03/04/2018 02:25)
Great View. A bit old Room but very friendly staff. Definitely will stay here again

Fadlolah Anshori (19/03/2018 02:06)
My first room was bad, the shower was plugged, so was the sink, but their response was quick enough. We got much better and cleaner room.

The breakfast was so so, not much to choose, and the taste was mediocre. The best thing about this hotel was the skype pool. It is located on the highest floor, so the view is great.

James Evans (17/02/2018 07:22)
Disappointing, starting to have that run done feel about it. Lifts can be random, air conditioning is poor and if you don't speak Indonesian be ready for some "lost in translation" moments.

The plus side is the infinity pool on the 30th floor - a great place for dinner with some live music and a spectacular view. The staff do try to be helpful but the language barrier is a bit too much.

Arif Darmawan Suwardi (12/02/2018 12:35)
Great hotel. The rooms are clean and good. 3 elevators are available for hotel guests and there are 2 more elevators at the back for the apartment residents. There's meeting room and hall at the basement under the parking lots. Parking lots are small and the uphill are wuite steep and narrow, not recommended for big cars. The food is okay. There's a pool on the top of the hotel and you can feast your eyes from there while swimming or having a drink at the rooftop bar and gym.

Daniel Ekaputra (22/11/2017 01:51)
The room cleanliness good, comfortable good, no noise and great view of Semarang city. But when we want to take bath there is no single towel in bathroom so we must call housekeeping and they deliver towel around 15 minutes I think it's good response. And the last the lift hotel only operation 1 from 3 they have, maybe they service lift same with I stayed there. So we must wait for go to room floor 15-20 minutes. I hope now all the lift already can use.

Edwin Wicaksono (22/11/2017 18:02)
Come to this hotel just for attending an event. So far so good. The hall kinda big. The problem is the car parking that kinda small.

Hermawan Ganteng (04/11/2017 00:58)
Good view good room good location bad parking spaces access

heikal ismail (26/09/2017 12:43)
I requested a change of bed to be a king bed and the reception is generous to offer as per request. I asked them about the clotted toilet and they get if fixed straight away. Unbelievable for the price

Yudan Sugiharto (08/09/2017 04:21)
Good facilities. But it feels and looks dirty. Meeting room marketing doesn't seem to communicate with the staff who are servicing us on the day. Requests made needed to be reiterated several times.

Kotaksurat Dila (05/09/2017 02:52)
It's cool place to stay. If you go to Semarang dont forget to stay here and the Skypool was awesome.

Harival Zayuka (29/08/2017 04:56)
Good place to stay. We can catch the sunrise from sky lounge or room 2605. Really enjoy!

Budi Setiawan (06/07/2017 09:28)
Infinity pool di roof top nya manstab...

Edward Eko Prasetyo (05/07/2017 23:20)
The view from rooftop pool is amazing, you can see all city from 30th floor. This is the only attraction from this hotel.
In overall, for a 4 star hotel, many things need to be improved, such as: the rooftop pool is a bit dirty, room must be improved (bed sheet seems old and not clean enough, shower not spray properly), room corridor is dark and sometimes hot, breakfast seems not like a 4 star hotel, parking lot is so small.
Location is good, close to shopping mall

Ervan Adhitya (26/06/2017 22:44)
Bed is okay and clean. Service could be better for a 4 star, lots of better 3 star hotels in terms of service, amenities. Bathroom is the worst 4 star I've ever visited. Shower broken, water doesn't spray properly. Price? Well I've experienced better with many 3 star hotels elsewhere with lower price!

dwi wicaksono (25/06/2017 04:33)
Nice top swimming pool, room is good, the crew was nice. Over all worth for the rate.

Rar Diaval (17/06/2017 08:08)
You can see beautiful view from the rooms at 10th floor and above, and also from the Sky Pool at 30th floor. The foods and beverages are good. You gotta get there someday

Jessu Okriandinata (22/04/2017 11:45)
It is the highest skyscraper building in Semarang City. This is hotel with the good service and it's existing the highest rooftop swimming pool with city view.

Andrew Tambora (03/02/2017 07:16)
Roof top view is awesome, even when it's a bit foggy & it's side by side with mall

Hadi Sutedjo (01/01/2017 04:00)
Stayed during New Year 2017. Car parking become a nightmare. Room cleanliness is poor and service very louzy. Restaurant for breakfast too small and menu is bad. Not recommended to stay here.

Amelia Dianfitriani (27/12/2016 21:51)
Nice place to stay. Beautiful view from the sky pool. Delicious food. Next to Java Supermall. Kind and helpfull staff. But too difficult to park your car.

yudha kurniawan (16/12/2016 16:01)
The Hotel have a good place for swimming, place 30 floor, delicious food,.. hmm nice place to enjoy and take a rest

David Steele-Smith (05/10/2016 12:40)
It's motto is ( honestly) 'Satisfying INVESTOR and customer'. The cost cutting would satisfy investors. 2 lifts for thirty floors. Poorest level of English I experienced in Indonesia. No maps of this beautiful city available. Seriously?? It is all show but poor substance. Tiniest bathroom I have seen. Tiniest tissues ( I kid not) I have seen. Maybe ok if you have a meeting next door but NOT A TOURIST HOTEL!

Dimas Prasetyo Nugroho (19/09/2016 16:07)
Parkirnya sempit

Dicky Zahkria Iman (29/07/2016 17:14)
Kolam renangnya enak banget, di atap...jempol dah...
Kamar biasalah...nyaman...
Sarapan...kurang variasinya...
Overall puas...

Suryadi Hertanto (27/06/2016 04:31)
Nice hotel. Nice view from swimming pool at roof top.
But parking space are small. If you have big SUV, it's not easy to enter to parking area building.

Arief Hidayat (09/06/2016 11:57)
recomended hotel

Santi Fresti (21/01/2016 09:14)
BEST HOTEL WITH BEST VIEW in Central Java! love it

Waqqas Hanafi (26/11/2015 07:58)
Decent rooms. Good view from the rooftop pool. The location is pretty central and easy to find (thanks to the tall building). I'd definitely stay there again - the price is great too. (The restaurant is crap tho)

Fairuzaimi Zakaria (24/11/2015 08:46)
Clean and comfortable room. Water heater and pressure working fine.

Their infinity pool is their selling point.

Situated next to a very average mall.

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