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Tunjungan XXI

Bangkalan, Jawa Timur
Alamat: Tunjungan Plaza 1 Lt. 5 Unit 12-16, Jalan Basuki Rahmat No.8-12, Kedungdoro, Tegalsari, Kota SBY, Jawa Timur 60261, Indonesia
Rating: 4.50
Telp: +62 31 5326621

Komentar :

Saviera Prayudhana (30/04/2018 14:33)
Good sercice

Andre Beng (09/04/2018 08:59)
Tempat favorit buat nonton. Nggak senengnya, suka rame sama bocah norak yang maenan HP di dalem bioskop. males banget.

mestinya ada peringatan buat jangan maenan HP di bioskop lah

Mas Kribz (03/04/2018 11:23)
Cozy place to watching films. Have waiting room if film want to watch not starting yet.

Agus Setiawan (21/10/2017 22:17)
Best place to watch movie.. My family and my kids very happy.. Glad to see & feel

Reza Hidayatullah (07/10/2017 05:07)
its a goooood movie theatre. Really fine, very comfy.

arif rachman (30/09/2017 01:33)
My fave to watch movies. The seats are comfortable, sound is OK, the lights are fine.. What else? Just try to watch your fave movies here..

david cornelius (02/09/2017 05:14)
Nice movie theatre. They just renovate and rejuvenate the place

Baby Gani (26/08/2017 04:59)
Most people prefer to watch in TP5 because its better (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

marchall yudha (06/07/2017 01:41)
This mall is very crowded and the parking so full when saturday and sunday

Era Veronica (29/06/2017 01:43)
Great ... i loved this place, just used flat shoes cos the area very large ... you must be tired to around this place

Riana Adhitama (15/06/2017 03:44)
Really big mall. You can find any branded here from cheap till really expensive things.

Atar Babgei (31/05/2017 17:16)
one of the first mall in Surabaya. you could find almost any brands here, from cheap to ridiculously expensive.

Nadim Harahap (18/04/2017 11:24)
Clean and make me enjoy the movie. Nice sound

Attina Firdausy (10/04/2017 01:39)
Accept t-cash here. On wednesday can watching movie only idr25000

Mochammad Kurnia (14/03/2017 11:09)
One of two cinemas in Surabaya where you can use T-Cash promo. Audio is a little bit too loud.

Ronanda Bagus (31/01/2017 13:34)
Complete and good place as usual. Love it.

Tiffanny Rachmania (25/01/2017 09:12)
nice place, cozyyy. clean toilets.

Alvino Novea Fandy (16/01/2017 13:51)
the one and only imax theather in surabaya. the best movie studio in surabaya

andry anto (29/12/2016 05:48)
Rooms are clean and comfy. Meets the standards.

Sarah Saqina (12/12/2016 21:38)
Same quality as the other xxi theatres. Same prices and same movies. 5 stars for always providing good services. I can print my own ticket through mtix. So no lines basically.

Hadi Saputra (09/12/2016 02:50)
Now ia tunjungan XXI 3

Kadek Dewi (18/11/2016 10:21)
common, they have 2 cinemas or 3, if i'm not mistaken

Yohanes Suryanto (27/09/2016 14:46)
Masih direnov

Yohanes Wimpy (16/09/2016 01:03)
Even though the space is kept minimum, this theater provide us, movie lovers, maximum enjoyment

Dimas Maulana (13/08/2016 15:17)
They are closed due to renovation. They said they'll close from August 5th to October 5th

Jefferson Joey (02/08/2016 12:23)
It's look like outdated cinema and to buy ticket it's take long line

Christian Sidarta (10/06/2016 18:35)
Untuk waktu bulan puasa harga dan fasilitas sesuai meskipun ramai berdesakan. Mohon di tingkatkan untuk kursi pengunjung yg sedang menunggu.

Nia Wibiyana (08/06/2016 06:32)
Pretty clean

Ray Dhanitra Ahmad (30/05/2016 23:12)
Jauh dari rumah

David R. Sentika (28/04/2016 15:53)
Dingin beut cuy bioskopnya 😐

Stephen Lukas (29/12/2015 15:46)
Tempat enak buat nonton bioskop

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