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Bali Zoo

Bangli, Bali
Alamat: Jalan Raya Singapadu, Sukawati, Singapadu, Sukawati, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80582, Indonesia
Rating: 4.20
Telp: +62 361 294357
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Thursday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Sunday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Komentar :

Laidy Byrne (17/05/2018 07:55)
Took my 3yr old for breakfast with the Orangutans. Enjoyed a decent buffet breakfast - eggs freshly cooked while you wait (a few seconds!), fresh juice, pastries etc. Two young orangutans wait in roped off section with zookeepers for guests to be brought up to meet and have photo taken with them. Not allowed to touch them but the orangutans are likely to reach out and touch you. Elephants are also close by for you to meet while having breakfast. For an additional cost of a few dollars you can buy a basket of vegetables/fruit to feed the elephants.

Peter Gowman (12/05/2018 03:37)
This zoo is my favourite to visit worldwide. It is the most interactive with opportunity to have close encounters and feed a variety of animals. I have visited twice over a 5 year period and I'm pleased to see upgrades are being completed to expand. The animals look healthy; Keep up the good work, Put what ever profit you get back into the animals lives and the park :)

James Horrigan (24/04/2018 05:22)
Wow. What an amazing experiance. My family loved the breakfast with the orangutans. Food was fantastic and getting to be up close and personal with those animals is amazing. Not to mention the two Asian elephants we got to stand with, feed and pat at the same time. Plus a few amazingly beautiful birds.

The zoo itself is beautifully presented and appears to be really well run. You get the impression that the animals are really taken care of.

Everywhere you walk, you seem to get up close and personal to all of the animals...including two Bengal tigers.

Kids also had a great time playing in the water park on our way out.

Disclaimer, watch out for Jackie the orangutan.....she did throw some alarming looking objects 💩😀

Fernanda Meidizza (16/04/2018 18:41)
Bali zoo reopening in 2018 after renovation. It was fun, we can walk and so much near with animal. We can feed animal, and touch. Stroller and wheelchair friendly. Price for international tourist like 300k, and for local tourist they have special discount like 140k include you can take a picture with encounter animal. Very recommended. 👍👍👍

Rachmad Firdyan (03/04/2018 22:01)
Nice alternative place to spend your time with families & friends. Mini zoo with quite many rare animals collection, clean & green atmosphere with balinese touch, so easy to reach by walk around complex. Yet ticket too expensive, this is more like a fine exclusive mini zoo.

OMG Fitness (02/04/2018 12:21)
This zoo is amazing. Did the breakfast with the orangutans and we got to get up close and personal. The staff even let us have extra time to take photos videos etc. Buffet breakfast was fantastic, staff and service was great. The rest of the zoo was great, you get to get so close with all the animals. Highly highly recommend Bali zoo with the breakfast. Price is great for what you get.

Deric Johnson (01/04/2018 09:26)
Was very nice. If you're not use to get up close and personal with wildlife then you may want to brace yourself immediately upon entry. This was not the biggest zoo in been to but it isn't the smallest. Good for a nice outing just to grey out of the room. Was disappointed in the caffe but the restaurants inside the actual zoo is surprisingly decent.

Sheeraz Hasan (01/04/2018 05:20)
Zoo is clean, beautiful and amazing. Good to see all the animals doing great and in good health. I went in the afternoon and all the animals were inside or sleeping. Best time to visit them is early morning. After around 12-1 you wont be able to see any animal hanging around.
There are spots around the zoo where you can wash your hands. Dine-in is available too but the price is really high.
Better to buy pass online as it is cheaper than buying at zoo.

Nilesh Kambli (16/03/2018 15:15)
Excellent zoo. Almost all the animals are available. The environment is very lively. The best to visit. There is parking space available for all kinds of vehicles. After taking the tickets, you are welcomed by the security with great smile. They check your ticket and then stamp on your palm.
After entry in the zoo you are welcomed by peacock, dears and rain dears. After visiting them you get to visit different water species. Then take pics with the birds. You enter the zone with the king of the jungle, 🦁. Meet the ostrich and the big Crocs. Meet the tigers, peacocks, monkeys, dears, horse, different birds, etc. Have some snacks and proceed to meet the Bengal tigers and the reptiles. Hop on to the Safari bus and tour the other part of the zoo where there are animal shoes and bird shows. Take a ride in the elephants. Complete your day by dining with the elephants.
Great expedition!!!!!

Scott Monett (18/11/2017 00:05)
We went on the off season and it was a great experience. Animals appeared to be very well taken care of and it was clean and well run. I’d encourage you to visit!

aoiwj Kaito (13/11/2017 03:32)
Good place to go with kids and experience to see many kinds of animal. We can take photos with bird or elephant. I got excited when touch the elephant! We can also petting animal there. There is plenty snack cart and drinks. but if you low on budget, guess bring any drinks would be help. There's splash area too!! And some area on Kampung Sumatra not done yet... So, guess we gotta wait :) (Visited on November 2017)

Hendra Yunan (07/11/2017 07:37)
A good day out with the family. Nice enclosure and seems to be well run. My daughter loved the pony ride and the petting zoo!

Pushkaraj Hajarnis (06/10/2017 16:22)
Worth a visit. Around INR 1800 per person. Neat clean and well maintained Zoo. You can opt for an elephant ride/breakfast with Orangutan Jacky/Feed birds etc. but all at extra cost. Children will love it and so will adults. They are still adding new attractions to the zoo enclosure, so could be exciting.

deepak chandrasekar (27/09/2017 11:55)
Great place to go if traveling with kids. Will take about 3-4 hours to visit all the exhibits.. they are also under major expansion. Lots of places to eat inside as well. Day well spent for us.
Can be a bit pricey if traveling on a budget.

Christopher Mcintosh (25/08/2017 02:31)
Nice small zoo with some great interactive experiences, although to feed the animals it does cost a little bit extra. The animal encounters was free and the food at the restaurant was great. The splash park at the end was a godsend for two very hot very tired children.

Sarah Sharif (05/08/2017 10:04)
The zoo is AMAZING! It's very organized! The animals are treated in the right way. We had lots of fun there. Must go.

Karri T (23/07/2017 11:52)
Foreigners are charged 4x higher ticket. Lot of animals were not there, especially on the bus ride. Bus tour area was under construction and filled with coming soon signs of animals. Felt bit cheated. There are more interesting places to spend your day in Bali.

Jacqueline Buchanan (29/06/2017 06:15)
Breakfast with Orangutans. Magic experience. Value for $$ excellent food many varieties. Great service from staff...then the Orangutans.
Recommend this

Desmond Wong (28/06/2017 15:30)
My kids enjoyed the zoo. It feels different from the Singapore Zoo which we go pretty often. I like that it allows the kids to feed and pet the animals which the Singapore one lacks. I would love to give it 5 stars but i saw some animals rather sad that they are stuck to their small cage. They should be given a bigger enclosure to run around.

Shivarna Moosai (23/06/2017 07:40)
Dinner at the zoo experience was excellent. You get to meet some of the animals and touch them, tour the zoo after dark, hear about some of the conservation efforts by the zoo and watch a fire-dance performance. Definitely recommend.

Andrew Lee (19/06/2017 02:24)
The zoo is very well set out and lots to see, we only went to see the orangutans for breakfast and that was well worth it. The breakfast was 5 star buffet all you can eat and the location was in an open air cafe surrounded by elephants and orangutans.
Access to the zoo is quite good it has wheelchair access and a bus that takes you from point to point if you dont want to walk or cant walk.

Bish Brod (29/05/2017 10:01)
We arrived at 4pm. Zoo closed at 6pm. We were told that the last animal interaction was at 4pm. We didn't know what that meant but we paid the 38$ US to enter. We found the restaurants were closed, there were very few employees working inside and the animals were penned up in much smaller enclosures than they should be. The tiger was making a sound that really sounded like begging to be let out of his small cage where he was rapidly pacing back and forth. The 'new' part of the zoo where the elephants were has not been finished and when we trekked ( you have to go by bus ) there, only to find 1 elephant and his handler. He let us feed the elephant without paying the 60,000 rp cost. Another thing is that anything that involves interaction with the animals costs more money than your entrance fee, be wary!

mesiefert1 (26/04/2017 22:10)
Breakfast with orangutans was really cool. And feeding a tiger was awesome!!
The rest of the zoo is a 3 star, better than I expected for halfway around the world

Neno Rachmadana (27/03/2017 22:31)
A cozy place to find many animals and get interaction with them. You can also take pictures with selected animals when animal encounter session. And you can enjoy the show to get new experience.

Next Wave (26/03/2017 00:11)
On entry and as advertised you would think you might walk into a tropical oasis but this is quite misleading. The whole top bus tour section of the zoo has no exibits open other then the elephants. Even then they only stand there unless you want to pay more money to get closer. The rest of the zoo is much the same, if you want to interact you need to pay. There are no dragons there as advertised. The zoo is very run down.
The lions and tigers have no room to move.
Very disappointing..

Инга Баронова (05/03/2017 21:15)
Marvellous place all animals are in good condition .you can have contact with some of them .food is very good and personal are so great and the night show with buffet (so tasty )is nice .the place is perfect for have nice family day (water park for child for have break )we gone back for sure next travel in bali

Ardian A (11/02/2017 05:42)
Nicely arranged walkway and animal enclosure.

There is kids size pool with water play. Gazebo and locker are available for rent.

Benjamin Goldsmith (28/01/2017 11:46)
After having taken the night-at-the-zoo tour and enjoyable buffet dinner, it felt underwhelming. The tour consisted of feeding a corn to an elephant, before taking a 30 minute walk around the zoo. Buffet dinner and fire dance were a nice addition. It could be up to debate whether it was really worth the ~80AUD however the night was enjoyable none-the-less.

Notably the return transfer from hotel was awesome and we were able to learn so much about Bali through a great conversation with our driver

Shane Cahill (08/01/2017 09:50)
Zoo was actually fantastic. BUT and I mean a BIG BUT - having a young toddler in our group her food was taken from us. The reason given to us by the guard was "There is a restaurant to buy food from". EXCEPT when we were in the restaurant a Chinese tour group pulled out all their own food. Talk about double standard. Plus the food was 3 times what you would pay for anywhere else in Bali.

Maria Bogensberger (06/01/2017 15:14)
A lovely zoo where you can spent a hole day. Looks like the animal a well taken care of. There are also a water land for kids

António Araújo (01/11/2016 09:41)
We got to spend a full day exploring Bali Zoo and we had a blast.
I am not usually a big fan of Zoos specially in Asia due to the bad conditions animals usually live in. Bali zoo proved me wrong. The animals looked really healthy, had lots of space and seemed to really enjoy.

It is a great day activity for everyone and for sure kids will love it. We did an elephant ride and my girlfriend loved it since it was a dream of hers for a long time

Really pleasant experience

Nikolas Cassimon (04/10/2016 07:22)
Good, not great. But then Bali has this fantastic Atmosphere. Clean and friendly people. Not so many animals but definitely recommendable.

Dennis Toce (22/09/2016 19:33)
It's a small zoo with some interesting animals and it is well kept. The highlight though are the scheduled photo opportunities with a baby fresh water crocodile and the baby gibon and orangutans. Well worth the wait because you could handle these amazing creatures and have photos taken using your own camera.

Arthur Carmazzi (11/08/2016 13:23)
its close to Ubud and if you are staying in Ubud, it is worth going to. The Zoo is nice and all is good, BUT if you are near the south, Bali Marine and Safari is way better.

Normann Aguilarâ„¢ (22/07/2016 13:30)
This park is easy to navigate and is reasonably pram/wheelchair friendly. This is also one of this "must see and do" attractions in Bali. From the entry, you can have your picture taken with a number of resident parrots (with a price of course if you want to purchase the photos). The animals that you see in this zoo are relatively healthy and in great condition; with the exception to the Sun Bears. The signage in front of the Sun Bear enclosure shows that the enclosure should mimic how the Sun Bears live in the wild. However looking at them, they look like they were bored or distressed just wondering about aimlessly.

You can feed some of the animals at the zoo including the tiger and the elephant which will cost 60,000 Rp (price at time of writing) per feed. There is a restaurant at the end of the park which is reasonably priced.

This zoo a great place to take the family. Our two kids enjoyed our visit at this zoo as there was plenty to see. Don't forget to see the Jacky The Orangutan who will extend his hand to you to beg.

Elizabeth Pepperdine (23/06/2016 05:25)
We had so much fun at the Bali Zoo! The real highlight for us was getting to feed elephants and see how happy they can be. The zoo also has a program allowing visitors to take pictures up close with certain young animals. The zoo could do with an expansion project to give some animals more space. However, overall, it was a nice trip.

Wayan Thomas BaliTransportasi (11/06/2016 03:02)
Woow the best place village to sitting all with family and gathering field in heart village near ubud and enjoy location and keep clean as previous village

ViperHeist (31/05/2016 08:21)
My wife and I booked in to have Breakfast with Orangutans, which is an intimate encounter with some of the Zoo's inhabitants whilst you sit and enjoy amazing food, and catered for by some of THE MOST friendly and respectful waiter staff we experienced during our 2 weeks in Bali.
You can get very up close and personal with elephants, gibbons, some colourful birds, and of course, the main event, the Borneo Orangutan. Though sadly, it is not as the title suggests, actual breakfast with the Orangutans.. But more so breakfast, in the presence of some incredible animals, and the orangutans are brought out towards the ending the 2 hour experience. Still very much worth the money though!
From what we saw of the zoo, it was very nice and tranquil, and the animals seems rather happy and well-treated, with lots of successful breeding programs and release-into-the-wild stories, which is great news.
10 out of 10 for the friendly and helpful, welcoming and respectful staff!!

chithra sunil (04/05/2016 03:06)
The zoo keepers and guides are very good as is evident from the interaction the animals have from them, which made our visit to the Bali Zoo a very pleasant experience. The zoo also a wonderful environment, very green & the sound of the flowing water is very soothing. Training the little birds and animals to do what they showed us was awesome & all the kids there loved it and it will surely go a long way in bringing a love for the wild & animals in the young minds.

Angelique Maxton (24/02/2016 14:07)
The Animals all looked miserable, their enclosures were not enriching for them and most were cramped cages. Most of the time the staff tried to get us to fork out money to feed the animals who were not even interested in the food as they had probably been fed like this all day, we spent $100 to get in which is quite a lot in Bali so I dont like being harassed every few minutes for money. One tiger had clearly recently had Cubs and was pacing in her cage when we arrived looking clearly unhappy and keening for her babies, she was doing the exact same thing when we left. It's nothing like the website, the kids were asking why the animals were all so sad. I'm a huge animal lover so to see that they are not all about animal enrichment and conservation as described in the website was a huge disappointment, I felt really bad that we had actually played a part in supporting such animal treatment by going there in the first place and paying to be there. We couldn't get through the place fast enough, we were out in under an hour. Not recommended at all unless you enjoy watching animals be bored and depressed.

Salim Pranata (01/02/2016 13:45)
The best zoo I've been to so far.
I always recommend this zoo to all my friends or family when they're visiting Bali.
It's a quite small zoo, but you can see all the animal without any trouble. and you can have a new amazing close encounter with the animals.
The zoo direction is pretty clear, so for you guys who can easily get lost, dont worry, you wont be :D
Besides, the zoo staffs are really friendly, dont hesitate to ask them anything. they'll answer all your question (zoo related of course :p)
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