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Protestant Church in Western Indonesia Immanuel Semarang

Batang, Jawa Tengah
Klasifikasi: Gereja
Alamat: Jl. Letjen Suprapto No.32, Tj. Mas, Semarang Utara, Kota Semarang, Jawa Tengah 50174, Indonesia
Rating: 4.50

Komentar :

Rizki Ramadan (17/05/2018 16:41)
The location surrounding The old city of Semarang. So you can enjoy much. This church is a heritage building which is good for visit.

Huang Wzhong (15/05/2018 16:38)
the beautiful church with Dutch colonial architecture building style, this is one of the famous iconic tourist attraction spot in Semarang.

it would be great if the church itself and the surrounding area has been planned, restored and organized as the ancient preserving historical heritage area.

Yuwana Galih Nugrahatama (03/05/2018 21:07)
Gereja ini lebih populer disebut sebagai Gereja 'Blenduk' karena bentuknya oktagonal. Bangunan ini dibuat pada tahun 1753 sebagai tempat peribadatan kaum Eropa di kota Semarang. Gaya arsitektur dari bangunan ini adalah 'Pantheon', sempat dipugar pada tahun 1894.

Siapa saja boleh masuk baik untuk beribadah maupun sekedar mengabadikan gambar di dalam untuk memandang keindahan arsitektur bangunan. Kawasan di sekitar gereja juga menawarkan keindahan suasana kota lama, cocok digunakan sebagai wisata edukasi bagi semua kalangan.

Peila Silvie (01/05/2018 02:09)
Been inside the Church twice attending my friends' weddings. High ceiling with beautiful stencil glass windows.

It can be quite hot during the day as the church doesn't provide any air conditioning, only fan.

Nicolaas Strating (05/04/2018 15:06)
Beautifully maintained church. Next to a park with lots of activities at night. Nearby are other great monumental buildings, many of them newly restored, but a few more still on the list for that. The whole block has the atmosphere of a Dutch town center. You can end your walkabout with a cold beer at Spiegel cafe.

Roy Sebastianus (24/03/2018 10:55)
One of the historical place in Kota Lama Semarang. Good for photoshoot.

rizky hermawan (13/01/2018 23:04)
One of historical and iconic spot in Semarang located in Kota Lama (Old Town) that very popular among tourist. This beautiful Protestant church known for its colonial architecture is still functioned very well. This site is good for photography and instagramable.

Annas Wijaya (12/12/2017 00:43)
One of iconic building in Semarang,

Just write about the design here : the building sometime become background for many movies and photography...

The old city / "kota lama" atmosphere (paver/paving road, vintage street lamp etc) make this building become the most stunning place in Semarang.

Evgeny Malyshev (30/09/2017 12:12)
This is one of the building in the center of the city, which looks more or less well-groomed, but obviously haven't have enough investment. This is a reason why few details of interior and decoration could be improved. Overall this is a nice and must have visited place in the in the city.

Karunia Arcelli (07/11/2017 01:23)
One of many historical building in Kota Lama Semarang.
Gereja Blenduk is a GPIB church in Semarang and has two times Sunday Services every week. First at 6.00-8.00 am and 9.00-11.00 am.
Gereja Blenduk still have a pipe organ in front of the building but it cannot be played because of the broken condition of its parts.

Odi Hutajulu (26/10/2017 12:51)
One of the most favorite historical building that all tourist visited. This building is belong to church.

Myta Ardia (22/10/2017 20:08)
Historical building, on the evening this place will be more visitable, cz there's not too crowded. U can find so mamu stuff to make your photo look more adorable. If you visit semarang, you must be here!

ihdi arwan (29/07/2017 09:08)
We called it "gereja blenduk". One of the historical buildings in semarang.

AG (13/07/2017 17:21)
This is one of the most well known church and the oldest Christian church in Semarang. Also called as "Gereja Blenduk/Church Blenduk", it is such a wonderful classic masterpiece. The shape of the building (neo-classic style) makes us remember to the church in Europe. The church is currently active and well-maintained. It also has baroque organ that inactive because of the unavailable parts. Good for selfie, and adjacent to Srigunting Park that makes the place comfortable.

tommy warrior (07/07/2017 07:46)
MOST popular name is Gereja Blenduk which refer to its dome

Joshua Prasetya Nugraha (24/06/2017 00:48)
What a famous place in semarang called dome church. It's really antique in the middle of dutch buildings.

Henry Samudra (08/06/2017 10:13)
Another hidden gems from semarang, blenduk church is one of many spot in semarang that attract for tourist to come and visit. Around the church there are taman srigunting, semarang gallery, old city 3D trick art muse. When you there‚Äč, you will feel in semarang era 1940. The history will be amazed you

Adyvictura Tinambunan (29/05/2017 17:25)
The oldest building church. Artistic and historic. Nice place to hangout on afternoon or evening.

Khairul Anwar (22/04/2017 17:59)
Gorgeous well-preserved building and still used as a religious place and ceremonies. Trademark of Semarang too if Im not mistake. Well done Semarang!

John Leirissa (09/12/2016 21:33)
Gereja Peotestan di Indonesia bagian Barat (GPIB) Jemaat "IMMANUEL" di Semarang.

KMJ - Ketua Majelis Jemaat (2015) :

Lokasi tepat.

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