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SPIEGEL Bar & Bistro

Batang, Jawa Tengah
Alamat: Kota Lama, Jl. Letjen Suprapto No.59, Tj. Mas, Semarang Utara, Kota Semarang, Jawa Tengah 50174, Indonesia
Rating: 4.50
Telp: +62 24 3580049 est1895/
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 10:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Thursday: 10:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Friday: 10:00 AM – 1:00 AM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 1:00 AM
Sunday: 10:00 AM – 1:00 AM

Komentar :

Cahya Fajar Budi Hartanto (06/06/2018 14:12)
Cozy place to take quality times with special person. Many options of drinking from western until javanese. Fast service with a great taste of food. Located in Old Town complex and the atmosphere inside is very nice with soft music and big screen show. Wanna stay longer here.

Junio Fernandez (30/05/2018 08:55)
Great food. Love the ambience. The touch of heritage is perfect. And good drinks, as well

Stella Andriana (20/05/2018 08:08)
the nicest one. I love everything, except the toilet feels a little bit creepy. although the price quite expensive, but it's all worth too the delicious foods and beverages. the music inside this bistro also good.

trinanti sulamit (14/05/2018 00:58)
Over price but nice ambience

Kaiden Micah (03/05/2018 09:32)
Modern bar, in a beautifully renovated building in the old part of town. Great food to match a wide range of drinks. A very pleasant surprise.

Ajeng Kinasih (03/05/2018 04:14)
I simply love the atmosphere. Coffee is good, desert is delicious. The interior design makes me wanna stay there forever. Plus, it is located in the Old Town complex. It really takes you back to the old times of Semarang.

Lana Syahbani (17/04/2018 13:10)
I was in love with this place since the first time I visited Semarang back in 2015. The coffee was nice and the foods was always amazing. They offered salads and I just fell in love with its freshness. The cocktails was good too. The owner must be really advanced in culinary bussines. Looking forward to visit Spiegel again in the future.

Debbie Bixler (16/03/2018 02:29)
The food is very good. The pricw fits the portion. I feel the hot drinks are a bit overpriced. The gelato is delicious. The atmosphere is fun. Staff is friendly. ~

Adya Nisita (11/03/2018 11:16)
The place has a romantic ambience to it. I went there at day and night, both of them was delightful experience. Make sure to try their imported beers. The gelato was fine, but the pizza was unsatisfactory. One weird quality of this place is its toilet! The wall is covered with old newspaper cuttings, quite entertaining reading while finishing your business.

Tony Woolman (30/01/2018 07:32)
A place that has a really young and vibrant 'feel' to it. Owner clearly has a nose for future business..will do well. I am a 63 yr old backpacker (may be my last time??) And I felt a real ease here great food and cocktails..wish I had come in an evening..but at least I had my first POACHED eggs whilst in Indonesia. Do come here (and there are other places close by,,and an art gallery!)

diebachtiar (29/12/2017 14:43)
If you are looking for a historical, cozy and comfortable place to drink coffee, eat or just to see the views of the old town of Semarang, you should try Spiegel Bar & Bistro. Place is definitely cozy, and artistic, with great ambience. This place was a furniture shop back then in the 1800's, and it has just started to be a Bar few months ago. Coffee is not bad, but I wish it will be stronger and tasteful. Other drinks are refreshing, tried the juice and iced cappuccino too.

Monic Andyani (25/12/2017 18:08)
A good place for drinking and for a quick Gelato-stop. Been here twice and the food aren't too appealing for my taste. I would definitely recommend this place for their drink options and gelato.
A nice vintage and romantic ambiance - good for dates but it usually crowded on the weekend.

naomi resiana (18/12/2017 10:35)
Nice place, the ambience is very romantic at night. Love the Gelato so much. Definitely a must visit bistro in Semarang,otherwise you will miss a lot!

Thisa Artistha (18/12/2017 10:24)
Good, no it's more even better than that. Overall, this place is amazing. If you enter it for the first time, you'll like 'whoaa there' because the atmosphere is different frome other cafes, bars or even bistros. It feels like you jump into another space or even place. The building itself gives an old town vibes, but the interior is on another level that gives off a modern vibes. And their gelatos are good too.

Sani The Sunshine (10/12/2017 19:08)
Nothing like this before! Quite surprised to come across this cafe in the middle of Kota Lama in Semarang. Love every corner of it! It made me felt like I was in Paris. Great cofee.

Anom Harya (05/12/2017 14:01)
Good place because it has unique interior design. Good ambience because they have live accoustic music. It was my pleasure to eat their lasagna. Oh ya, order some cocktails and listening good music to spend a wonderful night also good idea here..

Linda Liang (07/10/2017 11:54)
Love it sooo much. At first, I thought the price will be so fancy, it turn to be ok. Fair enough for the taste. Will be back again when I visit Semarang.

YM Simbolon (10/09/2017 08:57)
Nice place, bar, drink and friends.
I will love to come here again.
Long island is good

Suyandi Liyis (09/09/2017 11:00)
Fancy & expensive. Unique foods. Small bottle of mineral water is idr20k. Mussels is idr80k.

383hemicuda (01/09/2017 14:50)
Very impressive flavours at reasonable (cheap) prices. Impressive Japanese whiskey collection if you aren't on a budget. (Still affordable)

Wawan Drachman (18/08/2017 06:17)
One of the best place to spend your time, just want to hangout or doing business talk. And great place to enjoy kota lama semarang. The foods are great.

Kalvin Lie (31/07/2017 07:32)
Great place. Nice decor. And good drinks!

Robert Hartono (22/07/2017 05:06)
An icon that the city needs. it is a place that has revived the old city (Kota Lama) part of Semarang. The atmosphere makes you feel at home. it has a cozy and chill vibe that is unique on its own. its a great place for lunch with friends and late night solitary drinking. some of the foods recommended are: fillet mignon, salmon steak and the croque madame sandwich. If you're looking for food to share then you should try the napoli mussels and its new tapas menu. It is also a great place for coffee. the "es kopi susu" is a must try if you are looking for something refreshing to beat the heat. If you are looking for a nice bar with great live music, look no further. this place has got it all! the bar tenders are well knowledge and are always happy to serve you your favorite cocktails. If you are coming for special occasions, I suggest you make a reservation first. because sometimes the crowd can be a problem and your food might take longer to be served. If you happen to be in Semarang, be sure to visit this place.

AG (13/07/2017 14:30)
The place is great and has very nice service. The building itself has something beautiful and very well maintained, makes people want to come back here to feel the ambience of living in Semarang years ago. The building is also easily accessed and strategic because of the place itself is near Srigunting Park and Gereja Blenduk that has been the icon of Semarang Old Town. There are several parking lots that you can use beside the building.

claudya elleossa (22/06/2017 08:42)
For Surabaya people, I think this kafe is SO GREAT. The price just reasonable. The ambience is great. I will back every time visit Semarang for sure

Prisca Arfines (06/06/2017 16:23)
Good food, great service and an awe-inspiring ambience of restaurant. One thing that can be a little bit disappointing is the entire area wreaked of cigarette smoke. Can we request for a free-smoke comfortable dining?

Marcelius Patria Prabaniswara (02/06/2017 07:03)
Tempat yang nyaman dan menyenangkan namun di tempat yang sebagus ini sangat disayangkan ada banyak lalat. Untuk makanan luar biasa, rasanya memang sepantas harganya. Pelayanan juga baik.

Ezra Saputra (17/05/2017 17:55)
Cozy place and really good bar. The place is huge also. Location is very good.

bavierando santosa (27/04/2017 12:50)
best place for romantic dinner in Semarang!
place 8/10
taste 8/10
price 6.5/10
menu 8/10
service 6/10

Khairul Anwar (22/04/2017 10:43)
Large and cozy space. Their cocktails is nicer than I expected. Music playlist is also good here. Ask their promo of the day on drinks and foods to get their best value! Love it!

Flo Renshi (17/04/2017 17:43)
I haven't changed my mind for their poor & long service, and I think the food is overpriced.

Himsa Y. W. (20/03/2017 16:49)
Last time i was here it was a mess. Now it's transformed from ugly duckling to beautiful cafe. Very clean, nice staffs, quick service, ok tasting coffee and great cakes and pies.

dhani achmad (23/01/2017 22:45)
Very beautiful place to take photos in and a very romantic and cozy place just to have a chat with a friend or with a date. It also has a co-working space on the second floor for people who need a good place to do work in outside the office

Clark Fredrickson (14/01/2017 12:18)
One of my favorite 'chill' spots in Semarang. The food has improved since opening. Perfect place to sip a beer or coffee and take in the old town. This place is a glimpse of what Kota Lama could be if enough investors seek to transform the area.

Aloysius Kukuh (13/01/2017 04:39)
A very fresh taste from this mocktail.
This was strawberry banana mocktail. The cafe was very full of vintage nuance

Ulifatus Sa'diyah (11/01/2017 03:53)
Spiegel is a great place in term of interior and bring the past experience. . You should come in the evening to get the nostalgic atmosphere of old building, but the atmosphere in the afternoon is just like a common coffee shop. The washroom is clean Few concern is I was bitten by mosquito Everytime I visit this place

wulan pardi (02/01/2017 15:58)
For the place well i can say it's quite cozy, the food is just yeaah,,,, OK, and the time delivery for food is quite long and i have to ask the waiter twice just to get my order

Hadi Sidharta (05/12/2016 18:35)
this place is preserving design of historical old city on the outside. the interior have tall wood ceiling with vintage design.
the food have plenty of choices, as well as wine, beers and cocktails.

Rio Rinaldo (26/11/2016 15:38)
The coffee is too bitter for my taste, the fried finger food is just OK. But come here for the interior, and the beautiful exterior, the high ceiling and industrial designed, and the columns. Spiegel still maintains that old colonial ambience, with spacious room, and provides the best refuge from the heat of Semarang after you're done exploring the old town. And at night there's a bar and live music.

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