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Hotel Grasia

Batang, Jawa Tengah
Alamat: Jl. Letnan Jenderal S. Parman No.29, Gajahmungkur, Semarang Sel., Kota Semarang, Jawa Tengah 50231, Indonesia
Rating: 4.10
Telp: +62 24 8444777

Komentar :

Niken Wijayanti (02/05/2018 08:34)
Its ballroom is very comfort also I found that they have wheel chair access

Akhsanur Rofi (20/04/2018 12:35)
A good Shari'a Hotel complaint.
It's intended for whoever feels safe with Syariah, for older people, and family at very affordable price. The location is quiet, shady, close to county garden, hospital, gas station, but far from minimarket. Taxi and online transportation is accessible

Didot Banyumas (13/04/2018 08:49)
Old hotel with lack of maintenamce. Unclean hoter machine and dark color bathtube

Nadya Kemala Amira (10/04/2018 18:06)
Been here just for attending my friend wedding at the hall. So I cant say much bout this place. But so far, the service is pretty good

Christina Syah (08/04/2018 13:53)
Salah satu Hotel syariah di Semarang. So far so good lah.

Ammar Faizi (29/03/2018 19:10)
The services are good. But the room is too dark even I have turned on all lamp in the room.

mila indriastuti (29/12/2017 23:04)
Bad hotel with poor and old condition. Air condition, toilet are not working anymore. Noisy from ac and exhaust fan. My other bad experience is we booked deluxe room with double bad but unfortunately we get twin bad, very small and unforcomfotable matras. When I go to customer service they said that another room is full. OMG. Not RECOMENDED!!

Evan Dewangga (28/12/2017 12:09)
When you reserved one of the halls in here, you will get a great and hospitable services. The managers are very friendly and try to memorize some usual customers, even though the customers still college students. The food is great, with many variations and you can get refill. You also get bonus room, when you reserve hall. Recommended for seminars, training, or welcoming party. With its strategic location, just for the added value which this hotel got.

Elphant Yoa (22/11/2017 12:11)
Pelayanan lambat sekali. Kurang cocok utk hotel bintang 3. Penampakan luarnya saja yg terkesan wah...

experia arc15 (13/10/2017 03:02)
Nice and comfortable place for meeting discussion and coaching.... But need for backup electric to be better...

Setyono Kurniady (26/09/2017 02:11)
Good and valuable price and service hotel, located near from central city of semarang. and delicious food for breakfast time.

lisa lestari (28/08/2017 05:52)
a big hotel... Nice place to symposium...

Monika Satyajati (23/08/2017 01:19)
Only went to the convention. The design is okay, room is pretty convenient. But when I was at the parking lot, I found it was hard for me to find any sign or direction to go to the convention. No staff was available

ana tusyanah (21/07/2017 15:03)
It is a comfortable hotel... The staffs are friendly but you need energy to move from one building to the next building.. But it is nice

Adrianus Yoga (08/07/2017 14:36)
wc bau

Nur Setyowati (07/06/2017 13:20)
The buffet is really nice with affordable price. The room not so big but clean enough.

Cendekia Kartono (07/05/2017 08:35)
a decent old school refurbished hotel. everything is basic but the service is nice.

doni setyawan (01/03/2017 22:04)
Nice hotel, good facilties, masque, convention room etc

Krisna Bagustama (28/12/2016 07:12)
The hospitality is good. The price is fair for what you get. One of least Islamic hotel in Semarang, they provide the room with Prayer Mat, Hadith Book, and of course Al Qur'an.

Andy Hadi (19/12/2016 07:19)
Good place for quick holiday

Noor Faiq (13/12/2016 08:07)
Comfort area for refreshing.. Nice view of mountain and sharia atmosphere...

Dadang NH (10/12/2016 14:46)
Considered good hotel with such price. They have best people, and a great service. But they need to repair some wall on the room.

Novian Zaini (11/10/2016 22:53)
Such a nice place with a good service

roziq bahtiar (10/09/2016 06:59)
tmptya enak

Danang Reza Ulama (07/09/2016 22:18)
tempatnya nyaman, makanannya enak, tapi sayang wifi nya tidak maksimal

budi nandang (21/08/2016 02:02)
cozy place

JualFiforlif Semarang (25/07/2016 14:45)
Nice hotel. Clean and familiar service.

Luqman Hakim (16/05/2016 22:15)
Ramah Dan seperti rumah sendiri

Muhammad Irfanuddin (03/05/2016 22:00)
Pelayanan bagus dan ramah,

Rennie Hetika Maya (21/02/2014 19:28)
Table manner bersama sukses

Joblack Hill (17/07/2013 16:32)
Makan tidur gratis with SAK crew

Erris prasetia budi (19/12/2012 20:34)
Langsung aja sana dan buktikan

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