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Noormans Hotel Semarang

Batang, Jawa Tengah
Alamat: Jalan Teuku Umar No. 27, Kel. Jatingaleh, Kec. Gajahmungkur, Karangrejo, Gajahmungkur, Kota Semarang, Jawa Tengah 50231, Indonesia
Rating: 4.10
Telp: +62 24 86010999
Jam Operasional:
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours

Komentar :

Jenian Marin (23/05/2018 13:59)
I had got there just for iftar buffet. The takjil (snacks and desserts) is okay, both traditional and modern menu. There are tasty street food options like fritters, seblak, and soto. But the main course, which served prasmanan was a let down: too salty and oily, no vegetable side dish, no soup. The place is quite comfy though and easy to find in Semarang. I didn't stay here for the hotel, but the location is in a higher part of Semarang city, so you will get the city night scenery. Bcs of the main access road, it'll be traffic busy in the morning

Willy Wihardja (30/04/2018 01:29)
Nice hotel.. but a bit far from town area. So when want to go to mall, or certain area at town, need to travel quite a journey. :)
I stay here thrice, the 1st one was bad though. I order a double bed from agoda, and they gave it to others. End up because of late check in, i cannot get the room, and instead i was given 2 single to combine into 1 double.... But terrifyingly, the center side table is non removable, so it makes the combination of the 2 beds SUCKS.

Kamal Kudus (21/04/2018 11:47)
Jozzzz ok banfet

agung pramudianto (15/04/2018 23:47)
The deluxe room is spacious and has sofa inside. Big screen TV with TV cable service available in the room. Comfortable bed with the view of Semarang main street. The street gets so busy at 6am and you can not avoid the sound of the traffic. Need a better acoustics. Bathroom is relatively small compared to the room itself. Standard amenities are provided

Indira Vita (06/04/2018 08:00)
Good place to stay but they have a very tiny bathroom. Various menu of breakfast. The location very strategist.

Eric Anindita (25/03/2018 10:40)
The deluxe room is not that "deluxe". Must improve bathroom cleanliness and tools (the hot water wont come out). But the breakfast beyond good and it's fairly easy to reach the hotel and other attractions nearby.

Lilies Indayati (17/02/2018 05:52)
The place is clean enough, room service is decent. Breakfast food is not bad, but coffee is awful.

kimsui hie (23/01/2018 12:19)
Nice place to stay, their hospitality ery good,
The location near from tol gate and not far to sam po kong temple

Hendro Kusumo (24/12/2017 12:05)
Best choice for had a rest and enjoy the foods as well.
It's also supported with gifts convenient store aside

Jeff Hahn (01/11/2017 11:24)
Just ok.. hotel for rest. Watch it.. the room has smoke odor.

Indriyanti Agustina Putri (15/10/2017 08:49)
It's a good hotel with luxury decoration. But, its quite small i think

Andi Wahyudi (12/10/2017 07:00)
Good hotel, clean, comfortable... But parking is not easy

Peter Kurniawan (20/08/2017 11:40)
Good place to stay at Semarang .. But quite far to airport. Good Breakfast they had

Daniswara Ismoyo (13/08/2017 10:11)
The hotel is very good and most importantly very clean. The only one thing that dissatisfied me is the pastry.

Bayu Smaratio (01/07/2017 12:00)
Overall is ok, but the non smoking room we booked has a smoke odour in it. So we have to ask the room service to clean the air first.

Putu Tonsen (23/06/2017 03:02)
Good and nice hotel in Semarang. But the rooms are not so big. The staff are friendly and helpful.

Hyouka (19/06/2017 20:50)
Comfy room with low price, nice breakfast too. It is located near the airport.. recommended for you to stay here if u come to Semarang

Galindra Mardani (02/05/2017 17:30)
Lokasi di jalan besar, dekat dengan kampus Undip dan cukup dekat juga bila ingin wisata ke Simpang lima dan sekitarnya. Dekat hotel juga ada minimarket. Kamar cukup besar, view nya jg bagus. Fasilitas cukup lengkap hanya saja letak AC kayaknya kurang pas, sama kalau sebelah geser2 atau berisik masih terdengar. Breakfastnya variatif, sampai g bisa nyicip semuanya karena sudah kenyang. Overall puas, dengan harga pas.

Irfa Salma (24/04/2017 02:18)
The room is quite small but clean. It is nice for short visits

Deden Wahyu MUSTARI (07/04/2017 13:32)
The Lounge is Good Place for Relax, Drinks or Just Enjoy...
The Restaurant are Neat, Tidy, Clean and Comfortable Place For Meals... Very Warm Ambience and Friendly Staff.

Hardhono Arya Irawan (25/03/2017 12:43)
Almost good, but please to puts many chair on the park area for driver like me. 👍

Freddy Samad (09/02/2017 04:04)
Affordable and quite good. Close to Gombel golf.

Wahyu Wibowo Hadi (15/01/2017 09:29)
Nice new hotel

Naufal Fahri (06/11/2016 12:58)
service is good. so far i got free foods. the bathroom all functionality works well, and very clean.

Nyoman Dharma Adi Prabawa (24/09/2016 07:26)
A decent place to stay. Clean room, strategically placed, and reasonable price.

rizki susetiadi (31/08/2016 23:31)
Strategically located neaeby tollway. Easy access to outtown

toerdji marwiyah (13/09/2016 10:57)
Lumayan nyaman

Monica Putri Purnama Sari (26/07/2016 10:13)
Kamar mandinya bersiiiiiih bgt

Teddy Tedjomiarso (20/07/2016 01:18)
Bnb, vallet available

Jimmy Susilo (09/04/2016 10:01)

Fikri fahmi amrulloh (28/03/2016 04:58)

tiyas kusbudiarsih (10/02/2016 08:55)
g nyaman bngiiit, ac-nya g terasa, kcw dech...

tommy pranajaya (14/01/2016 16:42)
Nice service, good looking for its price unfortunately bad air conditioning, it's HOT even the temperature set 10 deg c. Maintenance already there but not helping.

richard suzugamori (31/12/2015 19:28)
Nice hotel

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