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Mall Paragon City Semarang

Batang, Jawa Tengah
Alamat: Jl.Pemuda No.118, Semarang Tengah, Sekayu, Semarang Tengah, Kota Semarang, Jawa Tengah 50132, Indonesia
Rating: 4.40
Telp: +62 24 3562111
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Komentar :

Johan Darmasaputra (29/05/2018 06:23)
Mall terbaik di kota semarang..foto2 ini di ambil di Eat and Eat Foodcourt

Don't forget follow my ig for see other my travel pics guys! : @johan.oka

Vina Benita (04/05/2018 01:59)
Salah satu mall yang paling top di Semarang.. kalian bisa nemuib berbagau barang2 branded.. tempatnya nyaman.. byk makanan yg unik2 juga.. wajib dikunjungi klo ke Semarang

Krisna Nugraha (03/05/2018 14:57)
One of the most sophisticated mall in Semarang. Lots of international tenant are available. Due to the parking area is usually full, better be to come here using a cab.

Desti Firza Mulyati (02/05/2018 07:33)
a very good place to hang out with friends and family. so many good foodcourt, entertainment, theatre, shopping centre, sport centre, food and beverages.

lila cyclist (16/04/2018 08:00)
A very convenient place for hangout, especially teens. The eateries are various and the theater is great. Recommend

Denisa Apriliawati (01/04/2018 10:26)
My favorite mall in Semarang. It’s huge with large parking space and convenient. You can just strolling around here or do window shopping/ actual shopping. Besides, there’s cinema, supermarket and food court. There are also plenty of well known food chain here such as wendy, morugame udon, solaria, etc. If you want to bring your kids you will find entertainment area with lots of game to play and of course a book store to help you explore this world.

Muhammad Nur Bahari (14/03/2018 03:41)
Who doesn't love Paragon mall. Everything is clean and neat. The best of it is the movie theater, both audio and video are top notch.

Nimas Ayu (12/03/2018 04:18)
Nice place. Complete entertainment. Crowded at weekend and long holiday. Need more space to drop the visitor in the lobby.

Alphajos 3312 (23/12/2017 08:38)
The mall is nice, complete and fun. Almost everything is in there. Starts from culinary, clothes, trendy collectibles, and other else. You could find the movie theater in the upper floor. There's also a food court in there. In the lower floor, there's another culinary that you must try. The shopping place such as Matahari shopping centre. You can find various thing in there. I couldn't describe the other as detailed but if you're in this town and searching for the best mall ever, I suggest you to go here, Mall Paragon City Semarang.

Wayne Sim (05/11/2017 10:48)
Good mall to hang out at. Good variety of shops and good value. The udon is excellent! Go for it! Had Korean BBQ also, and it was so good, even the Korean in our group said it is good Korean standard! Didn't get to catch movie but my friends said that it was super value for its price, the comfort of the seats and environment. Will come back to check out if I have opportunity!

Ursula Li (21/11/2017 14:19)
Many tenants moved out, including my favourite Teddy House store. They closed the food court, so it makes meal choices are limited. Parking at weekends can be a pain in the *ss. Really do not like their entry and exit point for parking (small for the size of a shopping mall like Paragon). Seem like a lack of good planning. Already found some flaws in the building since they just newly opened.

Steven L Santoso (17/11/2017 19:51)
Easy access, both to and from the mall. Even inside the mall, the escalators are arranged so that whether you're going up or down, you don't need to go around a block (you'll see what I mean when you get there). Tenants are arranged rather sporadically, and the place offers a spacious view inside. Most of the staffs are helpful, and they keep the place clean and secure by patrolling every few minutes.

Harpax A (12/09/2017 03:02)
Just because they currently only have one this "fancy" mall, there's a weird rule of letting people just right after 10.00am sharp. I came at 9.55am, and the security forced me and lots of other people to wait around the entrance. If they do this in other big city, people will get offended and will not come.

Patrick Comey (01/09/2017 10:28)
I enjoyed this mall. It's a perfect size with just enough stores and not so huge you or your family get tired of walking. There's a department store, good court, other restaurants, and a wide variety of stores from luxury to casual. Public restrooms, an ATM, and plenty of parking are a plus. The Crowne Plaza hotel is accessible from inside the mall too!

irvan rizkianto (21/08/2017 01:52)
This is the most eye-catching mall in town. The completeness of the tenants has given a magnetic effect to the crowd. There's a Starbucks, a cinema, a lot of restaurants which offer Asian cuisine, a hypermarket, some toy stores, a book store, a 3-floor most branded yet affordable department store, a lot of boutiques, ATM centres with all best banks in Indonesia, some beauty salons, some drugstores, some jewelry stores, a hotel on top, super clean and large rest room on every floor... You wouldn't ask for more since it's the most complete...

Stephlynn W. W. (20/08/2017 15:08)
Would recommend going to First Love is you want to eat some cakes, it's on the same floor as the cinema. Good bookstore, although not complete !! Very enjoyable as a hangout place with friends. Tip: at hangouts, Starbucks would be a good place. Good coffee, drinks, and cakes, and there's WiFi, although it isn't so fast.

AG (20/07/2017 15:39)
The mall is enjoyable and full of International brands. It is cozy (the air conditioner is cool) and the architecture is really awesome, unique, and modern. Adjacent to the city center of Semarang, the location is strategic and easily accessible with public transportation. The parking lots are located above the mall itself. The restroom is clean.

Cynthia Damayanti (08/07/2017 08:08)
Fav mall in town. Offer a lot of stores, brands, food and restaurants. Clean and the staff all have good hospitality.

Ardy Prasetya (07/07/2017 00:25)
A good ordinary MALL, as almost all the big and average cities in Indonesia would have one. A general one-stop shopping and eating place. Not bad, especially for the newbies in the town.

Danish Majid (04/07/2017 01:46)
One of the latest Malls in Semarang. The cinema is nice.Many branded shops here. Good for shopping and hanging out with friends and family.

Hanung Handarujati Trishanintyo (26/06/2017 13:50)
Good place. Easy to get some food. Many popular brands, good for wasting money. Good cinema, have a big screen. Have a big parking lot, but always full (a specially at Saturday Night). The mall is eye-catching.

Ela Garini (25/06/2017 16:35)
Visiting this Mall when we were transit in Semarang. One of the high end tenancy mix and shopping destination in Semarang. Very crowded during holiday/high season.

Luqman Hidayat (04/05/2017 09:18)
So cozy and have a lots nice restaurant, u can go shopping in many different store and high quality brands

Ezra Saputra (24/04/2017 05:48)
The tenants is pretty good. But i think the mall is quite small so there arent so many things to look at. Good they have XXI here.

Deden Wahyu MUSTARI (22/04/2017 21:40)
One of best mall in Semarang. Wide range of choices for dining, shoping, entertaints, hobbies and many others... Good place for individual and families too.

Bryan Lauter (17/04/2017 14:11)
The highest class shopping mall in semarang at the moment. An awesome place to hang out with your buddies. Spend time playing in the arcade, watching movies, shopping and dining. Despite being the highest class mall in semarang many things are still affordable. I recommend coming here with a cab or any public transportation during weekends as the streets become really busy, and finding a parking spot would be even worse

Angelisa Lia (24/02/2017 04:05)
Nice mall to visit. Just perfect for window-shopping. Many fast food restaurants here. Also there's an XXI cinema, food court and supermarket in the subway.

Rifky Famee (23/02/2017 13:47)
Really good mall.
There are lot of foods!
Yes it expensive, but worth it.

Febrianto Santoso (17/02/2017 04:14)
Best mall ini Semarang, I think, but, a little bit disappointed with their services. They don't provide deposit box for visitor. When I came there, is raining days, I brought umbrella, and they refused me to entrust my umbrella.

Mona Monarica (14/01/2017 03:08)
It's a great mall, so many store inside and I love the food. It would so great if you there with your family

Arief Indriawan (18/12/2016 10:59)
The most fancy mall in Semarang. The building architecture is pretty awesome. Shop, dine and entertainment in one place

achmad mustofa (19/08/2016 02:37)
This place is good for family shopping and quite cozy. Despite of its med-high class mall, but you can still enjoy the nice and warm atmosphere of Semarang People

David Pan (15/08/2016 09:59)
Have many parking slot, although not big. It's cozy enough to enjoy the mall.

Abraham Soediro (25/07/2016 03:46)
Nice place to chillout. Grear taste of food, and I can see beauties here. Hehehe...

Nita Indriani (01/07/2016 03:33)
One of my favourite mall in Semarang. Not as big or high ends as many mall in Jakarta and Surabaya ; but familiar international brands can be found here for a comfort.

Bambang Hp (27/06/2016 08:30)
Semarang mall, parking jam killing me. Anyway, you'll get marugame udon at second floor.

rizki susetiadi (16/06/2016 03:56)
best mall in town, I love to visit this mall since it has many parking lot space.

you can find, starbucks, jco, kopi luwak, excelso, and robuchon food court. it also has best cinema studio (XXI) in semarang until today.

Khodian Robby (25/05/2016 01:54)
Paragon Mall is a huge place of a mall attached with Crowne Plaza (hotel) on it. Curently the best, cleanest, and the best mall in Semarang.

Dian M Prima (19/04/2016 04:50)
It is the most luxurious mall in semarang. But don't be worry, compared to mall in Jakarta, this mall is medium-low fare. Let me mention the shops: Charles and Keith, Hush Puppies, Polo, sport station and some of them just on the same level( if you know what i mean).

There is Matahari and big food festival on the 4th floor.


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