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Duta Mall Banjarmasin

Banjar, Kalimantan Selatan
Alamat: Jl. A. Yani No.98, Melayu, Kec. Banjarmasin Tengah, Kota Banjarmasin, Kalimantan Selatan 70232, Indonesia
Rating: 2.00
Telp: +62 511 3278888
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Komentar :

Reynaldo Lourensius (09/07/2020 14:36)
Welll they do keep physical distancing policies just... make sure u don't broke that policies urself lolololol

Cerulean Color (13/06/2020 10:11)
Not as complete as ordinary mall, expensive park also

Hendrawan The Traveller (19/03/2020 05:40)
One of the favourite mall we have. Many nice food here. Including here attached, the cakes that Ingot from.this building

Uzair Hyder (14/03/2020 09:43)
Grand Mall for Banjarmasin . Truly impressive and great variety for Shopping and Dining.
Parking place needs to be renovated.

HeyJustJosh (14/02/2020 10:39)
It is a good place to hang out, giving it a consideration being not in a very major city where you can get maximum convenience and comfort, still, there's no better mall than Duta Mall in town.

Sari Hastuti (04/02/2020 04:09)
On one side i feel proud that my city has this mall, but on another side I just feel little bit bitter that some of tradisional markets are not as crowded as before...

Hengki Dwiyan Hermawan (22/01/2020 03:58)
The biggest mall in Banjarmasin. There are a lot of stores to visit. Sometimes, you need extra time to park your car. If it is a weekend, it would be a lot better to use an online vehicle service.

Daniel (05/01/2020 01:48)
great place to spend weekend with family if you are family in modern, like to do shopping, playing arcade game, watch movies, and they also have restaurants food with a lot of variations, you won't regret it

Bintang Purwanda (24/11/2019 13:15)
Comfortable shopping mall. For muslim visitors, the developer has just added new prayer rooms which are quite good (minus: stinky wet carpet in the entrance of the prayer room, hopefully they can maintain this issue soon).

Risyad K Pradana (06/10/2019 05:47)
The one and only shopping center at banjarmasin

sukhoi pakfa (10/09/2019 05:06)
this is amazing ... a great place to meet all your family's needs, you can find anything here, you shop very satisfied, and this place is also fun to spend a vacation as a family, as well as a cool hangout for young people hanging out .. This is the biggest entertainment place in the city of Banjarmasin

Iman Rianda (06/09/2019 07:02)
Is a good mall, but i really wish we have another choice lol

Marlita Putri Ekasari (14/08/2019 02:44)
Lots of Banjarmasin people went there. I found restaurant that offered some discounts. Supermarket also provided lots of groceries and things with competitive price

Julius Henry (08/08/2019 13:31)
One and only mall in Banjarmasin(for now). Mercure hotel is also in this mall complex. This mall keep exanding, and now has Transmart and new section. Difficult to find parking slot, especially on weekends.

yeho timisela (13/05/2018 03:45)
Mall utk weekend getaway nie...mantaap

NINETEEN MY AGE (12/05/2018 04:37)
Lack of parkings... Seem like a central market at the ground level.. and only one access point.. and connect with Mercure hotel.. makes it very easy to get jammed..

Halimatus Sa'adiyah (05/05/2018 02:01)
It's good as a mall, of course. But there's this one little food chain in front of the elevator that is in front of food court called Little Taipei, the food and the price are nice. 10/10 would recommend.

Eka Noresda (30/04/2018 09:42)
The biggest mall in south borneo so don't be suprise if you hard to find empty space at parking lot.

Nomi Devi Yanti (15/04/2018 03:16)
Modern life shopping available here. The only awesome and modern place that i found while in banjarmasin.

indrsrswt (07/04/2018 02:38)
One and only mall di Banjarmasin :'). So far so good lah.

Lili Ferry (06/04/2018 10:04)
Susah cari parkir mobil pas weekend, mesti ambil vip.

Asa Shafar (06/04/2018 00:07)
One and only mall in Banjarmasin. But it is so crowded at weekend. And the traffic jam it caused around the street.

Rambu Jalan (30/03/2018 11:46)
probably the most "modern" shopping mall in the city.
there are cinema 21, restaurants and book store inside the mall. people come to do groceries shopping at hypermart, hang out on cafes and watch movies. and will be quite jammed packed during weekends or close to lebaran holiday.
some of the area inside the mall was quite quiet as it was located on the corner side and seems nothing to attract people to walk thru that area.
during the visit, seems that they are expanding the mall area by building new cafe or restaurant area adjacent the main mall building.
next to the mall there is mercure hotel which actually connected to each other.

Ecen Gon (03/03/2018 16:40)
Memory bangettt...!!! Good place to visit.. Ane bilang washing eye... Wkwkwkwkwkwk

Matt Lee (18/11/2017 10:24)
Big mall. Lots of shops. Decent restaurants.

I Made Krishna D. (10/11/2017 13:13)
It has a lot of goods that we need, good service, great environment, but the parking place is so narrow

Yohanes Wimpy (06/11/2017 00:38)
I like Duta Mall Banjarmasin. Despite its almost hidden entrance and escalators / travelators, the overall layout interest me in some ways.

Lingga Ery Susanto (24/10/2017 09:39)
Poor parking lot management, lack of enterntainment and child friendly tennants, movie theater's ticket a little overpriced

Tisha Wildayanti (24/10/2017 01:29)
Quite nice with average facilities. Unfortunately you have to pay for the public toilet.

Muhammad Fazriannur (20/08/2017 02:24)
It's a great place, until you saw some alay teenage 😑

Fachriansyah Fachruddin (19/08/2017 06:34)
- XXI Cinema
- Hypermart supermarket
- Gramedia bookstore
- Matahari department store
- Pizza Hut
- A&W
- Starbucks
- Dunkin Donut
And many more...

Yudha Erlangga (29/07/2017 16:43)
JULY 2017:

The only mall in Banjarmasin. While mall popularity in Java is decreasing, this is not the case here in South Borneo.

Almost everyday Duta Mall (DM) is fully occupied.

That says a lot because we have only one 21Cineplex here. And with another building added with big franchise like Starbucks opened there.

I think this mall will still monopolies as the place with most fulfilling entertainment for Banjarese.

Eric Pratama (08/07/2017 06:55)
You have a little choice on mall in banjarmasin, and duta mall is the only biggest mall for now (july 2017)

Jessica Roberta Devina (02/07/2017 13:22)
Main hall kalau ada acara, terlalu menggema. Untuk kebersihan good. Untuk keamanan di lokasi parkir, dengan sering hilangnya helmet, akan lebih baik jika keamanan dapat lebih ditingkatkan

Sondang Eva (01/07/2017 17:33)
Nice place to shop. I shop lots clothes here

bagus suria winata (15/06/2017 17:00)
The largest and most comprehensive mall in the banjarmasin, access area is very easy

cndyard (27/04/2017 01:46)
One and only one stop shopping mall in Banjarmasin. Many food court and restaurants. Cinema, clothing store and many more

Yana Pahala (23/04/2017 09:19)
The only mall in Banjarmasin - West Borneo, also you can enjoy Mercure Hotel within the mall.

Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemubwem ossas (07/04/2017 10:24)
Nice, i was come here 2 months ago, the mall was good. Greetings from South Africa.

Riyad Filza (28/03/2017 09:53)
The only mall in the town. It's a nice place. But the parking lots is terrible.

Jonh Pry (18/02/2017 11:06)
The place that you can get many think.. Place for Relaxing.. Place for hang out.. and many more.. ^_^ ...

Amanda Debbie Claudia (08/02/2017 05:17)
Not bad at all, but sadly I can't found starbucks here

Yudi Anto (25/01/2017 02:32)
The one and only big mall with cinema at Banjarmasin. The visitors at the weekend and long holiday are crowded and the park cost is expensive.

Dony F (25/12/2016 12:59)
Never ending project. This will be the biggest shopping mall at Kal Sel

Nick Nagata (06/12/2016 06:06)
The best mall in banjarmasin!! Since its the only mall

rahman haja (13/09/2016 01:51)
Lumayan lah

Jevenes Zerri Sulai (22/08/2016 07:49)
1.1 ny mall d bjm

just bajoe (11/08/2016 15:11)
Bnjr bgt

KenGeeky (20/07/2016 03:29)
Kaya pasar, jelek

krido wahono (19/06/2016 06:59)
the only and the biggest mall in banjarmasin city or in South borneo province

Red Droid (15/06/2016 23:13)
Hmmm love the game center

Aldo Gunawan (30/05/2016 13:36)
The only mall in Banjarmasin,so others can't even compare this place to others.. This mall sucks compared to malls in surabaya..

Santosa Eko Prabowo (23/04/2016 12:19)
Semput,kurang ramai

Indra Setiawan (24/03/2016 07:05)
Pelayananya jelek
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