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Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

Bangli, Bali
Alamat: Jl. Monkey Forest, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia
Rating: 4.50
Telp: +62 361 971304
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM
Tuesday: 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM
Wednesday: 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM
Thursday: 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM
Friday: 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM
Saturday: 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM
Sunday: 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Komentar :

Zo Lu (17/05/2018 01:42)
I really liked this place. It was my first time interacting with monkeys and I'll never forget it. BUT, I would not bring children here! I got bit by a monkey pretty bad. I googled if I should go to the doctor an discovered this is very common. I now have a scar on my arm. At least the monkeys are clean and I did not have any medical issues. Frankly, I knew what I was signing up for, and don't regret going. BUT for the love of God be careful with your kids. The clothing and items kids like will probably be appreciated by the monkeys as well. They will fight you for them.

Michael S (17/05/2018 00:27)
Not a bad place with cheap entry tickets. A lot of monkeys and some nice paths to follow. Be carefully with monkeys though. They can steal cloth or some small and loose items from you and run away with it. It will be hard to get it back if even possible. And they definitely do not like to be touched at least when they do not expect it. If it happens they become quite aggressive but go away if do not look at them and walk away from them. Also watch your kids on some paths especially the one that goes along a creek. The path is very narrow, a lot of people follow it in opposite directions and there is no fence to protect people from slipping on wet rocks and falling down.

Stacie DaPonte (15/05/2018 16:56)
My favorite excursion of my whole trip in Bali! The whole premises are beautiful! Our excellent driver accompanied us and showed us around. There is a beautiful temple on site. The monkeys are very friendly but mischievous. They will steal things left unattended so be careful with your belongings! There are signs regarding rules of conduct with the monkeys so please pay attention to them and DON'T LITTER! For those of you who are more sensitive to the sun this is a great spot because it is very lush and full of trees which provide plenty of shade.

Sifat Jamal Jisan (12/05/2018 03:04)
I love the beautiful setting of the forest and temple. It's a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. Be respectful of the guidelines and posted signs and you'll have a great time. Don't bring in any kinds of bags, don't put your hands in your pockets and don't try to touch the monkeys. If they came up to you and touch or crawl on to you, just stay calm and do not touch them back. The temple grounds are gorgeous. Remember this is a sacred sight.

BEKKI oh my travel (04/05/2018 20:31)
Best attraction in the world. I love my monkeys and this is the best zoo I have had the pleasure of visiting. To experience these monkeys roam around and interact with each other and my fellow holiday makers, is a dream for me. This tourist attraction, is a monkey lovers paradise but aside from the furry, long tailed residents, this forest is also a beautiful park that transforms a grown women on her honeymoon, into an excitable child, exploring the nooks and cranny's, paths and walkways, transitioning into her very own wonderland of jungle book creativity.
In my complete element, feeding the small monkey the bananas was my highlight, despite it being covered in monkey wee. If at all possible, I would quite happily pack up my bags and become a real life Mowgli.

Tom LaGree (29/04/2018 08:15)
Monkeys. What more do I need to say?

Let me state.. yes they can be aggressive. But if you are wearing anything that looks edible , don’t. Wear basic colors... bags fully zipped, hands never clenched in a fist as if you are concealing anything and you’re good to go.

We had one jump on us, let us check us out and it got bored and hopped off. We saw one rip baby wipes from some ladies polka dot bag and then 40 monkeys had a field day with them. Also.. water botttles.. don’t show them. They know how to unscrew the caps and go to town so they will go after them too. They are smart... we evolved from them. So if you use your upgraded brain power, this will be as enjoyable as it was for us.

The park offers gorgeous views and a plethora of monkeys doing monkey things. We spent hours here but you could easily do it in an hour if you were pressed for time.

Stephen Chin (16/04/2018 11:59)
The site has been upgraded to make it more accessible to visitors. There is a new visitors centre with ample parking. Toilets are available throughout the park. There is also a wooden walkway that provides a scenic route linking the main temple to the spring temple. The monkeys can be a little aggressive but there are ample signboards in different languages that teach visitors not to get into any monkey business.

Stanley Braganza (12/04/2018 15:49)
Well organised tourist attention. From a drivers perspective there is very straightforward parking and the parking fees are included in the ticket. Though it’s best to approach from gate 1 and not gate 3 as gate 3 have very limited parking. The forest itself was interesting in terms of what Bali is doing to help preserve the species of monkey, but there were a LOT of tourists. To be expected. We did get some serene moments in places within the conservation zone. Also, say hi to Nelson the blind monkey who has his own enclosure.

Nhung Tran (06/04/2018 00:44)
It’s was scary( lots of people trying to warning me about the monkeys) but it’s so much fun there 🐒
Actually some people think the Monkey go crazy then they are over reaction to it. That causes problem!
If you can don’t bring anything with you! Your belongings will catch there attention!
Be brave! Stay calm! Read the guidelines carefully and follow it( make sure sure you stay calm whatever happens)!
There are very helpful and attentive staffs in the forest to make sure you are safe so don’t worry!

S.JAYASELAN SUBRAMANIAN (05/04/2018 06:35)
It wasn't crowded. Maybe because we went on the week day. It was a hot day outside. But didn't feel the heat once we entered the park. It was mostly covered with canopies of trees. Well maintained. The monkeys seems to be not afraid of people so they tend to come closer if you offer them food. Good place to take pictures.

Meike Dorfner (02/04/2018 04:50)
Beautiful place directly in the jungle! the monkeys really try to steal everything but if you are careful nothing happens. sometimes they jump on your back to grab your backpack. take care! but on the other side you can easily pass them. the staff is nice too and can help you to get your stolen items back. entrance fee for adults is 50k which is very fair in my opinion!

Sarvesh Chandak (31/03/2018 11:22)
Very well maintain forest for monkey.
Keep all belongings careful like spec, hat and food material otherwise monkey take away from you.
Don't give any food to them. If possible please carry sweet corn for them and carry in your hand, please hold your arm upper side then monkey come on your head and eat corn easily. Don't scared at that time when monkey on your head.
Mainly monkey not do anything with general people, not hazard for people.

Chelsea Blodgett (25/03/2018 20:25)
This is such a magical and exciting place unlike any other! It was so beautiful and the monkeys are so entertaining and fun to watch. Not only do you get to experience them monkeying around but you get to interact and feed them as well. It was so much fun and an unforgettable experience. The workers were well trained at the monkeys responded well to their commands. The area was clean and so awesome to explore its beauty and greenery. I cannot wait to go back!

Cosmic Harmony (11/11/2017 02:06)
Monkey park is great because it's their real home! People here look after them and know some groups well. This is not a zoo and is really just their natural habitat. If you respect monkeys, don't touch them and don't look them directly in the eyes then they won't bother you. It's really what meeting animals should be like, when they are free and not caged up

Karl Royle (01/11/2017 03:03)
I wasn't sure how good this would be, but it was excellent. Really fun. Don't wear expensive gets get dirty as the monkeys climb on you. Bananas can be bought for 20/50 Rp or you can bring your own. They don't last long! There is no cruelty here and the centre is very well managed with lots of staff and no hard selling. Mornings seem to be quieter.

Frank S. Aaskov (31/10/2017 10:15)
Great place to go. Beautiful forest/jungle with ancient statues and wild monkeys. But be careful of having food or shiny things out, as the monkeys will try to grab them. I was bitten when I protected our house key which was in an outer, visible pocket, but the monkeys are regular checked and they do not have rabies. Would go again, but definitely not with babies or very small children.

Marie love (28/10/2017 21:38)
Lovely place to see the adorable monkeys; they can be quite naughty at times. Please secure belongs before going because they can easily snatch your belongs and run with it. I wish the place had a bit more to offer though.. although it's spacious I felt I was in and out quickly.

Amy Hainsworth (20/10/2017 13:45)
Yeah, I’m not sure about this place but it certainly wasn’t a “sanctuary”. It seemed more like a road side petting zoo where the well-being of the animals is an afterthought to the entrance fee. It seemed like people where more interested in seeing how close they could get to the monkeys than observing them as wild animals in their habitat. If this ever was a sanctuary, it is past its prime and and respect for the animals is long gone.

Linda Kovács (02/09/2017 08:44)
Loved this place. The 🐒 s really are just walking around you. Ask one of the keepers to help you get a monkey on your shoulder. This way it is safe and enjoyable. You can buy banana yourself, but then they may just jump on you and freak you out. If you sit down with some corn and the keeper calls the monkey the whole experience is much better. The walk in that little bit of a jungle is great, too. Put some mosquito repellent on and don't carry any food or drink. The monkeys will take them. Kid you not!

Giulia Greco (01/09/2017 00:41)
Very beautiful forest with several monkeys. I strongly recommend this attraction because of its peculiarity. A suggestion: beware the animals! They can be annoying sometimes, especially if you carry food in your bags. Always check your personal belongings: they can steal what's accessible for them, so just carry with you what's strictly necessary.
Apart from that, go exploring and have fun!

Katie Baker (20/08/2017 15:08)
If you like monkeys you have to go! Can buy bananas inside from 20,000. Hold them up and wait for a monkey with the camera ready they can be very quick! Don't be scared.. but don't touch. Beautiful place and lots to walk around. They will also take anything that could be of interest...!

Sarah Overton (13/08/2017 07:50)
Such a lovely place! It's quite fascinating to learn about the monkey tribes. There are 6 different tribes there, if you go early enough in the morning (around 8 or 9 am) you can witness feeding time. You will see the boss of the tribe eat as well as the other monkeys. They are so interesting! At first I was scared of them but the longer I spent the more comfortable I got. The staff there are super knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions you may have. Believe me, I asked a lot!

Trina Do (12/08/2017 12:58)
Had a lovely time here. The entrance fee was 50k a person and totally worth it. They sell bananas inside, small bunches for 20k, big bunches for 50k. You really have to put it away or hold on to the bunch well otherwise a monkey will steal the whole thing. They are very food motivated so most likely won't bother you if you don't have anything. Don't have any loose items on you otherwise they might steal it and it'll be impossible to get back because they are fast. I love how they are more in their 'natural' habitat, they have the choice to interact with humans or not.

Jarred Napier (02/07/2017 13:55)
While the monkey might be a bit terrifying at times the views in the forest are amazing and definitely something worth seeing. The monkeys are also cool and you can buy bananas to feed them if you want to hold one. IMPORTANT NOTE: if you feed a monkey get a person working there to help you they can be aggressive at times. Also NEVER leaving anything sitting on the ground or wear a hat/sunglasses on your head if you aren't willing to risk losing it. The monkeys will steal your things.

Avinav Seal (29/06/2017 00:18)
Nice place, definitely a must visit!
Please be careful as you will be in a free ranging monkey zone. If you are not comfortable with playing with monkeys then do not carry any food on you, or even some attractive things. Like shiny objects which attract attention. Do not make eye contact with the creatures.
The monkeys are not violent, and there are enough people there to take care of any do become violent.

shivesh ranjan (24/06/2017 17:31)
Green, damp, monkeys, temple, cremation site... Feels like a long lost ancient place. The monkeys often snatch sunglasses, bags and other things that tourists carry. so it is advised by forest staff to not carry them. Do carry a bottle of water as the monkey forest area is usually very humid (I visited during last week of January) and long walks can be exhausting. Vehicles are obviously not allowed inside. The Balinese Hindus consider the place to be sacred. The monkeys inside the forest can be very entertaining. You can see them engaging in all sorts of mischief. They may pose for a quick photo as well. But be careful, they may run away with your camera too. There is a very small shallow pool where monkeys come and SWIM. There is a market area outside the entrance, where you can find lots of handicrafts, hats, tees, shorts, flip flops, decorative collectibles.

Spaghetti Hair (08/06/2017 23:41)
Lovely place to take all the family. I find it fascinating to observe the behaviour of the monkeys and their interactions with each other. They do sometimes climb on you but only if you sit down next to them or encourage them to. Remember to either not take food and drinking or put it inside your bag thst is zipped up. Don't take plastic or paper carrier bags in with you as these will get stolen by the monkeys!

Kimmi T.O. (29/05/2017 07:50)
The monkeys are free! No cages here...they come and go as they please. They are not forced to "perform"... they entertain naturally just by being themselves! 🙈🙊🙉
So much better than any zoo!
The admission fees were extremely reasonable, around $5. The grounds are kept reasonably clean.
The monkeys are well fed, with ample sweet potatoes and bananas. If fact, some of them were chunky monkeys!
Saw one monkey move closer to a lady sitting on a bench. I thought the little monkey was going to do something naughty. He reached over for her hand. He just wanted to hold hands! Very adorable!!
Overall, a joyful experience. Never a dull moment walking through the Monkey Forest.

Jay Theis (28/04/2017 10:23)
Nice forest to visit and not too expensive. The monkeys are friendly and keep their distance, unless you have food. There are loads of monkeys around but pretty much all of them are where the food is. Dont expect to see many monkeys anywhere else. It's big enough to comfortably spend 30-60 minutes walking around.

Philippe Jeanty (18/04/2017 09:49)
This is a small forested area with beautiful old trees that provide a nice canopy. They also shade the place nicely. Hundreds of macaque monkeys roam around and the only unnatural part is they are fed potatoes by the park and bananas by the visitors. This of course allows unnatural density of animals which benefit the tourists as the animals are very close or even on the tourists! Yet there​ is still enough normal environment to get beautiful pictures. The park was very crowded the day we went but still enjoyable. For older folks like me the walk up from the canyon under 98F is a little strenuous and if you decide to skip it you will not miss anything.

Albrecht Ch. (25/03/2017 06:47)
What a lovely place!
Rph 50.000 p/p to go in which is totally worth it.
Great piece of jungle inhabited with cute monkeys.
They are curious and super friendly. They like bottled water and food, so either keep it out of sight or give it to them.
They won't be aggressive if you are nice.
You see a lot of scared people who make fast unpredictable movements and this makes the monkeys act defending. So if you get bitten, you must have deserved it ;)
If you are calm and sit with them the small ones will come and play with you.
The temple is nice.

Justin Donnelly (17/03/2017 01:59)
We arrived before they open at 8:30 and had a great visit. It's so much more enjoyable when there are less tourists wandering the area and the animals are being fed their morning food. Beautiful grounds that are maintained by local staff. Beautiful place for photos and to escape the city scene.

Miha PÅ¡enica (08/02/2017 13:31)
Very interesting and a must see! Monkeys sitting and walking around in a lovely forest temple. Monkeys don't care about tourists and all the photos. They only care if you carry some plastic bags or bottles that they'll try to steal. And if you want to feed them bananas that are sold on site. Two monkeys have bitten my friend, so it's a good thing that there's an emergency doctor at the entrance. Reserve at least 2 hours of your time.

Betty Brubach (08/02/2017 08:18)
The monkeys here are a huge hit! Buy bananas and try to give a monkey just one, but don't let them grab your bag of bananas. There are around 400 tame monkeys here and 85 under 4 months old, so cute. Thete are also 2 temples and beautiful trees and statues. Well worth a visit and be sure to bring your camera.

Tanner R (29/01/2017 22:10)
One of the better sites in Ubud area. Loads of monkeys from young to old. Had a good time watching them hang out, play, and harass tourists. You are able to buy food if you desire to feed the monkeys. Holding it up higher will likely result in a monkey on your back. This is also a possibility if you happen to be walking by them as well, though.

Make sure you've got an extra secure way to keep your bag closed. The monkeys tend to open your bag or run off with anything that is easily grabbed. Such as a small girls stuffed animal.. Definitely stop by if you're in the area.

Tiare Curtis (27/01/2017 09:39)
It's a fun experience to be surrounded by monkeys. We went in the afternoon and I think it would have been better in the morning so I would recommend that. The monkeys are everywhere but if you don't bother them they won't bother you. We didn't want monkeys crawling on us and had no issues avoiding that. If you do want monkeys to crawl on you you can buy bananas near the entrance for a pretty cheap price and then the monkeys will definitely come. Don't have anything loose or shiny out because they do like to grab things like that. It's a beautiful Forrest and was fun to see all the monkeys. I would recommend going.

Denisa Sanikova (16/01/2017 04:17)
Must visit in Ubud! The environmental looks amazing, you feel like in the middle of jungle. Monkeys are not scared of people at all and you may watch them from very close. You can see also very little babies. The young ones are happy to touch careful though as they are very good at quickly grabbing your bottles, food or even a bag. Overall, great experience

A Google User (28/09/2016 05:01)
Monkeys! Beautiful part of the forest with hundreds of playful and inquisitive monkeys. It's easy to watch them from a short distance without any hassle, or you can buy food from stalls to encourage them to interact with you. Don't forget mosquito repellant.

William Bielinski (06/06/2016 21:59)
Hide everything in the car before even approaching the front gates. We were accosted by a monkey before we could even read the signs. Stole water right out of our hand.

DO NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT. They will seriously grab your arm and bare their rather impressive fangs. Didn't bite or break the skin, but scared the heck out of us.

If feeding bananas, stay by the carts that sell them, the monkey only respect the people with sticks.

Cass Pinney (19/05/2016 23:50)
Rad place! Everything I heard it would be. Super cute & cheeky monkeys, old rainforest vibe, creepy statues. Only 4000IRP to get in! ($4) plus heaps of markets and yummy food nearby

nicolas piellard (17/05/2016 01:00)
So many monkeys !! From the chekky one to the sleepy one. The mother breasfeeding some young hairless little monkey too ...
the walk is very nice, a lot of shade that was appreciated, the brigde was amazing down, the banian trees also.
I think the entry was around 30000 per adult so 3AUD

Inderjeet Sahota (07/05/2016 21:29)
Beautiful jungle and, as expected, lots of monkeys. Well worth a visit if you're in Ubud. Of interest, while I was there I wandered over to the first aid clinic and then the information office and it turns out each year a joint USA-Indonesia project is responsible for determining the rabies status of the monkey population. So far, all negative. This mitigates the need for post exposure prophylaxis, although you can go to the closest medical clinic for the shots if desired.

Tony Kapeller (30/04/2016 13:29)
The monkeys were fun but they are very fast and get the bananas off you before you know it. We lost our first bunch in seconds. The baby monkeys are very cute but get shoved out the way when bananas are around. The staff are very friendly and take care of the place really well. Don't forget to take in the forest itself because it has the most amazing trees. Had one monkey sitting on my shoulders and although it was interesting they do smell somewhat which is to be expected they are wild monkeys but it did longer in my clothes all day
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