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The Arista Hotel Palembang

Banyuasin, Sumatera Selatan
Klasifikasi: Restaurant, Cafe, Bakery, dan Bar, Toko, Hotel and Villa
Alamat: Jalan Kapten A. Rivai, Sungai Pangeran, Ilir Timur I, Sungai Pangeran, Ilir Tim. I, Kota Palembang, Sumatera Selatan 30127, Indonesia
Rating: 4.50
Telp: +62 711 355000

Komentar :

a.yuanita. m (03/05/2018 15:49)
1. During check in, receptionist informed that kids below 8 years old are free for breakfast and breakfast on Sunday 29 April were until 12 noon. None of this info were correct. My 7 years old kid was charged for breakfast and it was opened until 10am only on Sunday 29 April.

2. Hotel Renovation was still on going until 9 pm.

3. We were upgraded to club room in level 9 (pls take note that level 8 are closed for renovation so you can imagine the noise in level 9) but were served badly at executive lounge. The staff informed us that our room was upgraded freely and not entitled to enter executive lounge. This was done in front of our guest! Furthermore, the executive lounge is below 4* hotel standard. The food and service are very disappointed.

Jimmy Setiawan (30/04/2018 11:49)
For resting : worst.. keep getting disturbed by noise of drilling & hammering from the time of check in until 22.00. Noises stop when we called & addressed our complain to front desk. Infact...noises continued on next day... where is the resting time??

Countinuesly knocking door at 08.00 asking for laundry, eventhough we didn't put any sign of laundry to be collected, the worst part is the guys was trying to unlock the door since we didn't respond him..!!! Where is the privacy???

Breakfast : good enough with choices of local food.

Bottom line : not recommended hotel for resting

Muhammad Rusdy (06/04/2018 21:58)
On 2007, this hotel name is Horison Hotel. My First Daugter wedding party was in thi Hotel Ballroom... On March 31,2018 I come to this hotel for "Reuni Akbar IKA Unsri. the condition of the Ballrom still good and I think eventhough Horison hotel is become Arista Hotel... I still love this hotel because of my memory... Now I have a 9 ys grandson who live in jakarta..

Mudarwan Henly (31/03/2018 17:33)
Convenient hotel. The room are clean and cool. The food in The second floor are all delicious especially the lontong buntut two thumbs up.

dian ningrum (16/03/2018 13:20)
Best hotel in palembang. Staffs are great, food delicious, service excellent. Definitely will be back.

mariza rizza (04/03/2018 16:57)
A luxury 5 stars hotel with a friendly ambience. The foods are good, so many local culinary menus. The service was great and strategic location, near palembang mall. I will stay here if i travel to palembang again.

Jansen Joshua (02/03/2018 19:21)
The best hotel in town! Exquisite in everything. And maybe the most expensive hotel in town too..

Slamet Kurniadi (25/10/2017 09:42)
Best hotel in town for me. It has a couple of nice restaurants. Golden Abalone, Brava, 1001.

Muhammad Arestullah (16/10/2017 15:18)
Nice and luxury local hotel brand. The swimming pool is something. The view was absolutely beautiful

Idrus Fhadli (14/10/2017 18:21)
The best hotel in Palembang. It offers excellent hotel services with an affordable price. Clean, spacy, and neat room. And... the greatest one is the foods and meals offered in the hotel restaurant, winner!

Caroline Gan (30/09/2017 22:24)
I spent more for the room compared to other Palembang hotels such as Novotel or Excelton, expecting good service and great room. What i ve got is dark, pitiful hard bed with no hairdryer in the bathroom. Very stingy with towels, bad bathroom design ( easily flooded and i almost tripped multiple times because it was so floody), and long room service ( i need to call up to three times to receive my "flood contigency towel"). Very not recommended, you are better off in other hotel such as excelton or 101.

Ali Lukman Assegaf (29/09/2017 07:34)
Quite good rooms, nice ambient & top rated gym.. Recommended as hotel choice at Palembang.

Henry Syarifuddin (07/08/2017 07:55)
Marvelous hotel I have ever been in Palembang.
Clean, friendly, homy, good breakfast menu. Good choices for low carb breakfast as well. They managed to make my order half boiled egg for breakfast.
Yes you need to stay here ever.

Aaron Manullang (05/08/2017 12:13)
Nice hotel...good hopitality and service. Food is nice. Location in the center of the city

Jeni Terana (21/07/2017 11:24)
Breakfast is good variation of menu. Delicious also. Rooms are clean, wide. Very recommended

fransiskus yosep (01/07/2017 20:05)
Best hotel in Palembang for me personally. Nice room, good staff, good food. The lobby is amazing, and the restaurant too.

Muhammad NAUFALAFIF (27/06/2017 21:11)
Very lovely hotel with pretty much everything a hotel should have. Just a sneeze away from a mall gives this hotel an advantage to bait customers. View is a little bit obstructed thanks to the construction in front of the hotel, but nonetheless have a great view of Palembang. Smell water before use or drinking.

Rand (19/06/2017 21:31)
old hotel, well quite good. but they dont have side bed electric socket for charge the phone. small bathroom with bathtub on it

Yansen Djohan (18/05/2017 00:18)
Nice five star hotel.
Food is great. They have indonesian, chinese and western restaurants.
The room is clean and cozy.
Swimming pool is good.
Gym is not big but still OK.
Indoor parking is very small, but they have a parking lot.

Arjeli Syamsuddin (04/05/2017 08:43)
good hotell complete facilities in central closed to mall airport

Hastarico Guritno (16/03/2017 02:09)
Nice hotel nice service

Azwaindra Dewi Mahirda Sr (02/03/2017 18:21)
Nice comfy hotel and delicius food. Good staff very friendly

rifman fx (06/02/2017 07:18)
Nice place to stay and friendly staff

Teddy Japan (31/12/2016 22:07)
Great hotel and restaurant. The food that they offer is delicious.

I Nyoman Dimas Adhiperdhana (22/11/2016 15:06)
Cozzy, near the most modern shopping center in Palembang (Palembang Icon)

gugi abdel (18/11/2016 00:17)
For hospitality and building interior is great. The only problem is the smell of sewage in front of the hotel

Petrus Tri Arianto (25/09/2016 06:58)
Nice comfy hotel, difficult to park in case of events (wedding, etc)

Duaarts Photography (04/10/2016 22:58)
The Arista Hotel Palembang offers ideal access to the very best parts of Palembang city

Don S (17/09/2016 11:58)
Hotelnya Bagus. Pelayanannya juga ramah, Resto2nya juga enak2. Ada Resto Italia, Chinese, dan International. Kamarnya juga bagus dan bersih. Kalo mau kamar non-smoking musti pesen. Breakfastnya mantap. Hotelnya sebrangnya Palembang Icon.

Reyki Yudho Husodo (08/09/2016 23:11)
Great atmosphere, great service, the best hotel IMO

marta kurniawan (26/01/2016 07:13)
Desain interior mantap. Pelayanan bagus. Makanan standar hotel tidak ada yg sangat istimewa. Beberapa kamar dipojokan lantai 7 berisik karena getaran instalasi diatasnya, cukup mengganggu.

Bischof Marc (02/01/2016 19:20)
Very nice hotel. Clean and good food.

Amrifan S. Mohruni (09/12/2015 17:23)
Very comfortable hotel and best taste for culliner

Jeffry Iskandar (16/11/2015 19:33)
Puas banget nginep sini, kamar bagus rapi dan tenang, suasana enak, breakfast oke, harga masuk akal, pelayanan ramah

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