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Nur Salon Ubud

Bangli, Bali
Alamat: Jl. Hanoman No.28 Padangtegal Ubud, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia
Rating: 4.60
Telp: +62 361 975352

Komentar :

Klara Dudkova (19/05/2018 10:14)
Nice garden, kind people, very good massage.

Dennis Taculod (22/03/2018 06:34)
Been here thrice with my wife. Our go to list whenever we travel back to Ubud. I recommend this especially for those who are looking for a strong yet relaxing massage, not for the conservative though, as you will be totally naked =)

Natalie Zubrytska (17/03/2018 16:24)
Had the most relaxing facial in my life. It was like something out of this world. Flawless and I am in love with the space, so green and so much water falling sounds. I could not stop taking pictures and I wish I had a workplace like that. I asked if I can come back and just read my book and they said yes. So I’ll be back soon🙈

Kiera Kaminski (05/03/2018 11:31)
Such a beautiful space, worth the extra couple of dollars and the massage had a bit of extra strength to it. Very professional staff

Aleksandra Zarak (19/12/2017 03:44)
Fantastic massage! Not light, but quite energetic, but I do need that from time to time! Got a traditional massage with a scrub, yogurt rub and finally a very indulgent cream bath with flowers. Lasts for 1 and a half hour and it is really worth it.

Neil Smith (23/07/2017 00:46)
The Best massage i have had in Bali.
Cost about £10 for 1hr traditional massage but really worth it.
Done in quiet semi open air private room in a very taditional Bali style building.
I had no underwear on so my masseuse just did me naked 😁 followed by a hot bath to wash away the coconut oil while he poured water over me. Was interesting in that respect 😊.
Would highly recomend.

a chryssanthy (24/08/2017 04:38)
The massage is so good. If youve been hiking and got painful backs. This place is recommended.

Lucie Cruveilher (16/08/2017 00:36)
Great staff and treatments : went there twice in a week for a full body massage and a hair treatment. Even people from Ubud recommand this place

Christopher Barraud (11/07/2017 03:50)
Male masseurs and no need for those stupid disposable nappies that other places need. Great to have a strong massage in Ubud without feeling like I've just been dunked in oil and poked half heartedly for an hour.

Jinhan Chua (02/06/2017 12:56)
They have male masseurs for guys which is such a rare sight. Great strength and technique! Will definitely be back here next time.

Tatiana Nefedova (26/03/2017 09:20)
The worst place we been in Ubud ! Old , not clean , no service , lousy massage !

Alberto Dolcetta (24/03/2017 07:28)
Not a massage expert, but great location, service and good massage

Karl Duffill (12/02/2017 10:51)
Super super friendly service and were able to get us in at short notice. Good menu of massages and very reasonably priced.

Jeanie Merila (26/01/2017 11:45)
Great massage!

Erik Slavin (01/01/2017 08:31)
My wife and I have been here twice. It's clean, beautiful and tranquil. We both have had great work both time we've been. We're going back tomorrow.

Anna Bashkirova (22/12/2016 13:32)
My husband had a massage that was more like chiropractic treatment. It was extremely painful and he got a few bruises as a result. However his recent pretty bad back issues were gone after the treatment. Not for the faint hearted.

Alexey Tyurin (13/12/2016 11:49)
cheap - good value for money

Jule K. (15/05/2016 11:13)
Sehr schöner Garten, die Preise sind ok, nur mit Termin buchbar. Leider war meine Haarbehandlung nicht in Ordnung. Ungemütliches Zimmer mit Neonlicht. Die Mitarbeiterin hat mir beim Kämmen fast die Haare ausgerissen. Offensichtlich nicht vom Fach. Während die Haarmaske bei mir einwirkte, legte sie sich hin und ruhte sich aus.

Dimas Prayogi (24/02/2016 01:38)

Ершов Олег (02/01/2016 01:07)
Everything was great! Lovely place, good staff, amazing massage!))

Jacqueline Bassette (03/11/2015 00:31)
Amazing spa with attentive staff in gorgeous surroundings

Urs Dreyer (29/07/2015 22:48)
Very good

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