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Paragon XXI

Batang, Jawa Tengah
Alamat: Jl. Pemuda No.119, Sekayu, Semarang Tengah, Kota Semarang, Jawa Tengah 50132, Indonesia
Rating: 4.50
Telp: +62 24 86579121

Komentar :

rita utami (19/05/2018 16:35)
I like to watch the cinema here because it is not so crowded, the parking area close to the elevator, clean toilets also friendly service popcorn is good here

Chris Hemasurya (06/05/2018 03:01)
Similar to other XXI theatre. Not sure why they can't have a better ticket booking experience and why people still want to spend that much time lining up to watch a movie.

Chloe Tiara (03/05/2018 17:11)
As expected from an XXI cinema, the service is top notch (though sometimes they will try to make you buy their popcorn/drinks and it can feel slightly oppresive. SLIGHTLY). We visited this XXI to watch Avengers: Infinity War and it was very much full. Yet even then, they managed the day just fine. Well done!

Vino Satwika (02/05/2018 00:29)
This is, in my opinion, the best cinema theater in the town. You can watch a movie just for IDR 35.000 in weekday and IDR 50.000 on weekend. If you planning to visit here, I recommend you to choose Studio 01, which is the only one studio that has Dolby Atmos speaker system. The downside there is no The Premiere or IMAX (for The Premiere you can find it on DP Mall). The Cinema is located on 2nd floor (G, UG, 1st, then 2nd). But beware, the parking rate is a bit higher for Semarang standard.

Edwin Kurniawan (28/04/2018 09:35)
This XXI is good have Dolby Atmos Audio at Cinema 1. But expensive food and drinks. This Mall Paragon have very EXPENSIVE Car Park.

Nurul Aini Fadilah (27/04/2018 02:33)
Now it just 35k for weekday with the same quality, large cinema, more seating, more studio, and great soundsystem. Great place for watching movie

Ignatius Handoko (05/04/2018 14:56)
Good cinema. Large screen. Awesome soundsystem. Clean toilet.But... price of snacks, popcorn & drinks are very expensive. Parking cost at the mall also very high.

Wahyu Priyansah (04/03/2018 07:08)
Nice, modern, wonderful mall and cinema.. Grat sound.. Good quality screen..
But the price is too expensive 😂

roni 7055 (27/02/2018 00:36)
Nice place for relax. You can order it by Mtix.

Alex W. (26/09/2017 15:49)
Cozy; great place to watch movies. The movies shown are great, I love watching them with my friends and family here. Good service, although the nuggets and french fries take a while to wait for.

Brian Media (01/09/2017 16:25)
What a so so movie theatre. The movies played here is so mainstream n popular. It seems like they avoid to play indie and another uncommon movies

Stephlynn W. W. (26/09/2017 15:49)
Cozy; great place to watch movies. The movies shown are great, I love watching them with my friends and family here. Good service, although the nuggets and french fries take a while to wait for.

Anwar Fauzi (15/08/2017 00:41)
They have comfortable seat! Really cozy.

R.M Isa (30/06/2017 15:26)
Tickets are more expensive compared to other cinemas, but that the price you must pay for luxury inside the mall

Hanung Handarujati Trishanintyo (26/06/2017 13:42)
Great cinema! Have big screen.

Cynthia Damayanti (14/06/2017 10:20)
Nice location, good surround system & comfortable seats.

Abdullah Jamal (13/06/2017 14:36)
Good Place n good shooping

fauzi moment (04/06/2017 07:17)
Very good theater, cozy place n best theater

chafid sugianto (27/03/2017 06:14)
nice movie theater

Ricky saputra (15/01/2017 02:36)
Very very exclusive place to enjoy movies

abdel alatas (13/08/2016 14:36)
Nice cinema in semarang city...clean...cold...and nice sound...

Mitchell van Zeeventer (27/07/2016 16:30)
Best theater in Semarang. Can be very cold inside bring a jacket.

Victor Sandyawan (21/07/2016 14:48)
Best theater in semarang
Sadyly, there is only indonesian and american movie only

Cees Leeman (22/05/2016 05:09)
Nice movie theater, great for shopping, eating and entertainment. Big and easy parking space.

Alfin Faidz (14/10/2016 18:23)
Bioskop terkane di Semarang. Tempatnya bersih, toiletnya nyaman juga, pelayanannya juga baik. Meskipun harga tiketnya rada mahal tapi worth it kok.

Cuma tadi (14/10) masa lagi nonton The Accountant tbtb studionya mati dan lampunya nyala, entah kenapa😂

Farano Gunawan, ROMO (20/06/2016 05:18)
What a quick premiere, even earlier than US

elizabeth michellina (14/06/2016 06:11)
Good movies here

Jati Rinawan (02/05/2016 12:43)
bioskop semarang

Isabella Devichi Wibowo (23/08/2015 18:10)
Very good, the sound are very clear and the bass are really felt. But the price is so high, because at semarang, there's just a little amount of movie theater.

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