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Zuna Yoga Bali

Bangli, Bali
Alamat: Jl. Raya Laplapan, Pejeng Kawan, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80552, Indonesia
Rating: 5.00
Telp: +62 859-6596-6027

Komentar :

Daniel Novoa (14/05/2018 17:50)
It is difficult for me to briefly summarize my training experience; it was truly life changing. Zuna Yoga not only prepared me to teach masterfully, but also provided me with the tools to live powerfully. The Zuna method is founded on the balance between ancient traditions, and all of their modern implications for self-discovery and acknowledging inner-power. I would recommend this program to anyone who is seeking to gain a holistic understanding of yoga, and a deeper understanding of self.

Adrian Arm (14/05/2018 05:13)
The Zuna Yoga Teacher Training has exceeded my expectations. The first-class teachers succeed in teaching yoga in its holistic form. In addition, the traditional methods are accompanied by findings from modern science, which enables a better understanding of yoga. It is also part of the training how yoga can be brought into harmony with a modern lifestyle and lived. And of course you learn in an exciting way how to design and teach lessons.

Safiya Bouhouch (04/05/2018 02:47)
I left Bali feeling like I had a new family and support group, all the teachers at Zuna Yoga wonderful. The material they taught was useful for not only becoming a yoga instructor, but for my own personal growth and yoga practice as well. I would definitely recommend for anyone who wants to learn about yoga as more than just a physical practice.

Alex Pfeiffer (05/04/2018 02:13)
I've taken a lot of yoga trainings. When it comes to understanding how Traditional Hatha Yoga works, Zuna Yoga is a rare form of legit. If you want to understand Tantra and Traditional Hatha Yoga, this is exactly the training you want.

Sarah Hanagarth (13/12/2017 20:12)
My teacher training with Zuna taught me so much - about yoga, its philosophy, how to practice and teach it in order to experience its most profound effects - but also about myself. There was so much to digest in the months that followed, the training was an intense and special few weeks of my life. I can only recommend taking a few weeks away from daily life to focus exclusively on this training - the results might surprise you too!
Zuna offers a truly rigorous program for yogis with high expectations, and the company delivers what it promises. Post training I am still made to feel part of the Zuna community and I really look forward to joining Zuna again sometime in the future, either for a retreat or further training.

Natalie Pompe (13/12/2017 12:03)
Zuna Yoga's teacher training goes beyond all reasonable expectations. I feel incredibly blessed to have been able to being part of their training which now means also being part of a big teacher community that spreads the science, wisdom and practice of yoga in all forms across the globe. Their education touches upon all aspects of yoga and guides you as a participant to experience the benefits and effects of yoga on a deeper level. Zuna Yoga provides a safe space, professional and compassionate guidance and a loving community to develop on the yogi journey. They have composed a training that lets you experience the effects of yoga and meditation in order to be able to teach it to others from a place of authenticity, knowledge and compassion. I went to their teacher training two years ago after graduating from leading Universities with two excellent Master of Laws. This year I have been employed by Harvard Law School's most innovative think tank and I can still very honestly say that Zuna Yoga's teacher training is the best education I have been able to taken part in. And, I believe it is what we need to teach to everyone. This is the reason I am not only teaching Zuna Yoga's method myself but I am creating my own start-up business that will further spread the yogic wisdom and empowering and healing benefits. I thank Zuna Yoga for all wisdom passed to me and I am looking forward to return to the advanced teacher training and their retreats. I also congratulate everyone who decides to apply for Zuna Yoga's teacher training.

Jillian sharp (04/12/2017 17:14)
Zuna Yoga is so much more than a teacher training. Their programs will challenge you in the most beautiful ways and you will grow in ways you never thought possible. Katherine, Everett and Anna and the beautiful assistants they choose are people will help you to look at your practice with an awareness that will spread through every nook of your life. You will come away from these trainings not only with the tools to become a knowledgeable yoga teacher but you will walk away with the tools to embody yoga and what that means in life.

Melinda Davala Sarkis (25/11/2017 02:48)
I cannot say enough about Zuna Yoga, the facilities, the curriculum, the staff, their teachers and their teachings. All exceptional. Whether you are looking to become a certified yoga instructor or you are on a spiritual path, the lessons learned at Zuna can be applied to all aspects of your life. The teachers are educated, knowledgeable, trustworthy, spiritual, caring and most of all authentic. Zuna Yoga exceeded any expectations that I had and I feel fortunate to be trained by them and am now grateful to be a part of the Zuna Tribe. You would be doing yourself a favor to book a retreat or teacher training with Zuna.

Benedicte Alice Hertwig (09/11/2017 16:10)
Zuna Yoga is in my opinion the best YTT out there. The location, the teachers, the program, the philosophy, everything is top quality and so thought through. I did my 200 h and then I decided to come back and do my 300 h with them, I will never regret that, it’s one of the best investments in my future I’ve made. I am proud to keep on being a Zuna yogi and deepen my knowledge based on the methodology. Can highly recommend to any serious yogi that wishes to deepen their practice, learn more yoga philosophy, learn more about themselves, transform and become a yoga teacher of course.

Franzy (01/11/2017 02:56)
The Zuna Yoga teacher trainings (200 and 300hrs) are held in an amazing venue with beautiful bungalows, nice pool and a spacey and airy Shala next to a jungle valley. Surrounded by sounds of nature you can better connect to yourself and also to other beautiful souls that are sharing this magical journey with you.

Tina Louise (23/10/2017 08:15)
If you want a training that delves into the history of yoga, focuses on correct alignment and the science of anatomy, as well as getting the deepest philosophical experience, then Zuna Yoga is the first place to consider!

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