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Sunan Ampel Graveyard

Bangkalan, Jawa Timur
Alamat: Jalan Pertukangan I, Ampel, Semampir, Ampel, Semampir, Kota SBY, Jawa Timur 60151, Indonesia
Rating: 4.50
Telp: +62 31 30422884

Komentar :

windwild2 wind (10/05/2018 13:03)
praying for people's muslim islam

Fitri Amethyst (10/03/2018 11:45)
It waa rainy day when Im here. It looks little mess. Too many visitors here, some of them praying while another geting rest. Alhamdulillah there was a plastic-jacket seller.

Khan Abbas (02/03/2018 05:56)
Sunan Ampel Grave is the Hester of great Muslim waliullah who bring Islam in Indonesia since 1205 + - nice place specially old mosque which is build from woods 800 hundreds years ago .

tommy warrior (14/01/2018 23:57)
HERE lies the late Sunan Ampel, the oldest of the Nine Saints of Indonesian Muslims or Walisongo. Most of Javanese muslims highly respect and glorify Walisongo as Islam missionaries to Java.

People pay their tribute by doing pilgrimage to their cemeteries not in particular time. They come any time even in the night to recite Quran and send prayers.

fitri khasanah (28/12/2017 04:45)
Religious tourism for moslem. It's one of historical place in surabaya. There's also any tomb of sunan ampel (one of the famous sunan who spread islam in surabaya).

lia chikhy (27/12/2017 02:41)
nice and religious tourism place in surabaya. Arabian environment in surabaya Indonesia, good place for shopping arabian stuff and muslim clothe. the brand is made by the original country. good import quality. hehehe I have my some dresses i bought from here.

A.S Hasimy (05/11/2017 08:30)
Religious tourism, it's very good here, also explains the history of how Islam began to spread in Surabaya, and also the rest of East Java. It's also the makam (grave) of Sunan Ampel, the one that spreads Islam in Surabaya. There's also people that sells traditional foods here, it's really yummy!

Also, there's also plenty of accessories for sale.
This place deserves a 5 star rating!

Amin Susilo (26/10/2017 21:49)
Hystorical place to remember where 1st Sunan was existed

achmad shalahuddin al-ayubi (14/10/2017 14:14)
Best place for remembering how death are close..historical place for Muslim and surabaya citizen

yoga Kharisma (29/06/2017 09:46)
Love this place

Endra Wijaya (22/06/2017 13:37)
Great mosque.. great spiritual palce...

Muhammad Alfarizi Noval (20/06/2017 09:06)

M. Sa'din Tamami (20/05/2017 14:41)

Wildan perdana putra (29/04/2017 06:23)
Wisata religi sayang tempatnya kotor

Ramlee Tamin (25/02/2017 09:24)
This place is jammed pack with people.
It has a beautiful mosque and a few tombs.
Many come here to pay respect to religious leaders.
For some it is a place to make wishes.
You have to be properly dressed esp for women.
Taking photos at the tombs are forbidden.
The mosque is totally erected from wood.
The architecture is amazing considering obsolete technology a few hundred years ago.

Durahman Saja (12/11/2016 04:03)

Sofie Amanda (01/11/2016 04:05)
lets to know

yasin ma'ruf (15/10/2016 14:31)
Holy place

Imam Hanafi (29/09/2016 04:28)

Nada Haroen (28/01/2014 05:42)
A place for remnding of death but also a great place for shopping.

Irwah Yudi Laonga (09/08/2016 02:52)
Buat wisata religi pas banget nih bareng2 keluarga or tetangga 👍

Dimas Ardhana (10/07/2016 07:49)

Bayu Hendriyono (20/06/2016 10:29)
Amazing Sunan Ampel.... 👍💜👍

achmad sofyan ardiansyach sofyan (17/06/2016 18:04)
madep mantep

Budiono Sukses (11/06/2016 00:03)
Wisata religi makam SUNAN AMPEL Surabaya.

Wan Chung (08/06/2016 14:02)
Always crowded at Friday night

Qori Reader (11/08/2013 11:15)
This is graveyard of Sunan Ampel followers/students and also there is his tomb.Many moslem around Indonesia visit the tomb. One of popular moslem scholar who spread Islam around java.

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