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Imam Bonjol Hostel

Batang, Jawa Tengah
Alamat: Jl. Imam Bonjol No.177b, Pendrikan Kidul, Semarang Tengah, Kota Semarang, Jawa Tengah 50131, Indonesia
Rating: 3.80
Telp: +62 823-2624-9429
Jam Operasional:
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours

Komentar :

Muhammad Galuh (25/04/2018 06:31)
Strategic location, cleanliness awake, cheap, friendly service, the rooms are nice and cozy

riko nugraha (11/04/2018 23:42)
The alley is wide. Clean room and air conditioned. Cheap food with walking range.
Need breakfast? Try to walk to 50M north west. Right side if you face outside of hotel. You will guy selling traditional food and snack on table at side walk. Hurry he only sell between 6 to 9am

MITS TourTravel (14/02/2018 17:12)
Cheap and so clean

yudha wahyu pratama (31/01/2018 08:45)
Nice, simple and cheap. Good accomodation for low budget traveller

Matthew Lykos (10/01/2018 06:19)
Nice location. Basic, clean, characterful place. Very friendly. Good English.
Would certainly use it again.

Seno Wahyu Aji Pamungkas (01/10/2017 23:02)
Last night when i arrived in this hostel, i really appreciate because of the room, non-smoking room, and the hotel cleanliness. But, after i see this morning i'm really dissapointed because of smoking are allowed in this hotel 😢. Actually, last night i thought that i will bring my family to this hostel. But, after i see this morning, i think i should think twice. Sorry.

Christavia Ayunda (26/09/2017 00:25)
Good location, good service, good condition. It's located near the most popular tourist-attraction place in Semarang (Simpang 5 and Lawang Sewu). Moreover, there's a convienence store located directly beneath this hostel. The bed is soo comfy and the bathroom is clean. The only thing people may not find good are: there are only stairs (so good luck with your bags) aka no lift, and no in-room bathroom. Nevertheless, a nice and cozy place.

Jonathan Courtney (12/08/2017 14:41)
Perfect if you only need to stay before heading to the airport or train station. This place only costs about €5 per night so I can't really complain- it's not pretty, it's not exactly nice but it's relatively clean and the staff are friendly (they also try to speak English).

Lintang Tranggana (01/07/2017 09:27)
clean room, good price, strategic for going anywhere, but very limited parking space, AC not so cold(don't know why) shared bathroom(it is a budget hotel anyway...)

nana Nalurita (28/05/2017 00:58)
Nice place,, air conditioning is cool 😎

Reza Rizki (03/05/2017 23:10)
Affordable price for the room, quite nice though

Agil Saputro (30/04/2017 13:02)
Diatas alfamart

hany witjaksono (27/12/2016 00:33)
Fair tarif... but no breakfast, limited parking area, out side bathroom

Albert Hernando (11/12/2016 05:40)
Not bad for a common hostel. Quite clean and affordable. The facilities are well maintained.

pratiwi bestariati (09/12/2016 15:57)
I stayed for 2 nights in Imam Bonjol Hostel in which not too far from Tugu Muda and Lawang Sewu. They have comfy rooms and also friendly employee. But, there's no inside bathroom. So, I had to queue to take a bath in rush hour. The hostel is located above a supermarket. So, it's so easy to get what I need during my stay. I hate one thing, I hate the mineral water refill😂 it tasted so bad.

Pipit Hime (07/10/2016 21:58)
It's a good place to stay for backpackers, beacuse this hostel is clean, the hospitality is good, it is not expensive, and easy to go from here. The place is strategically good..

We can rent a motorbike or a bicycle too.

Ersha Amanah (06/08/2016 04:45)
It's easy to find. 15 minutes away from Semarang Poncol station by foot. And near to lawang sewu, tugu muda, etc

tyfinancial (17/08/2016 13:04)
Tidak sepantasnya disebut hotel sebuah. buktikan omongan sy dengan datang kesini , dan jgn menyesal :(

fx trader (02/08/2016 14:09)
A simple cheap get away hotel. Room to rent..

Samuel Böhme (12/07/2016 17:52)
Perfect for low budget traveller

Rob Fletcher (28/06/2016 12:29)
Spend $10 more and stay at Dafam across the street.

aryanto brahmana (14/06/2016 06:15)
Hostel murah meriah di semarang

Ida Ayu Putu Trisnawati (18/11/2014 17:48)
Nice and near to Poncol train station

Andrew Gills (17/11/2014 22:57)
I loved this hostel because it is:
- fantastic value for money ($10 for a single room with share bathroom)
- clean
- quiet
- has good air conditioning
- is comfortable
- has both squat and Western style bathrooms
- is in a great location.

I will stay here again when I come to Semarang.

Muhammad Aditiya Candra (18/10/2014 17:07)
This place more suitable for backpakers

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