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Surabaya Museum (Gedung Siola)

Bangkalan, Jawa Timur
Alamat: Jl. Tunjungan No.1, Genteng, Kota SBY, Jawa Timur 60275, Indonesia
Rating: 4.40
Telp: +62 812-5256-3166
Jam Operasional:
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Thursday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Friday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Sunday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Komentar :

anggi maulinda (15/05/2018 00:04)
Need more interactive feature so visitor not just see and leave. But great option for learn Surabaya history

Priskila Gita (28/04/2018 14:27)
Always proud of how the government try to develop this place more and more. We visited the museum and explore other parts of the building. So we when to the next floor which is open for public. On the second floor there are some office and a place that's called taman gantung. Many plants are placed here and surprisingly, on the third floor there's a cozy contemporerly coworking place. The place is awesome.

Haifa Amalia Khoirunisah (25/04/2018 05:10)
I dont visit the museum but the bridge outside which connect with another building. There are some chairs to sit and enjoy the air in the middle town.

ima tiara (21/04/2018 16:36)
This museum needs to be more attractive. But the effort to show ordinary things of 1900s is gone well. It reminds me when i was in elementary school and paints a smile on my face.
If you are new to Surabaya and want to visit the real museum, i recommend you to visit Tugu Pahlawan Museum. You can find more about the history of Surabaya there. More attractive too

rodhiatul ardiani (09/04/2018 15:54)
Surabaya Museum berada di gedung Siola Jl. Tunjugan. Menjadi salah atu ikon kota Surabaya.
Museum ini berisi tentang segala hal yang ada di Surabaya, mulai dari segala macam angkutan umum yang pernah beroperasi di Surabaya. Salah satu angkot yang menjadi ikon Surabaya adalah angguna.
Area parkir untuk masuk ke Museum ini berada di roof top dengan membayar Rp. 3.000 untuk sepeda motor.

Cahya Gustiari (06/04/2018 07:51)
Spesifik deskripsi tentang koridor. Tempatnya comfortable. Sayng masih banyak renovasi di sana sini. Terus juga toilet juga jauh dari Koridor kalau sudah malam.

Adelline Fibriana (21/03/2018 23:32)
Best place to relax, find peace, and know something new here. There are many informations about Surabaya. It's free. You can see many things from colonial era in Surabaya, the cultures, traditional things, old vehicles, medical tools, etc. It's also in one place with "Taman Gantung" which is in the third floor. You can see beautiful view there.

Devi Laoda (02/03/2018 23:22)
I hope it can provide more things to see, but it just has limited collections. But I enjoy it enough because there I can find traditional games I used to play in my childhood moments.

Gary Daniels (14/02/2018 03:16)
This place is not worth making a special trip for.

If you're in the area then maybe pop in and take a quick glance but there's nothing that interesting. It is a collection of old artifacts such as an old dental chair with very few annotations so no clue what it's all about and why things are on display.

The 'museum' seems to be in a relatively busy local government office.

tommy warrior (24/01/2018 03:12)
GREAT museum of the city. Old items from heritage places are exhibit here. No entrance fee. Not too many exhibits here but it's adequate for people to have a glimpse of Surabaya.

It located also in a historical building in the city. The city took credit for saving the building from economic interest.

The whole building has taken over and becoming a city property. Public services offices also took place in this building next to the museum.

Rahmah Chemist (17/11/2017 02:46)
Nice place for having meet up with friends, because any coridor which made for fullfilling the Surabaya people's need. Cozy place for making small workshop, browsing and many other activities.
The students of college also can use this place for finishing their task from lecturer.

dian miftaqul sobirin (08/11/2017 05:50)
Museum of surabaya. You can find history of surabaya city. In this building you can find goverment services.

Nauval Karim (24/10/2017 06:56)
Place for local government public service office, too. It hasn't been used to the max. Still wide space unused effectively. The museum needs many more collections.

Muhammad Saqib (10/10/2017 07:38)
Foreign may visit here to know surabaya city history, Good museum but not big.

Tay wei iang (03/09/2017 05:12)
nothing special out here, mostly the antique and some culture referent can be found here

Aditya Mustika (30/08/2017 18:53)
This place is growing to be a museum, and it's a good thing, because we can learn about surabaya here.

Roman Bellic (20/08/2017 13:44)
A museum that is recently built by the government of Surabaya. A museum displaying some things unique to Surabaya only. There are also some displays of Dutch colonial era objects and a brief history of Surabaya. They also have a tour guide who can speak excellent English. There is no entrance fee here.

Hikmah Ayu Setiohadi (07/08/2017 20:21)
This museum is ok to visit but the museum is really lack of historical collection. Every weekend, there's an event being held here. The air conditioner really in function.

Hanif Chusnul (20/06/2017 13:43)
I'll say not the museum with the best collection I've ever been to but it's air-conditioned and has no entrance fee.

Lovelly Emma (10/06/2017 05:30)
If u love history of sby, u have to come here there is many old things u have to see ...

Puguh Christianto (23/05/2017 12:20)
Museum of surabaya city development and milestone. interesting place for hangout while getting​ some better understanding about surabaya history.

Budi Rachmad Yusuf (29/04/2017 13:51)
masih perlu banyak pembenahan... kelengkapan objek dan tempat parkir yg tdk memadai

Novielyn Anthonio (23/04/2017 17:18)
A quite new museum and the only one national museum in Surabaya. Surprisingly they have a requested local guide from the staff of the Surabaya Government that can speak English and explain well. But the size of the museum is quite small and not much things to show to the visitor

Ela Garini (14/04/2017 07:00)
Currently the museum still have limited collections which classified into several areas such Medical, Furnitures, Administration data and mostly coming during Dutch era. Please visit this museum if you want to see glance of Surabaya during Dutch era of period 19th century. It is free of charge to entering the museum. Bravo Surabaya City Goverment for the commitment of historical buildings preservations!

Shalom Liem (02/04/2017 12:55)
It doesn't give the museum feeling. Too much accent of exterior and interior design mixed.

Kiddos Arya (26/02/2017 21:24)
Amazed by the goverment, who made a museum inside a building that looked like an unused one.
At first, I though there were nothing there!
The guide was nice, she was good at telling us things, (quite profesional I suppose). But, her outfit was less than a formal clothes.
Overall, it was really enjoyable!

Anastasha Puspagita Herasmoro (13/02/2017 03:52)
We can get stories upon Surabaya, but there is no guide sometimes.

Roudhotul Jannah (17/01/2017 01:13)
Rooftopnya keren guys!!!

Elok Cahyani (03/01/2017 15:49)
Nice govermemt building

Rendra Budi Hutama (29/07/2016 06:27)
Great job for city government that was making over this heritage building became so great like now.

The museum was interesting but still need more historic collection.

Humada Alfian (10/06/2016 06:16)
Museum that contains photos, local government documents, good stuff, pre and pasca Indonesian independence photos of Surabaya. Accessible placa, nice air circulation and many informative and must come seminar/workshop

Fahmi Hasan (22/08/2016 03:46)
You can take a beauty photo in there

Venny Juliana (10/08/2016 08:15)
Old building, hot & creepy elevator, parking access to building ony by elevator or walk down by the ramp.

Tiko Prabhata (14/06/2016 04:27)
bangunan kuno yang cukup terkenal di surabaya. Ada nggak orang Surabaya yang nggak tau siola?

Indra Hermawan (19/04/2016 20:36)
Historical building

Asyam Mulayyan Dary (20/03/2016 08:17)

Muhammad Nuraga Lazuardy Ramadhan (09/03/2016 14:28)
Historical place

musvida (12/01/2016 07:15)

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