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Wira Rental Mobil Bali

Bangli, Bali
Alamat: Jl. Gn. Agung No.4, Kelod Kangin, Kec. Klungkung, Kabupaten Klungkung, Bali 80716, Indonesia
Rating: 4.90
Telp: +62 822-4714-8222
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Komentar :

badrul hisham mohamad (19/04/2018 00:36)
Good service, polite driver and efficient. No hanky panky. Recomended !!

Karina Andini (14/02/2018 04:05)
Reccomended tour agent. Driver is punctual and polite. He knows about most of our destinations are and the best route to avoid the crazy traffic in Bali these days. Car was clean and in good condition.

JH Setiawan (06/01/2018 08:56)
Very recommended tour and travel agent. We have great experiences. Thank you Ibu Made and Bli Wayan Rudy

Nathalie Christiansen (28/12/2017 00:37)
Quick response and excellent driver. Would recommend it to family and friends!

Olivia Rusly (12/08/2017 14:04)
Thank you Wira travel. This is our 2nd times we used them. As usual the services are great. This time we had Pak Komang Darmayasa as our driver. I highly recommended him. He is really polite friendly reliable and knows every good spots and places to find delicious foods. Also he is really good with kids and always accommodate our requests. Thanks again Wira and will definitely back again sometimes in the near future.

Serenata Kedang (01/06/2017 05:59)
Wira Tour is so amazing. I went there just with my mom and we got Sir Komang Sukadanayasa as our driver. We took 4D3N Bali Tour. The tour took us in such great places (for the lunch and dinner) and the driver was patient and friendly. So recommended!

Andri Rinaldy (21/08/2017 07:16)
I had a good experience with wira rental. Thank you to Mr. Komang, the driver who kindly served us

Melina Fitri (18/07/2017 03:37)
Fast Respone reservation.. Excellent driver's hospitality..... Recomended for exploring Bali...

Pauline W (21/06/2017 13:24)
It was a pleasant holiday with Wira rental and Mr. Kadek Sunartha as the driver. The car was clean, of course not after a long day strolling beaches. Sorry for the sandy mess and loud kids. Kids love Mr. Kadek as he was really friendly. And I can say he loves travelling too, because he didnt mind walking through hundreds of stairs going down and going up was like an eternity just to see another beach in Bali. I was crawling literally. It was worth it. It was the best beach I've seen so far in Bali. Barely no one there and it was surprisingly clean. I wont tell which beach ;)
So I guess when we get back to Bali next year, we will definitely use Wira rental and Mr. Kadek as the driver because for me it's important that we feel happy and the driver who takes us is also enjoying the trip.
Thanks a lot Mr. Kadek. Btw my little one still humming your playlist. :D
For everyone going to enjoy Bali's beaches please help make Bali clean again. See trash on the beach, pick it up. Dont be ignorant.


Vonny Dj (16/06/2017 03:15)
We have a good experience with Wira Rental. Fast response for both email and Whatsapp. Thanks to our driver, Bli Kadek who was very accommodating to our requests and made our trip very pleasant.

Valentina Maria (07/06/2017 01:16)
Nice service! The driver is really friendly and helpful,he also told us many stories about Bali :) Thank you Bli Komang.For the reservation staff,she is so helpful and gave us fast respond.
Thank you Wira Rental Mobil,really recommended!

maria fandau (01/06/2017 04:26)
very recommended car rental in Bali. the car was clean and Bli Gede Suarjana as our driver was so kind and polite. he also gave us some recommended place to visit in Bali. overall i had a good experience with Wira Rental.

Rini Lestari (28/04/2017 09:46)
Sangat memuaskan pelayanan dari Wira...Saya, Suami & 3 putra putri memesan paket tour 4 hari tgl 24 - 27 April 2017 di Bali , dg tujuan tour yg bisa kita atur sendiri juga.
Dari mulai pemesanan respon yang cepat dr bu Elly & Driver Komang Yogik Santosa dg pelayanan yg ramah, on time, bisa memberikan info yg terbaik shg semua tempat wisata yg akan kami tuju bisa didatangi. Tdk ada kendala ataupun sesuatu yg tdk berkenan selama pelayanan dr Wira.
Terimakasih Wira...semoga semakin sukses

suci respati (26/04/2017 07:51)
Kami order sewa mobil untuk liburan keluarga via WA dengan operator Bu Elly yang komunikatif dan melayani semua pertanyaan yang kami ajukan. Kami sewa mobil selama 2 hari (24-25 April) ditemani driver Pak Nengah Abiyasa yang sangat baik, sopan dan memberikan informasi yang kami butuhkan, anak kami enjoy selama di perjalanan. Mobil dan driver tiba tepat waktu di tempat penjemputan dan stand by di dekat pintu keluar tempat wisata sehingga kami tidak sulit untuk mencari. Terima kasih Wira Rental Mobil Bali....moga makin sukses

annie xu (07/02/2017 07:04)
Respon untuk reservasi dan jadwal sangat cepat,terimakasih mbak elly yg sabar menjawab pertanyaan saya...drivernya pak komang sangat sabar dan ramah...sangat puas terhadap pelayanan wira rental mobil bali tour,next ke bali lagi pasti pakai wira lagi...sukses selalu

ayu kusuma (07/02/2017 06:34)
Terima kasih untuk wira travel dan khusus nya untuk driver nya pak komang yang sudah menemani kami selama di bali.... Beliau sangat ramah,sabar dan baik sehingga membuat liburan romantis kami berjalan nyaris sempurna. Recommeded banget pokok nya. Next time pasti pake wira travel kembali. Sukses buat pak komang dan wira travel. See you next time....

강신은 (19/11/2016 07:27)
This is Sydney from Singapore(Korean).
Nengah was my driver for three days in Bali!
We had such a good time with him😊
He is very nice and good person as driver and guide!

He said my family is the first foreign customer for him. But he gave us professional and great service during our first trip in bali.

We will introduce him to our friends next time! And I will contact him again for my next trip:)

He is 10 out of 10 points!

Windrawan Christianto (12/10/2016 09:37)
Hi, my is Windrawan. My family and I had a great experience with Wira Rental. We used their service on October 10 - 11. Our driver Mr. Komang, was very nice, on time and courteous. Every time we drives to the destinations his making sure we all comfortable and never drives abruptly like I experienced with other rental before. On the management side, ibu made and elly made our change request easy and smoothly. Will definitely use their service again in the future. Thank you.

Dasterku Online (29/07/2016 10:35)
Bli Kadek 5 Star, really helpful and accommodating driver and guide. Thank you for good 4 days adventure in Bali bli Kadek :)
Bli Wayan, please take pura Besakih off the itinerary as it wasn't worth the long drive and got hassled by the local guides there. Also the extra charge of 500 ribu rupiah for my daughter isn't necessary really as she's Indonesian citizen. Tissue, first aid kit and small rubbish bin in the car would be nice too. Bottle of water for each of us was really nice and appreciated gesture, thank you.

Yogi Victor (21/09/2016 07:48)
Waktu itu tgl 16 September 2016 kami ikut paket Dreamland Tour..Driver nya mas komang ramah sekali..mobil wangi,bersih,nyaman..pokoknya memuaskan dan gag nyesel ikut tour bareng wira rental mobil..Mantap!

Gemala Putri (03/08/2016 07:25)
Good car condition, good driver. Saya dijemput oleh pak Putu. Beliau sabar banget.👍

michelle boez (21/06/2016 07:22)
Memuaskan. Sopirnya baik sopan dan tepat waktu.

Very good service! Well done

Marini Zhang (21/06/2016 06:47)
Terima kasih kepada Wira Rental Mobil khususnya kepada Bli Wayan yang telah memberikan pelayanan yang baik kepada kami dimulai dari proses penjemputan di airport , dan perjalanan selama berada di Bali. Informasi yang diberikan oleh Bli Wayan sangat membantu kami . Sangat direkomendasi kepada siapapun yang ingin berlibur ke Bali, paket yang ditawarkan pun bervariatif dan terjangkau. Saya puas memakai jasa Wira Rental Mobil.

Nancy Sita (16/05/2016 08:06)
Wira travel Service nya memuaskan mulai dr penjemputan sampai pengantaran kembali ke airport. Sopir bli kadek sgt cepat responnya saat ditelpon. Inisiatif. Ringan tangan dan ramah. Mobilnya pun bersih. Saya akan rekomen ke teman2 saya.

Noor Mia Nuansa (01/05/2016 11:19)
Terima kasih Wira Tour sudah memberikan pelayanan terbaik untuk keluarga saya
Pak putu(supir) baik, ramah, dan tidak ugal ugalan
Selama di bali saya dan keluarga sewa mobil elf 14seat dengan harga yg terjangkau
Kalau ke bali lagi yg pertama kali saya pasti booking Wira Tour..

sulaiman zuhdi (19/03/2016 13:39)
thanks wira rental mobil dan bli ketut atas pelayanannya selama saya dan istri dibali. bli ketut yg ramah dan selalu on time menjadikan liburan kami sangat menyenangkan. pokoknya the best lah ini

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