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Radiantly Alive Yoga

Bangli, Bali
Alamat: Jalan Jembawan No. 3, Padangtegal, Ubud, Gianyar, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia
Rating: 4.20
Telp: +62 361 978055
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Tuesday: 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Wednesday: 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Thursday: 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Friday: 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Saturday: 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Sunday: 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Komentar :

Eyal Peled (25/05/2018 04:57)
A great yoga place with heat teachers! I find this place place now authentic than other studios i have been to. Thanks!

Elisabetta Fanelli (22/05/2018 04:05)
The place is amazing, the shalas are beautiful and the teachers very thoughtful and prepared! RA Vinyasa class is great!

Cristen Peterson (29/04/2018 15:01)
Visited once while in Ubud. Creative vinyasa class in comfortable loft studio. Wish I had visited earlier in my trip to squeeze in more visits.

Kristy Robinson (10/04/2018 12:34)
a really lovely yoga studio. I enjoyed here more than yoga barn as it’s not as busy. I did a yin workshop with meghan currie which was absolutely beautiful. would most definitely go again.

Timo Häberle (03/04/2018 06:31)
Wonderful studio and awesome teachers.
Went there for 4-5 classes each day.
Beautiful yoga-rooms & once the construction is finished everything will be perfect!

A Google User (03/04/2018 06:31)
Wonderful studio and awesome teachers.
Went there for 4-5 classes each day.
Beautiful yoga-rooms & once the construction is finished everything will be perfect!

Carina Serreze (15/02/2018 05:40)
The teachers absolutely know their stuff. The staff though seem a bit confused and disorganised and the construction is incredibly distracting. It seems like it will be a really really lovely space when the construction is done, but it looks like they've still got months left...!

Misael Lopez (25/12/2017 06:42)
Place has a lot of potential, but what I can’t understand is the noise right outside the yoga rooms.
If you go for a yin yoga class for example, you don’t need to hear the staff and clients talking loud and banging on things all the time during the class, which by the way, it’s meant to be a restorative meditative class.

A “please be silent” sign and more strict approach to it would be a nice thing to have at a yoga studio.

Marta Krupinska (02/11/2017 16:43)
Really fun Sky yoga class. We’re absolute beginners and still enjoyed it! Nice facilities and staff.

May Cahaya (25/10/2017 08:24)
I really loved my one week time there to practice yoga everyday. All the yogi was awesome and I learned not only power yoga but also yin side of yoga, such as meditation, opening your heart and mind. Their fly high yoga was awesome too, must try. The reason why I gave -1 star is because their mats smell. :(

Sarah Warren (10/10/2017 02:45)
Love this place. Great vibe, lots of classes to choose from, all are suitable for all levels and although i had a couple of favourites all the teachers were amazing. The outside room is the best with a surprising tranquil view considering its in the middle of ubud centre.

Megan Bezuidenhout (04/09/2017 08:46)
This was such a disappointing experience for me, felt like too many people were having a go at the superficial 'Eat Pray Love' vibe here and the aim of the studio was to squeeze in as many people as possible to make some good cash dollar. After being asked to move up for the 4th time leaving me with about 3cm around my mat I decided to get up and leave the noisy studio, such a pity as the actual setting was beautiful and serene.

Clint Fitzgibbon (04/09/2017 08:42)
Felt let down by the class we attended. Arrived to class early and it was busy, asked to squeeze mats up several times until there was absolutely no space in room and about 1 inch space between everyone mats. Felt the vibe was more about squeezing people in to make money rather than have a yoga class so ended up leaving and getting money back with no problem. Great venue and room we were in has nice forest feel to it.

Stella A (09/08/2017 02:49)
It's a good place to start practicing yoga, nice facilities and comprehensive instructors. The floor boards creek a lot from the class above and hear their music too which I found really distracting.
The price is 130,000 which is the same as the yoga barn which I felt was more professional despite class sizes being a lot bigger.

Mimi Munro (08/07/2017 00:04)
Went to Roll to Release with James and it was fantastic. Learnt some things that I'll incorporate into my Swimming/running training. Felt like a good mix of people
so didn't feel like I had to be a hardcore yoga type to get something out of my experience.

Betz Sarah (30/06/2017 05:13)
I really enjoyed my courses in this amazing and relaxing place. As a beginner, i did the morning flow every morning. The teachers are very friendly and professionnal, and even if the room is crowdy they will correct you (but don't worry, it is not a factory !).

Judith Marie Hoffmann (10/05/2017 08:34)
Spacious and airy studio makes for a very calm, spiritual and fun experience. Nina, our instructor of RA Vinyasa was great and corrected poses without being intrusive.

Katrina Hazell (07/05/2017 13:30)
Beautiful place, nice people doing the training and catering for beginners. My experience today was sublime

carissa harris (14/04/2017 07:45)
I really enjoyed the classes here. The location was perfect and very central to many shops and restaurants. The instructors were very professional and helpful!

Angela Nuhn (28/03/2017 09:03)
I went to morning vinyasa flow class and it was a good mix between challenging and soft, lots of guided breathing too. They were open regular hours during the bali spirit festival which was nice and they provide little towels which I think is a necessity when you're working out in the Balinese heat.

Anna Kloots (22/02/2017 02:02)
There's something magic in the air here! I got to take class with david Aaron, the founder, and it was the most amazing yoga class I've ever taken. I came back a few times during my visit in Ubud. I am not a yogi - just wanted to experience this part of the culture here and i absolutely LOVED this place!

Unicorns (26/12/2016 04:52)
I have been practicing yoga for many years in studios all over the world. I can honestly say Radiantly Alive is my favorite place to practice. The quality of the teaching is better than anywhere else I have found. The teachers are very committed to the students and there is an awesome community of people to practice and hang with. Love it here!

Yona Unbound (01/12/2016 14:07)
If you're looking for more spiritual yoga, this isn't the place. But if you're looking for workout yoga or very Western style and enthusiastic teachers, this would be a good fit. Beautiful location.

Kadri K (13/11/2016 02:32)
I'm giving this place five stars mostly because of Acacia and her fly high yoga. I like to try new things and I was hooked since my first class. It's unexpectedly relaxing to hang upside down and I am probably a bit taller too now! Leaving Ubud, I decided to buy my own belt to keep on swinging, even though I don't know yet where I could hang it. Thank you, Acacia!

kmartina5 (14/09/2016 05:24)
Smaller space than yoga barn which means small class sizes. It is very laid back and has more of a community feel. I only went to one class - gentle flow. It had a good active and slow paced balance. I would try out a few instructors to see which one resonates with your vibe the most.

ian plumb (13/09/2016 06:05)
Great place nice and laid back large studios 2nd time tried yoga dance so much fun !

masuria sudjana (21/08/2016 09:21)
I must say it is better than super-commercial yoga barn, has a lot of classes too, varied. They also have Capoeira. Def a must try

Anna Maggie Gee (20/07/2016 16:52)
Loved it there!! All I want and need from a Yoga studio and so much more laid-back than yoga barn.
I wish I could have joined more different classes. The fly high yoga with Acacia was so much fun. Rusty Davis is the best teacher ever!! Whenever you get the chance to join a workshop with him... do it!!!

林千尋 (02/06/2016 09:21)
Daniel's class is fantastic!!!
fun sequence, precise instruction, suave music and so spiritual!!! though bit challenging required...

Alex K. (24/05/2016 12:01)
Great yoga studio with amazing teacher! I loved this place

Ingrid Frey (20/05/2016 00:47)
Great studio, no complaints. Nice variety of classes. I took gentle yoga, vinyasa, and fascia rolling class, love them all. Very nice and knowledgeable teachers. Seemed to be a lot going on. Bought some thin yoga pants and wore them every day (they dry fast and keep you cool). Fans in studio, some instructors used them some don't. I wish they all did. I stayed at a guesthouse pretty much right next door to the studio (Khrisna Guest House, definitely recommend!) Filled my water bottle up at the grocery part of Bali Buda. Ganesha bookstore across the street and a place that sells coconuts. I did go to yoga barn once but was totally happy at Radiantly and stayed there.

Christoph Iwasjuta (07/05/2016 05:35)
Inspiring place for your Yoga sessions!
Don't miss the free AcroYoga Jam on Mondays and Wednesdays!!

Damian Makki (12/04/2016 09:05)
Look, Ubud is filled with plenty of yoga studios, and plenty of "yogini" looking for total enlightenment. That doesn't excuse Radiantly Alive Yoga from delivering a fairly terrible class - especially for a first-time customer.

My teacher, who neglected to even introduce herself, seemed half-interested and bored during my 1.5 hour Yin class. And I get it, Yin is supposed to be an introspective, restorative class, but our instructor failed to maintain a proper flow or even feign presence. Due to the layout of the studio, an energetic and loud class below us threatened to deafen our soft-spoken instructor.

Again, it was my first time, but other students seemed extremely rude and pushy. Upon leaving class, a nice touch of fresh melon was available for anyone to take. Which would have been nice if at least 2 different people hadn't stood in front of the plate and proceeded to devour the slices leaving drippings everywhere.

The best part of the class and my first time at Radiantly Alive? Being sent off with the following quote: "Every sunset brings us a day closer to death...."

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