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Kebun Bistro

Bangli, Bali
Alamat: Jl. Hanoman No.44, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia
Rating: 4.50
Telp: +62 361 972490
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Tuesday: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Thursday: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Friday: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Sunday: 9:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Komentar :

Adam Fulford (24/04/2018 02:28)
Food was average and pricey for what you got. Had the burger and although the meat was high quality, it didn't taste of anything, it wasn't seasoned. Also have a vegetable tajine, and it was pretty poor, only a few vegetables. We paid over 200k for the meal and left hungry and had a snack elsewhere. Would not return as it is overpriced for the area

chenae white (23/04/2018 11:01)
Delicious food. Great service. Atmosphere very chic. The building is beautiful, little bit of France 😘

Hapsarina Dianti (29/03/2018 12:41)
Just like pictured on the internet. All so beautiful decorated. I love it though I had to order non meat meal. The food also great. It's a good experience. I definitely will go there again next time. Keep it up

Fresh Est (26/03/2018 16:14)
Found this unbelievable place randomly. Unbelievable friendly waitress. Even asked for possible allergies (my girlfriend has one and told me that for the first time in her life a waitress asked her) ... the food was soooo delicious. The drinks were excellent. Even the deserts were so delicious. I can recommend this place.

Martin Bukovský (21/03/2018 10:48)
Very delicious meals, pastas and rolls. Also great coffee and smoothies. All in good price. Liked this place.

Emanuelle Laudia (09/03/2018 13:16)
We ordered pizza, banana chocolate smoothies and manggo sorbet. Price is reasonable and quite cheap for western food. The ambience so nice. Not all of the staff is friendly. I've got the unfriendly one.

Bayu Agung (28/02/2018 14:08)
Excellent food, maybe one of the best restaurant in Ubud area. I especially loved their grilled chicken breast. Their tuna sandwich also great, it came with a side of fried sweet potato. Customer service was also excellent!! I would highly recommend this restaurant to everyone

Jeffrey Roth (10/11/2017 13:13)
Great atmosphere. Food is very tasty! Duck pasta and beets salad was great! The tarte au Citron meringue was amazing!

Ioanna Vavoudaki (09/11/2017 08:41)
One of the best restaurants in Ubud,maybe the best! Great food in quality,in taste. Amazing environment,quiet,great cocktails. You should definitely visit!

Jason Moon (04/11/2017 00:46)
One of the best places to dine in Ubud. If your after lovely ambiance, great service at really good prices definitely book this place, you won't be disappointed. I visit Ubud allot and this place never is disappointing. The really good burger, calamari and fries is my favorite combo. PS. Kebun means garden is Indonesian, and that's where you feel like you are, but a period French garden. I heard the designers is a British set designer, historian and textiles expert. Well done.

jessica scott (03/11/2017 12:27)
Ordered Kebun Cooler cocktails and the butterfish dish for lunch. Both were insanely good. Best cocktail we've had in Indonesia so far (brand name booze and well-made/balance) and the fish... ugh, to die for. Would go back to eat that dish over and over again.

Matija Marincek (26/10/2017 10:08)
Nice atmosphere, food was very tasty and last but not least very friendly staff. All in all very pleasant experience. Recommended!

Anthony Francis (21/08/2017 06:32)
Pricey but well worth it. Consider this a more upscale restaurant with amazing flavors and a great wine selection.

dee lou (21/07/2017 05:36)
Romantic atmosphere with great chooses in beverages,food courses and desserts! The layout is just so inviting and the staff quite hospitable

Rita Darmawan (03/07/2017 14:53)
The food taste wonderful. We order pizza, soup, salmon steak, raviolli, mac & chees. Nice place. Friendly staff.

Simon Carnemolla (28/06/2017 11:16)
Amazing food, perfect service and beautiful atmosphere.

lewis norman (28/06/2017 02:29)
Comfortable and clean.Tasty yummy food.Nothing too exciting .Great lamb chops.Wine list a bit expensive even for Bali but you can BYO with 150,000 rp corkage.

Yoppy Silitonga (24/06/2017 08:14)
Try their very good burger! So delicious. And I love its bistro concept.

Samuel Brooks (03/06/2017 09:18)
Fantastic food and service! Probably some of the best pasta I've ever had.

Benito Cuevas Amézaga (15/04/2017 14:34)
Had a great time. Service is good and fast. Decent wine selection and tapas are on spot. You will not regret your visit.

Michela Caldara (09/04/2017 01:42)
Went back again to this place yesterday; different, good, quality! Lovely place. It differentiates from the rest of restaurants.

Jaesin Hammer (03/04/2017 04:43)
Smaller portions, similar to any fine dining restaurant, but without the outrageous prices. Incredible food and drinks. Solid wine list too.

davidoffbali (25/03/2017 13:09)
a unique bistro in central of Ubud with mid century concept . Less choices of meals , maybe chef can create more meals choice for guest. Anyway good place for hanging and fine dining in Ubud

Gaby Jojox (20/02/2017 04:40)
Found this randomly on the internet and determined to try their food when I saw the mouthwatering menu list. I couldnt believe that even a simple Italiano Pizza and Pommes Frites are enough to make me feel in heaven. Their food is to die for. You know sometimes restaurants have numbers of menu but only few of them are really their best? So I thought perhaps their dessert isnt that good. I tried Cappuccino Chocolate Torte with strawberry coulis, and it turned out to be awesome. The ambience was relaxing and service was fine. Surprisingly not pricey. Would definitely go back there someday.

Nhi Vo (15/02/2017 18:44)
Great ambient with decent food. Love their detailed decor!

Wilson Koh (11/02/2017 11:58)
Love this place! The escargot was awesome, we went back again the next night.

Matthias Schmidt (20/01/2017 02:41)
next door to the kafe bistro i found it very authentic with a bit of french influence. i liked the outdoor seating especially in the afternoon to relax on the veranda. food looked decent. i just had the graved salmon which was okay, lacking some acidity or just a lemon flavor. very broad wine selection for a local place like this.

Yas Min (19/10/2016 03:58)
We need more places like this in the UK. Excellent food, prices are on the pricey side if you're comparing to other good eateries in Bali but reasonable if comparing to prices at home. THE BEST Mac & Cheese known to man (sad to admit, I like it more than my own). Relaxed atmosphere, rustic, parisian feel.

Nita Indriani (19/08/2016 06:10)
French artisan cooking with acceptable price.

One burger is abt 85k, but the burger is REALLY satisfying and the French fries are not a shoestring. No sign of 'fast food' here. They REALLY have tapas!!

Chicken grill is 65k and I don't know how they cook the potatoes.... It's VERY DELICIOUS!!

Top recommendation if you visit Ubud 👏

Emmanuel Jaquet (07/08/2016 05:51)
Amazing place. Best Mille feuille I have ever had

andreas tan (07/07/2016 12:24)
We first visited this restaurant in Sep 2015. It left me with a good impression and we decided to try again in this trip. We were not disappointed. Food was really good and value for money. So good that we came back the second night. The food is consistent and still very good. We ordered tenderloin, grill chicken breast, beef burger, Caprese salad. There was an Argentinian wine promotion (Kaiken) and it was a pretty good wine. Tenderloin is about Rp200K, chicken breast about 90K, Burger about 85K. Dessert is from 30K to 55K. Highly recommended

Wouter Vanmaercke (29/06/2016 12:06)
This place is great! Delecious food in a very cosy atmosphere in the city centre of Ubud. Must visit!

Naomi Schiavone (10/03/2016 08:53)
Adorable and charming. Takes you right to the heart of Provence. A delicious baked macaroni and cheese and kind staff. Highly recommended for a refreshing something different in Ubud! Trés romantique 😉

stuart horrex (01/03/2016 12:31)
Very inviting.

The decor is reflective of what someone might imagine a Parisian cafe or wine bar to look like.

Extensive menu with plenty of European choices.

Plenty of cocktails, great staff and a very romantic vibe. Perfect spot for a couple celebrating something special.

Good wine list (for Ubud).

Enjoyed our meal here. A focused kitchen with solid technique. Heavy on the garlic and salt which is only a problem if you're not used to the traditional French style.

Comparative high price. Small serves. Totally recommended. It was a lovely evening.

Yosep Sugiarto (23/01/2016 06:56)
I love the ambience and atmosphere... Feels like you're in small town in Spain / Italy / French. Love the decoration and the food is also amazing. Love the tapas very much! I date my wife and get laid-back here is one of the thing you must try.

This place also allow you to bring dog, so I really appreciate about it. The cool breeze of Ubud you can feel here.

It's hard to find a parking esp. for car. Better use public transport or motorbike. Try their coffee and tea, it does great to enjoy your time here :)

Siân Ng (09/01/2016 15:49)
I ordered the lamb chops - good food but small portions. Vegetable tagine is great too. Charming Art Deco bistro

Nikita Fedorenko (17/11/2015 15:00)
Good food BUT portions are small, no really, it is freaking tiny. And it is pricey and a bit fancy. They have a/c though not sure if it is a plus.
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