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Goa Gajah

Bangli, Bali
Alamat: Ubud, Bedulu, Blahbatuh, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia
Rating: 4.10

Komentar :

Monique Waechter (29/04/2018 04:55)
We walked from Ubud to Goa Gajah. It’s about 3km. The road is narrow and busy on a Sunday and often there is no proper sidewalk. But we enjoyed the walk and passed local stores, stone and wood carvers as well as sculpture artists, rice fields, and beautiful lush green hills and forests. Yes the raid was busy, dusty, polluted. Despite it, it was an experience we are happy we made. Once we arrived at Goa Gajah we were able to cool down and centre ourselves again. The water from the lady fountains in the baths was so fresh and the elephant cave had a very special (meditative-subtle) feeling to it inside. I was impressed. The Buddha temple and its surrounding nature was a little paradise in the middle of all the hustle and bustle outside.

Jaya Hiranandani (29/04/2018 03:04)
A well known temple in Bali, Goa Gajah was a bit underwhelming for me. For one, there were more tourists (like me) taking photos than Balinese people praying. The temple premises were small but interesting. It would have been nice to have some guides or write-ups available to tell you more about the history and significance of the place.

Adam Fulford (27/04/2018 02:19)
Cool little place, 15k IDR to get in. Go.early before all the vendors get setup otherwise they hound you to buy things. The site is not big and can be walked in 30 minutes. Would recommend if you are in the area. Long trousers necessary but they will supply sarong if needed.

jyoti rana (26/04/2018 10:16)
Its It' beautiful inside lush with green trees and between the area a small water runing rever with lots of big old n giant piece of rocks. Its good to visit in morning hours as at late evening time it looks very much scary. If you go inside and inside you feel that somebody is escaping you. For me at evening was so much scary.

Anandie Klaasen (24/04/2018 01:15)
A parking fee of 2k Rupiah and emtrance fee of 15k Rupiah pp, are all really fair. You get a free sarong at the entrance, so don't be fooled by traders in parking area. You can have full access of temple area and go near the water fountains. You can also go into the cave. You don't need a guide for $20 +-. You can totally navigate it by yourself. Then there is a forrest beyond where you can explore a small waterfall and a pond and also have a look at the Buddhist temple. It is all really beautiful and wonderful to experience.

Ridzuan Hadrun (09/04/2018 02:10)
Recommend u go early morning. It's cooling and less people. Calm place to visit

Sai Kit Yong (08/04/2018 04:30)
This is an old temple with some interesting carving on the walls and pools of spring water coming out from some statues. There's a cave resembling the face of an elephant, hence the name Goa gajah. Some parts of the wall of the caves have been hollowed out. I think these hollowed out spaces might have some statues of deities installed in them back then but now it's empty. The cave is not really big. Outside the cave there's a huge tree for some nice photos. There are 2 ponds nearby which you can go in to take photos of, just beware of slippery surfaces. Wear long pants since this is a temple.

BeautifulYou (26/03/2018 15:49)
Good place.. make sure you are dressed appropriately to avoid embarrassing situations.. You need wrap sarong which is available free of cost, don't forget to return it back.. Be a good guest.. follow the rules..

Dane Gillett (08/01/2018 10:40)
Goa Gajah
Probably one of the most famous if not oldest , temple complexes in Bali & well worth a visit.
Arrive early to avoid the crowds.
Entry charge is 15,000 rupee for adults 7,500 for kids.
The main cave itself is written as the star attraction with its amazon carvings on the outside but actually the waterfall area in the forest is stunning especially early morning when steam can be seen rising from the roots of the giant old trees.
100% recommend visiting if your in Bali .

Kay B. (25/12/2017 08:01)
Nice temple. Many areas to go explore. There's beautiful scenery with trees. Also seen a priest giving a visiting family a blessing and a prayer. There is a small cave that's good for pics on the outside but you can also go inside and see small statues. There's a holy water pool too.

Rens van Daalen (17/11/2017 06:53)
Temple was not too impressive in my opinion compared to other ones. And at the entrance there's pushy people trying to sell you a sarong (not necessary since the temple provides them). There's a little nice rainforest behind/next to the temple which is nice to walk through. Unfortunately, there was some trash here and there..

roshy perera (09/11/2017 08:36)
it's nice and you can see a cave temple. Check the surrounding and don't forget to go down through the stairs, you will see a small waterfall and few huge carved stones. (Ancient Alien Theory???) You can drink tasty coconuts. If you are wearing shorts and stuffs, no worries the temple supplies covering clothes, make sure not to buy from outside, they will be expensive.

S Wu (30/10/2017 12:38)
Temple of the sleeping elephant, you need to employ a guide to get more information of the history of the temple. Sarong is provided with the ticket but is very ugly. You want good photo buy/bring your own sarong.

Yash Doshi (27/10/2017 21:51)
Very scenic Hindu temples. You will find some pushy tour guide people, if you are interested in history of it, buy tour guide, if not, ignore them. We took a tour guide and he was helpful with clicking our couple pictures.

Thaumyn R (16/09/2017 10:58)
Great place is you love historic places. Try to get a guide from inside the temple. Without the story, you will be missing out a lot. Iv posted the guide who took us on the journey. If you are able to find him you are very lucky. He is a true protector of the temple.

Kim James (12/08/2017 08:50)
Some nice surrounding in the nature. Temple is relatively small so won't take you long to look around. Enjoyed it

Daniel Draper (02/08/2017 06:49)
Nice little hindu temple from the 11th century built around a cave with some really nice sculptures (see pictures). Possibly better enjoyed with a guide. Don't buy sarong from panhandlers, just get the free one at the entrance (50k for 1 adult)

Rishit Patel (22/07/2017 10:30)
Lovely view from the top and temple. Great cultural aspect and nice to learn about Balinese culture.

Amrita Bhattacharyya (07/07/2017 17:51)
Fantastic stone's a cave temple with entrance gate decorated with stone carvings like the named Goa Gajah(gajah is elephant in Sanskrit)..temple complex also comprises of many other small temples and numerous stone sculptures and 2 bathing ponds for purification before have to walk a few meters and step down few stairs from parking lot to the temple...souvenir shops and local restaurants are plentiful outside the main temple but within the complex..entrance fee required...below knee length modest dress allowed otherwise you have to wear sarong..nice place to visit during Ubud trip.

kristina komalasari (04/07/2017 13:47)
lovely place to visit in Gianyar 😊 Kalau mau kesana jangan lupa harus berpakaian sopan karena merupakn tempat suci. Kalau punya sarung sendiri sebaiknya dibawa aja jadi ga usah sewa lagi deh disana.

G L Littleton (24/06/2017 14:34)
This place also known as Elephant Cave. Holy place. Sarong not required if wearing long pants. Be careful stairs are slippery. Limited handrails. You go down, then down and then up to Buddhist temple. If you pray at the Buddhist temple you must make a donation.

Anand Chitre (23/05/2017 13:21)
Narrative on websites creates an impression that this is a large place but in reality it is a small place with one small cave with 2 deities. The remains of temple are good. Good scinic place but not as grand as it is projected.

Loeh Nur (09/05/2017 09:56)
Great history of Goa Gajah. A place with break statue is the most I love to see.
I love the huge tree witout the leave. How old do you think the tree is?

Tahlia Jackson (25/04/2017 14:22)
I enjoyed this experience immensely. After spending a few days in some of the busier areas of Bali, the tranquility and history I was able to share was incredible. We spent a small sum to get a local guide once we were inside (about $2.00 AUD) and took time to explore the area. The entry fee was quite modest (about $1.50 AUD). Some relatively pristine forest to marvel at whilst you're there also.

Gurudatta Munishwar (22/04/2017 12:53)
Old temple with absolutely no vibe. A lot of locals trying to ask you where you are from and stuff. You will have to wear some funny red cloth to cover your body but drinking beer and smoking allowed. Another tourist rip off.

Meiyi Cheng (09/04/2017 10:40)
Long pants are fine, and you do not need to have your own sarong, the temple rents it to you for free. Make sure to go all the way down, very beautiful ruins down the stairs.

Giulia Sampogna (20/02/2017 22:58)
I love it! Beautiful green place and a lot of details. The elephant cave it's nothing wow, but it's cool from outside. Don't forget your "sarong" to cover your legs and visit the temple.

Ruairi Murdiff (17/02/2017 14:43)
Great temple. Not to busy in the mornings. Good spot to get away from the hustle and bustle of Ubud. Stone carvings are awesome. Nice walk around by the old buddhist temple.

Thomas Despin (12/02/2017 08:52)
The surroundings of the temple are worthier than the inside of the cave (really small, humid and dark).

You won't miss the entrance, where everyone takes pictures in front of, which is really interesting.

More of my pics on Instagram
➡️ @tdespin

Nikki (30/01/2017 07:12)
Very beautiful area. The cave entrance itself is very special, but also the walk down into the adjacent "valley" and forest is very beautiful.
At one little temple a guy will want to show you how to pray/receive a blessing. Just be aware that he is very pushy, and will demand 50.000 rp for this.
Otherwise lovely area, and entrance cost is low (15.000)

Aldo Maudy (14/01/2017 13:49)
This place should be improved by the tourism government. Because the places starting not to attact me as a local tourist to come here. Nothing much to see. Lots of surrounding area are left abandoned that can be improved by making garden, trees, shopping arcade, etc...

Jason Firth (26/09/2016 23:45)
This is one of the most beautiful temples on the planet.

Unless you're the type of person that would rent a suit for an important meeting, I recommend that you DO buy a beautiful sarong and show proper respect for all the temples of Bali. Keep it in your backpack in case you feel inspired to visit some of the smaller temples where there's no one guarding the entrance or renting sarongs.

Temples are everywhere in Bali. Often the best views and best energy spots are topped by a temple, so having your own temple wear is helpful in maximizing your Bali experience.

Aybike BAYRAKTAR (11/09/2016 23:04)
Even though its name translates into ‘Elephant Cave’, you won’t find any pachyderms here. Goa Gajah is an archaeological complex with historical significance, great for a brief stopover on tours to the Ubud region. It was initially built as a site for meditation, dating back to the 11th century. Down a flight of steps from the roadside and parking area you reach a vast complex comprising the mysterious ‘cave’, a ‘wantilan’ meeting hall, a temple courtyard with an open-air collection of large stone relics, and an ancient bathing pool excavated in 1954. The bathing pool features angelic statues holding waterspout vases. The ‘cave’ is shallow, containing stone idols and meditation spaces. The legendary Petanu River flows behind the temple grounds, towards an expanse of beautiful rice paddies. Read More...

Chris Dow (16/08/2016 10:01)
Hmm... nice to visit and worth going if you're close by. I don't recommend travelling 2hrs from Nusa Dua to come here though! Nice enough and reasonable entry. Don't be fooled by the touts selling sarongs in the carpark or stalls. Yes, you do have to wear them. But they're free to loan at the entrance.

Kyle Smith (15/08/2016 04:11)
Great place to see and experience the temple and surroundings.

Don't be fooled into buying any sarongs! They will come up to you as you arrive and tell you you have to have them to get in. Long trousers are fine or when you pay the 15,000 entry, you get one to use and you give it back when you leave.

Antonina Zuzanna (18/07/2016 15:48)
Interesting historical area. Had a nice guide who show us around and tell stories. The most important part is a meditation cave but it's not spectacular, I expected something more. The beautiful routes among nature and reminiscences of old temple is a thing.

Nuria Cara Navas (05/06/2016 01:58)
Nice temple. You don't need to buy any Sharon at all from the many people that tell you that you are not gonna be let in the temple. In the entrance fee price it is included the Sharon so they lend you one if you are not properly dressed.

Łukasz Adamski (13/05/2016 02:01)
Interesting cave temple! We took a guide there who showed us a lot! It's worth to ask for guide :)

Gaizka N (08/05/2016 13:33)
Don't expect something spectacular. Very touristic place. It's very sacred spot but there are other more beautiful places. The fee it's not expensive but they will try you to scam you at any chance. They will try to sell you traditional clothes telling you that you are not going to be let in without it. However, they give you some clothes if you are not correctly dressed ( long pants enough). Other people will tell you something about the temple and then ask you for money. Be careful, there is an old man where the Buddha chapel is, he is going to put some rice in your forefront and ask you 50k!!! Amazing...

Lewis Lexter Yap (21/04/2016 03:24)
The good
1. There is a cave where you can go in and check out
2. Has a pond that makes this temple unique
3. A huge tree at the center where you can marvel upon
4. some small temples around and a small hike to a buddha statue

The bad
1. there is a lot to see but not much is catchy to my eye

Zia ul haq (25/02/2016 05:32)
Half a day worth visit. Very old sculptures, pond and the small cave were nice to see. You need to take steep stairs down a small cliff to visit the temple. Could be a tiresome task for those who aren't physically fit.

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