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Grand Edge Hotel

Batang, Jawa Tengah
Alamat: Jl. Sultan Agung No.96, Wonotingal, Candisari, Kota Semarang, Jawa Tengah 50232, Indonesia
Rating: 4.30
Telp: +62 24 86010888

Komentar :

wissam kashmar (22/05/2018 11:58)
My favorite hotel in semerang, clean and brand new, excellent food and service

Leonard Craig (19/05/2018 12:27)
Look average from the outside, bit its prety good inside. Room and bathroom are clean, friendly staff, and tasty meals. Try the sauted oxtail its very delicious.

Elita Anggraini Setyobudi (16/05/2018 12:06)
I found any restaurants with cozy places. It was suitable for gathering family or hanging out with friends. I enjoyed here. Maybe I will come again

Imam Santosa (12/05/2018 13:34)
The hotel is new. I have never stayed there before. But I looks nice, clean and professional. The location is close to the city centre. The food area is mixed between good and bad. There are few restaurants that are good and attract lots of customer such as Massimo Pizzeria, Bayleaf and Hyu. But some of restaurants shutdown their business here such as momoya. The food hall is not well promoted.

Wiryastuti Wardono (29/04/2018 13:42)
Makan di BayLeaf dan anak2 bisa main di playground lantai 1. Playgroundnya bersih dan besar. Anak2 happy banget main disitu

rose whis (28/04/2018 14:08)
Location is easy to find, rooms is full of service

Kiara Paramita Octaviani (18/04/2018 11:20)
This was a so so hotel for me. Some things I like, some I don't. Pros : nice view in rooftop pool, kids playground, kids haircut, many choices of foods stall and cafes in lower ground.
Cons : receptionist could be more friendly, they only give one room key, if you want more you have to deposit some money. Breakfast is so so. I dislike the open bathroom style in my room, it has no privacy. And the housekeeping service is a lil bit slow. They forget my additional towel (I ordered an extra bed and already asked for a towel but it never came).
And the extra bed itself came in cheap looking bed with thin matress. It also about 20 mins drive from central city.

Steffani Sylvia Tan (18/04/2018 07:38)
Great room. Tv, wifi, water heater available. Great restaurants with affordable prices available. Playground for kids, beauty salon available. Restaurants are of Italian, Korean, Asian cuisine. Not much parking lots. Great bar with swimming pool. Goods shops are also available. 9/10 would stay here again.

Crisopras Kainama (12/04/2018 03:53)
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Adriel Kurniawan (24/03/2018 14:01)
Very comfortable to stay here, Stafs are very friendly and have good hospitality.
This hotel has a swimming pool at the roof top. You can enjoy the sunset while swimming, it also has restaurant near the swimming pool and fitness centre.

At the ground level until second floor at this hotel, you can find some restaurant, Chinesse restaurant, korean BBQ, italian pizza , indonesian food, etc.

Harry Burmeister (31/01/2018 23:04)
Super nice view from the rooftop, good live music and cosy ambience. Infinity pool looks great

Yusuf Arief Rahmanto (16/12/2017 07:28)
Simple and roomy. Comfortable bed. Minimalist furniture. It has rooftop restaurant and swimming pool with great view.

Eiges Es (07/12/2017 01:30)
For those who like to 'hang out', this is the perfect place to stay. Executive karaoke, Pub and Bar with loud DJ music performance, and lack of soundproofing room. For me, I could not get a comfort and 'quiet' sleep

Yansen Oktanius (23/11/2017 03:07)
The hotel staff are friendly. Location of the hotel is far enough from the city center, so if you don't bring your own vehicle it will difficult. even the location is far enough, but the scenery is so beautiful and the roof top bar is awesome. Overall this place is peaceful. and if you want to eat at the first floor there are some restaurant.

Muhammad Maghfurin (13/11/2017 01:49)
Bagus dan mewah

Rizky Novrianto (30/09/2017 15:08)
The example of you can't really trust photo in the booking website. The pool's quite rusty and the nuance in the hall between rooms were old and a bit hot. My shower room in room 502 didn't perform as I expected.

Rany Amanda (15/09/2017 11:32)
Really in love with this hotel. A strategic location, big room and clean, and also a friendly staff. There are so many menu on breakfast.

Happy P Wiryodiningrat (02/09/2017 01:30)
Comfort room with minimalist design, connect with foodtaiment area.., need mire space for park area

afrian satya permadi (30/08/2017 23:13)
one of the best hotel in semarang, located in candi baru,not to far from central.

Andhika H Dwiantoro (19/08/2017 15:10)
need more improvement. the sky lounge and gym still under construction :( but i love their pool

Chandra Intania (25/07/2017 04:55)
i think grand edge must care about maintance room include glass/mirror in the bathroom and carnivor bar because more water sign. And more attention for Quality Control of cleaning service. When i want to sleep there, my pillow was smell bad (i think the OB didnt change our pillow case) so i must complained and they changed our pillow case.. Hope grand edge will be better.

wiryanto yung (09/07/2017 03:24)
The room is very convenience n neat, WiFi ok, breakfast very variety n delicious. Overall great experience, even for family 👍

Jul Denzol (22/06/2017 13:48)
the only place that make me come to this hotel is bayleaf.the bistro inside the hotel.i like the food and the atmosphere.smoking area is my favorite spot.

Robinz Reza (27/05/2017 00:36)
Good and nice hotel to stay.. clean, cheap, good service, also near foor arcade

Anne Margaretha (12/05/2017 08:38)
Amazing food court. Stay here and you can find any food you want.
Minus 1 star for the crowded park

Krido Sadmoko (21/04/2017 13:58)
Facility quite ok. The service is helpful when we have wrong booking room. The rooftop swimming pool is small and we have to walk through restaurant to reach there, not convenience. New Hotel.

Valen Tino (26/03/2017 10:24)
Saya bekerja di bayleaf chicken rice restauran grand edge hotel

Niken Linda Dinartika (19/03/2017 17:38)
Located in a very strategic area. This hotel is also really close to the airport. The rate is also very affordable for a 4-stars hotel. However, the bed sheet and towels cleanliness should be improved

Simon Horswell (19/03/2017 12:50)
Great for the area, with attached shipping mall. The accommodation and service are definitely value for money.

Muhamad NW (20/02/2017 01:31)
oke lah ya

Didot Banyumas (01/12/2016 11:43)
Good place for meeting and official or working session, not for family. Good food.

Tri Danu Warsito (10/11/2016 09:02)
Great hotel.. Connect to food court and play ground for children.. Have good views in rooftop swimming pool and bar.. Not to expensive.. Then has a cafe next the hotel.. Give more entertainment in evening

Alia Salsabila (07/08/2016 10:37)
Drinking Green Tea on Carnivor and listening to some latest EDM music with volume at its best. p.s. I celebrated my 18th birthday on this place so it will going to be one of my historic places i think

Geoff Madsen (24/06/2016 04:05)
Was upgraded on arrival and had a pleasant one night stay. Roof offers good restaurant and bar with live music and a pool. Good value and views. Suggest this hotel for short stays.

Rein Baarsma (02/08/2016 01:54)
Looks nice, nice pool and nice rooms but not really into western tourists. Although Semarang is not ready for western tourists.

Victor Sandyawan (21/07/2016 13:50)
I don't know about the hotel
But for eating, i really prefer this place
Beside there are many restaurant here, the place is clean and comfortable

Nur Artwienda (14/06/2016 05:20)
Byk tpt makan

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