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Paradiso Ubud

Bangli, Bali
Alamat: Jl. Goutama Sel., Ubud, Gianyar, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia
Rating: 4.50
Telp: +62 361 7835545

Komentar :

Jonas M (17/05/2018 04:56)
Food was good (nothing special) but in combination with the cinema a nice time
Would recommend it

Leona Schwanenberg (27/04/2018 10:50)
Really nice cinema with lovely movies in English with subtitles. Was there now twice because the vegan chocolate lava cake was so good! Just have to pay 50.000 IRP and you can use your movie card to pay for the food while watching the movie ♥

Jennifer Blakemore (24/04/2018 13:36)
Cool place in town. Incredible food . Movie night and fresh pop corn are a must!!! Pop corn is always available with nutritional yeast yum. Also amazing place where artists come through and perform incredible live shows.

Natalie Hamp (09/03/2018 04:28)
Hidden in a side street in Ubud this unique organic vegan cinema experience is worth the trip while in town. Excellent prices and conjoined with a great organic cafe that is available your entire movie. We seen a movie but Paradiso also holds several other theatre events aswell, check their schedual. Health foodies perfect night out

Kadi R (10/02/2018 03:05)
Cozy and comfy lounge living room type movie theater, excellent. You can also order food and drinks during a movie. In regular film screenings free orders equal to ticket price.

Michaela Lloyd (24/01/2018 10:10)
This must be on your to do list if you are staying a little longer in Bali. It’s the worlds first vegan movie theater. The seats are very spacious and very comfortable. Tickets are 50k but it doubles as a voucher to use on food during the movie. The menu is 100% vegan with a large menu, the prices of the main meals range from around 60k to 100k depending on your dish, please note they charge you a 15% service and tax charge as well so don’t be caught off guard by that. Staff are very helpful and will take your order at any time during the film just raise your hand. Overall a wonderful experience, would come again.

Veronica Parsloe (03/01/2018 13:04)
Spent my Thanksgiving here, and I wouldn't have picked a better place in the world. Terrific buffet and we watched The Pursuit of Happiness, which was a great tie-in eith being grateful and setting goals for the upcoming new year. Great experience shared with people from around the world (Who were only in it for the food!)

Joanne Large (19/12/2017 22:44)
Interesting choice of films and events going on here. The 50k rupiah you send on watching a film can be exchanged for food or drinks during the film which makes it great value. It is likely that you will add some more money to get a full meal however. The room looks great as you enter but I found the seating a little uncomfortable for the full duration of the film. There are many other things going on at Paradiso too. It's definitely worth checking out their program of events while you are in town.

Lena Krautinger (21/10/2017 05:59)
Great and very cozy cinema! Only the food is really overpriced and not outstanding (even tough the idea of using the cinema ticket as a voucher for food is a really good one). Anyway a great experience for a rainy afternoon and the people are very friendly!

Wayne Parrish (15/10/2017 03:04)
Nice place to spend an evening. Go to watch a movie and start with dinner served in the theater. A new movie is shown every evening so if you are there for a week you can attend every night. Be prepared, the seats are very close to the floor.

Alesha Teitzel (29/09/2017 08:55)
Reviewing the breath of bliss class. My first experience doing brethwork and I just loved it. Highly recommend attending for the gift it is for your body.

colette brown (08/09/2017 11:45)
Great place to watch a movie whilst enjoying delicious vegan food, fresh popcorn and maybe a glass of wine. The price of your cinema ticket can be redeemed against any food you order. Similar concept to EVERYMAN in the U.K. - and whilst it doesn't quite have its finesse it offers much better value. There appears to be a varied choice of movies each month, see the online calendar for details and times.

jekk pak (23/08/2017 12:03)
Very interesting concept, movies and vegan food. Mostly American movies and series, though. Enjoyable if you are a native English speaker (no subtitles).

Erin McDonald (21/08/2017 07:57)
What a cool place! Fantastic menu and great getaway if you're looking for a movie night.

Olivia Gonzalez Yun (08/08/2017 11:43)
The movie room is better than I thought it would be - cozy, clean, and great service. I wish I would've know about this place sooner!

Fikry Raymi (10/07/2017 17:59)
I was here for movies reservation, i've planned to stay at ubud for 2 days, then i decided to find another anti mainstream activities in ubud that watching movies.
The place is quiet calm and private, you gotta watch carefully when u try to find the place because the place's little bit away from road, but really easy to find, there's plank name on it.
It is look elegance from outside and cozy from inside.
Good customer service officer, she would explain anything about your question asked.
You can even follow some oriental dance practice program scheduled from a professional dancer.
The price for each program is worthed.
The movie title isn't only from hollywood or US production movies but also from other country including Indonesian movies itself. And it is changing frequently.

The movies collection isn't updated.
The movies scheduled isn't friendly, sometimes we need to make a special scheduled to watch movies, altough we have another mainstream activities in Ubud.
Thank you, hope it helps.
Keep travelling, keep spirit.

Marina Lee (01/07/2017 19:47)
Great atmosphere, food, and value. Pay ~50k for entrance fee which wholly goes to food credit. Got the mediterranean platter, and watched Elle. It was great!

Aliya Baisunova (03/06/2017 06:41)
Nice venue with lots of interesting workshops and classes as well as vegan restaurant and a shop. Worthy of visiting one of the classes and trying some yum shakes or desserts from the restaurant

Seba Illingworth (31/05/2017 09:21)
What a great place this is - the food, the people, the store, and fantastic movie lounge. The the movie ticket price can buy you the equivalent in free food/drink (they need to advertise this, they didn't tell us!).

Meiyi Cheng (16/04/2017 02:18)

There's community contact improv dance jam upstairs on Saturdays. The crowd has really good vibe! Check it out :) Nice venue, free water, friendly staff.


Jussi Vienonen (23/03/2017 02:26)
Nice to see a good movie while having dinner. The seats where a bit uncomfortable for my taste. Big plus for refunding the ticket price for dinner - basically the movie was free of charge.

Gede Aryadi (17/03/2017 04:53)
Recommend to visit for organic lover. And 2nd floor they have big hall

Fiammetta (30/01/2017 05:29)
Watched a movie and had dinner at Paradiso (at the same time) in Jan 2017. Amazing atmosphere, very nice food and drink, and very friendly staff. Definitely recommend it as i find the concept of being served a yummy dinner during a movie really nice!

palmeritassss (19/01/2017 07:43)
Recommended by donation yoga classes. The menu is super long and its prices are high high.

TJ Biddle (15/11/2016 10:04)
Awesome idea! Ubud's own movie theatre, but no feature films! So many cool old school, and independent movies. Some times following a recent TV series like game of thrones and Mr Robot! Great price. Seating is very unique and comfy!

Arjen Kruithof (07/11/2016 04:30)
Daily screenings of not-too-recent but good quality arthouse movies, in a nice airconditioned atmosphere. Seats and couches are not staggered, so it may be difficult to read subtitles if you're behind someone. You can order drinks, snacks and meals during the movie.

Hanny Kusumawati (02/09/2016 07:51)
They have a lovely cinema airing pre-curated movies. You can watch movie while ordering food. Very friendly and laidback atmosphere. A wonderful option for a date night in Ubud.

Scott Biales (21/07/2016 09:21)
Great value for the moneh, 50k ticket comes with 5ok free worth of food.

Vv vV vV Vv (24/04/2016 01:25)
The food is too healthy even for me. For the movies: they serve the food o n l y while the movie has already started. I don't like eating in the dark while I want to concentrate on the movie.

Татьяна Тайнова (09/01/2016 10:25)
Friendly and healthy environment to spent quality time. Exhibitions and movies! Lovely being there with someone special! Thanks.

Verashni Pillay (26/06/2015 10:54)
Amazing food and area for watching movies
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