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The Yoga Barn

Bangli, Bali
Alamat: Jalan Raya Pengosekan, Ubud, Gianyar, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia
Rating: 4.10
Telp: +62 361 971236
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Tuesday: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Wednesday: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Thursday: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Friday: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Saturday: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Sunday: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Komentar :

Ronan Garrison (15/05/2018 09:57)
If you’re looking for some classic yoga, this is a good spot. It is not too expensive, roughly 150k. The yoga teachers are wonderful. They are not Balinese though. This place is like a pig yoga theme park. It is massive. Many different studios and the classes are very big (50 people). If you are going be sure to put on lots of bug spray or you’ll get eaten alive (I got 30 bites), and this will ruin your yoga experience. They have natural bug spray there. No need to bring a mat as they provide mats too.

Mark Chaves (22/04/2018 13:51)
The Yoga Barn* (the one and only)

Where there was darkness now there is light. The Yoga Barn was born in 2004 from humble beginnings. It started as a community space in response to the 2002 Bali bombings. The Yoga Barn provides world-class yoga and holistic services. It is arguably the most famous and influential yoga studio in Bali.

There is something for just about everyone at the Yoga Barn. There are impressive six studios with the largest studio, perhaps in all Bali, accommodating up to 80 practitioners.

Scott Mitchelmore (27/03/2018 21:45)
Such a beautiful location in the world to practice yoga! Its very accessible don't be afraid of the yoga here being too advanced for you. A range of daily classes to suit all levels, experience and yoga intensities. Set amongst beautiful lush gardens dotted with stone sculptures. The more classes you purchase upfront the better the value. Mats are supplied if you don't have your own with you in Ubud. A high quality juice bar, restaurant and other wellness services also on site.

Vivian Galinari (14/03/2018 14:24)
I’ve had a yoga sessions and a full day workshop with the brilliant teacher Nadine McNeil and can’t recommend enough. She was vibrant and I got so much value it of it. The dance session on Friday night was amazing too! Had so much fun!

Rita Gupta (24/02/2018 08:02)
Setting, facilities, variety of classes and shear number of classes daily - all amazing. I attended 3 different classes and found the instructors to be average though. Research the instructors before you attend a class. Also the jump from the intermediate level classes to the advanced level classes is too much of a jump. They need something in between. The advanced class seemed to be mainly full of instructors or teachers-in-training.

Michaela Lloyd (24/01/2018 10:19)
The perfect hot spot for any yoga lover with professional and experience yoga instructors from around the world and a wide range of classes giving you a feel for a variety of styles. The place is very beautiful and peaceful with multiple yoga studios, showers, bathrooms, spa, restaurant and juice bar. The prices are very good for what is being offered as one class is 120k and 5 is 500k. They also offer community yoga which is free to the public to enjoy. There is simply nothing like it.

Hui Ying Chin (22/01/2018 07:58)
We were interested to check out the ecstatic dance at 11am on Sundays. A yogi told us about it. Went to the front desk at 10am as advised by the website. They sent us to the lowest floor where there's another front desk to get a number and tickets. Tickets were already given out and finished by 9.20am. They should have communicated to the upstairs staff or put a sign out so visitors don't have to make a wasted trip going up three flights of steps. I'm sure they are good with such a great reputation but honestly, they need to learn the spirit of customer service and attitude. It left a bad taste and impression on me for this yogic community. Imho, the movement is supposed to be inclusive and welcoming. Not exclusive and snobbish.

John Richter (04/11/2017 04:51)
Best Yoga studio around Ubud but never go to a class power yoga by Denise. I am an advanced yoga teacher, and I was shocked by her class. There was no theme, not even a sequence. Just one apex pose after the other. Denise didn't make sure that the body's were prepared for the poses and didn't make sure that the students get save into the asanas. dangerous!
A wonderful teacher is bex. She always has a theme, a good sequence and makes sure that every student gets save into the poses.

Louis Chen (25/10/2017 07:38)
Superb environment. Best yoga facility. Could be better with more maintaining in the room. Currently under renovation.

Wayne Parrish (15/10/2017 01:34)
I visited here with a friend. I am not into Yoga but if you are I am sure you will like this place. Many programs are offered. Yoga products are for sale but they seemed a little pricey to me. We got a cold drink but I had a hard time finding something on their menu that I wanted. Be prepared to walk up and down some steep steps. If you are into Yoga be sure to check out this place.

Valeria Murabito (11/10/2017 12:39)
Massive studio with big big classes, all pretty much advanced even when they claim they are level 1.
If you are a beginner or you want to have a teacher checking your poses, it might not be for you. Try Radiantly Alive - much nicer environment and teachers - or Ubud Yoga House - beautiful setting and loveIy atmosphere. If instead you are a yogi and like showing off then Yoga Barn is the perfect space for you ;)

Holly Wilkinson (08/09/2017 01:15)
Lived up to the expectation. We had an incredible vinyasa class, catering for many levels, though they allowed too many beginners into a level 2 class. Also quite crammed with very little space. However the teacher was fantastic and the space and location is beautiful.

Megan Bezuidenhout (04/09/2017 08:36)
I tried a few classs at Yoga Barn, all were amazing! The classes are big but there is a wonderful, peaceful atmosphere that makes it feel intimate. Just rock up 15 minutes before class, pay and head into the studio that you're directed to.

aviv zad (26/08/2017 02:39)
All day long yoga and meditation classes with great teachers!
Big variaty of classes, the place is beautiful- small heaven in the middle of the town!
you can sit in the great restaurant or have a drink at the juice bar ..
In the menu there are big variaty of healthy food for all kind of diets :-)

Karie Fugett (19/08/2017 02:36)
Affordable if you buy a package of 10+ classes. Best variety of classes I've been able to find in the area. Beautiful setting. Quality teachers.

Jennifer Chen (04/07/2017 13:28)
Wow this place is an institution! For less than 10usd a class in the middle of the forest, what more could you ask for?!? All props including mats are provided but you should bring your own sweat towel! Really enjoyed the vinyasa flow class. Since there are so many people, not a lot of individual attention so not sure how true beginners would feel, but if you're comfortable with verbal cues, the yoga is top notch. Poses were held long enough to get a good stretch whilst still flowing through the movements. Definitely worth a try in ubud!

Sonja Legenstein (28/05/2017 04:49)
Yoga barn is probably the best yoga studio I've ever been to. The studios are in a beautiful garden and surrounded by nature. I tried several classes (vinyasa, yin, gong bath, sound medicine) and all of them were amazing. Great teachers, fantastic vibe.

Hyejin Song (24/05/2017 14:42)
I've been really enjoying breathing / sound meditation classes. Sound Medicine class with Shervin was fantastic! His team has so many interesting instruments. I felt l was in a beautiful concert and the music healed me.

Maximilian Rühle (09/05/2017 02:50)
A nice community of yogis. Every hour classes from morning till evening.
Very nice atmosphere and good teachers.
Yes classes are big but it doesn't feel full.
For more experienced yogis it might get a bit boring after a while as classes are mostly made for beginners. Turn around of people is fast.

Dave Currie (27/04/2017 02:36)
I have just spent 3 weeks attending a wide range of classes at The Yoga Barn, it has been a life changing experience. The environment is calm and relaxing, teachers are passionate and authentic, messages are given with love and I enjoyed the energy of large classes

RE March (16/03/2017 11:57)
The Yoga Factory! Be prepared for class sizes ranging from 45 to 60 people at the Yoga Barn. It's worth checking out, but if you are lacking a man bun, tribal tattoo, and/or nose piercing this might not be the best studio for you. I did have a great class with an instructor named Emily.

I also walked out of one of the worst classes I've ever been. I've only been practicing for 3 years and have NEVER walked out of a class before. AVOID Wayan Marcus, unless you want an unsafe class that lacked any flow. Had people doing head and hand stands with proper instruction or prep.

MARJORIE Mazzutti (01/03/2017 05:25)
Even if you don't practice yoga, this place is great to drop by, meet interesting and peaceful people, and one of the best foods in Ubud.
They have a free community class every week, it's a bit crowed but it's worthy if you don't want to pay for any of the other hundreds of classes they display.
And they have a restaurant of organic, veggie and raw food that it's fantastic! One of the best foods I had while in Ubud. A little bit tricky to find the place if you don't know where it is because they only have a small sign on the street, but if in trouble, just ask for someone and they will tell you where it is.

Angela Krieger (08/02/2017 12:38)
Great studio in Central Ubud! The variety of classes is amazing! From Yin to Power Yoga and Tibetan Bowl Meditation. The classes are pricey and the cafe is overpriced but the juices are yummy!

Amanda Kingsmith (08/02/2017 06:23)
I love this yoga studio! Great classes and such an awesome variety of them daily. Memberships are pricey, but other than that I have no complaints.

Carrie Jordan (25/01/2017 18:04)
Beautiful studios here, and very well-run. The teachers are top-notch. Ecstatic dance is so much fun. The cafe is overpriced but has some great dishes.

MadeBy VR (11/01/2017 13:21)
Nice place and nice ambience. Classes can be pricey and the restaurant as well but the food and shakes are delicious and refreshing. The yoga class was good but difficult to hear the instructor and they do fill up

SP Wareing (27/12/2016 23:33)
Took 3 different styles of class here, some very busy some not. Although we tended to go at the same times so can't comment on morning or afternoon classes. The prepaid class options (3,5,10 etc) really bring the cost of the class down.
Thoroughly recommended.

Matthew Hughes (19/09/2016 10:58)
Visited over 2 years ago but I still think about this place often. The most relaxed time I ever had in my life was here. Can't wait to come back

kmartina5 (16/09/2016 05:12)
This review relates to the yoga classes.

If a good yoga instructor is what you are interested in then this is the place to be. I practiced under 3 great instructors. I suggest to try a class with Denise, I did an amazing yin session with a focus on fascia- Unforgettable. I also did a good yin and meditation class with Emily. She started with a small interview exercise which was new to me. I found that it opened me up emotionally during practice. Always nice to make a short connection with another person whilst practicing yoga.

The rooms are large and ample but beware that yoga barn is usually very crowded and it has that large chain studio feel. I suppose this gives yogis more access to a variety of classes and instructors so no complaints from here. Maybe next time I'll try staying there, we shall see.

jessica lohanda (22/08/2016 12:58)
Serene with breezy air, greens, and great earthy style architecture. Has numerous yoga & meditation classes even on the weekends. Yummy vegetarian food. Super comfy guesthouse room.

Dorothy Ooko (12/08/2016 05:55)
Rooms are nicely done and cosy. However service is poor. Apparently the guest house and the yoga barn and Garden Kafe are under different managements; so service is not seamless as you would expect when staying at the guest house.They pack the yoga classes and you're like sardines in there with one instructor. The only great thing going here is the Garden Kafe. The breakfasts were amazing as were all the other meals we had here.

Rasmus Kahl Olsen (27/07/2016 12:38)
This is based on their Garden Cafe - not the hotel or the yoga classes!

My girlfriend and I visited the cafe twice, while staying in Ubud (3 days). The food in the garden cafe is really fresh and healthy. We enjoyed some spring rolls, and some of their fantastic salads. Something we highly recommend for a healthy, not-too-heavy lunch.

Unfortunately, we didn't have the best of luck with their juices. They were ok, but they don't put ice in the juice. And in a very hot weather, hot juice isn't the best!

But a fantastic lunch place we really recommend

Rasmus & Rikke, Copenhagen, Denmark

Lex , Just Lex (22/06/2016 02:12)
I have been doing yoga for 6 years and have visited Bali for the first time where I've had the opportunity to train under Mumi, Eka & Tanya, which were all powerful & inspiring yoga Instructors.
However, Jana should research Kapalbhati :)

Deniz Dirim (21/06/2016 14:51)
The location is amazing but the yoga class was a joke. Give it a try but be ready to leave confused :)

Loïc BERTHOU (02/06/2016 04:04)
Beautiful space, we took a nice yoga class and had fun afterwards at our first ecstatic danse session!

Mary Aracena (15/05/2016 08:41)
Super impressive. We went there for a concert/event and had so much fun. They offer lots of classes. I hope to go back and take some next time.


Julie Trubkin (05/12/2015 18:17)
I was very much looking forward to practicing here as I'd heard so much about Yoga Barn, but the overall experience was fairly disappointing. The space is very nice and the class schedule looks promising, however, the calibre of teaching and the class experiences are incredibly inconsistent. Some teachers are awesome while others leave you wishing you could get a refund. I've never really felt that way in a yoga class before. Given the enormous quantity of studios to choose from in the area, I would not recommend Yoga Barn be high on your list to try.

Classes are often way too crowded, and while some front desk staff are lovely, a couple have a lot of attitude, are not helpful and make any exchange most unpleasant.

The restaurant is pretty good and makes for a good food stop.
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