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Sheraton Surabaya Hotel & Towers

Bangkalan, Jawa Timur
Alamat: Jl. Embong Malang No.25-31, Kedungdoro, Tegalsari, Kota SBY, Jawa Timur 60261, Indonesia
Rating: 4.60
Telp: +62 623 15468000 ?SWAQ=958C
Jam Operasional:
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours

Komentar :

rachel jevita (24/05/2018 08:13)
Nice place to stay.. All the staff are very kind and helpfull.. Too bad they don't serve sushi at breakfast.. Anyhow, It's a lovely place, will be staying there again

Andre Radhitya (19/05/2018 08:37)
good & luxurious hotel, next to great mall tunjungan plaza

Suluh Pandu Dwiartantio (15/05/2018 07:43)
Love the hotel, even though it's located far from kuta or seminyak, it's near all tourtist site at nusa dua, it's location also makes the hotel has a calm vibe which is good for someone who sick of the city crowdness, I stay in 3 rooms with private pool, and love every single of it! The room are comfortable which they have own kitchen so you can cook your own food and take it to the pool, exactly what holiday should

Kurnia Chris Pradana Wicaksono (26/04/2018 05:53)
A great place for meeting. The food is so good. And the staff is very friendly

ailema anitsuga (21/04/2018 02:24)
Honestly I and my husband were just stopped by in the hotel since our cousin asked to meet up when he also in Surabaya (I booked another hotel). He reserved junior suite room but unfortunately I didnt take pictures there. The room was clean and well set up. Although it was less of modern touch, but it was classy and elegant for five stat hotel. The service was good and the staffs treated us very polite and formal. We spent time in Sheraton Club Lounge. They serve some wine, beverage and finger food such as dimsum, meatball, western snack, and pastry.

Donny YLS (29/03/2018 14:23)
5 star hotel with definitely 5 star services. Have been to this hotel for over than 20 years and still always feel totally satisfied with its services. There are regular rooms and also club rooms which are a little bit more expensive but well worth the price. Breakfast are always great, although it may sometime to be over crowded at weekends. But at the 25th floor at the Sheraton club breakfast is almost always comfortable, never crowded. Sometimes you could run into a celebrity or an official government at the Sheraton club. One of the great things about the breakfast at this club is, that you get to bring drinks such as coffee to go. Staff are always helpful and full of smiles. One of the best hotels I have ever stayed at.

Happy Lia Sanjaya (26/03/2018 15:14)
Ballroom is good, the food is good. But when I had an event in second floor meeting room, I found that the toilet is too far from the room. And during that time this hotel is still under renovation in some part of the place

Andeline Santoso (24/03/2018 11:03)
Great location! Next to a huge shopping mall Tunjungan Plaza, so it's very easy to entertain and feed yourself! Room is ok, if not a little outdated but still functional. Totally recommended!

Andi Setiawan (21/03/2018 10:21)
New Modern hotel which connecting to Tunjungan Plaza Shopping Center. Today, we can find and go around at 6 Tunjungan Plaza's area if we are stay at Sheraton Hotel. The five stars hotel in the middle of Surabaya City. It is easy to go anywhere when we stay at Sheraton Surabaya. This place have big and clean room and good breakfast menu. Do not worry to find any product, because there are hundreds of stores and food stall open at Tunjungan Plaza 1-6 from 11.00 AM until 22.00 PM, with just a few steps from this hotels in the same building area.

Edbert Wee (12/11/2017 06:31)
The hotel is located in the middle of the city with great positioning. It is located right above one of the biggest and most complete mall in Surabaya. The hotel may be a little old, but they are renovating the rooms to improve. The club lounge and hotel breakfast are nice addition and special to Sheraton hotels. The staffs of the hotel were very friendly as well. Overall it's a recommended hotel!!

Atiqa NH (02/11/2017 21:10)
large room size, complete facilities, friendly staff and fast service, strategically located because it is connected to the shopping center (mall) and located in the heart of the city making it suitable for businesspeople. room rate according to the service gained, breakfast is varied and tastes good. highly recommended. the only drawback is difficult to park the car

Yoseph Sutjipto (30/09/2017 14:23)
A popular hotel in the heart of Surabaya (the city's central business district), within walking distance to my personal favourite mall in Surabaya, Tunjungan Plaza, where you can *almost* get anything you would need in a day to day basis. I also love the Kawi Lounge, a great place to chill and relax with a friend or two after a long and tiring day. Music here is never too loud, which means you can have a proper and intimate conversation. Well recommended

Immanuel Lumbantobing (22/09/2017 15:29)
Location : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Parking : ⭐️⭐️⭐️(guest must paid parking per day even though you stayed at the hotel and the parking direction needs improvement because when you get in to the parking lot the attendant will say you can park anywhere however, there is a dedicated parking spot that says 'Sheraton Residence' that you can parked your car and you have to argue with the guard first because he said its for valet service only but the hotel receptionist said you can self park. So please work on that professionalism work culture if you want your customer satisfied and keep coming back)
Room: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Cleanliness : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Receptionist : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (helpful and friendly)
Breakfast : ⭐️⭐️⭐️(so little options for a five stars hotels, especially in Indonesia)

Overall i had a good stay in this hotel but it needs several improvements if they want to keep up with other five stars hotel in Surabaya.

Micki Switzer (09/09/2017 20:33)
Sheraton doesn't care about their customers health or comfort. I booked a non-smoking room...which I assumed would be non-smoking. Ha!!! When we went to our room the hallway was billowing with cigarette smoke even though there were many signs that said NO SMOKING. Our room, labeled non-smoking, was graciously supplied with dirty ashtrays. We changed room's and floors but was greeted with another wall of stench. Because Sheraton didn't care enough to honor their promise of a clean air room, it seemed to me that everything in the room was filthy. There were actually holes in the sheets, the carpet was disgusting and the drain in the shower gave me the creeps. Don't pretend to be non-smoking when you can't train your employees properly or maintain even the slightest semblance of what you advertise. I can't believe we had to pay for this experience. I had to throw out almost everything that I had in that room because the smell won't wash out. Don't promise amenities and comforts that you refuse to provide. NEVER ANOTHER SHERATON FOR OUR FAMILY!!!

Yogan Sivam (07/09/2017 14:54)
Very friendly staff. Hotel is clean and comfortable. Hotel isnext to a shopping mall.
Not too far from the airport.

Russell Switzer (07/09/2017 08:31)
Average at best. Staff is very nice. Hotel is clean but the hotel has been smoked in. Even the non smoking rooms. You can smell it in the air conditioning system. Next time I come to Surabaya I'll stay somewhere else.

indra surya (06/09/2017 11:27)
Excellent hotel.. very strategic place near super mega mall.. Tunjungan Plaza 1-6.. u can have any experience of Surabaya here..

nurin nafisah (05/09/2017 11:55)
Large room, delicious buffet, and best of all is I found holy qur'an and also bible in the drawer which gives me a lot of positive thought to this hotel. Nice.

Kenny Koesno (08/08/2017 07:30)
We stayed over for a wedding reception, the first room we were placed in smelled like fresh paint, the front desk kindly moved us to another room. Unfortunately, the other room had AC issues. The AC wasn't cold enough, but we sticked with it cause it was still decent. Amenities and bedding was good, but for a 5 star hotel it needs a refresh. The building is showing it's age.

The breakfast we had was also a dissapointment. Food quality was average and the kitchen was unable to keep up with the pace. Definitely not fit for a 5 star rating.

Guz Ghazali (03/07/2017 03:45)
One of the 5 stars hotel in town but with one advantage. Located next to the shopping mall, food court etc. Perfect location

Bryan Dhika (16/06/2017 11:47)
great place for medium priced hotel, good service

Gandhi Cahyo (09/06/2017 10:31)
really nice and kind staff hotel, the place is best and have a strategic location, near mall and Central of iconic food on Surabaya

Alvino Novea Fandy (27/05/2017 15:16)
Their cake store service is super slow. Not 5 star worthy

Khoiri Ali (16/05/2017 12:21)
New view Sheraton entrance from Tunjungan Plaza..
Nice Hotel in Surabaya..
My greeting from Kebaya DNova..

Aiken Kurniawan (31/03/2017 14:04)
Hotel is undergoing a renovation, but it will be a great hotel once it finish.

The new manager will make Sheraton back on it's glory days.

Pratiwi Gunawan (14/03/2017 03:06)
They have the best Banquet Service in town! The banquet service team is super proactive in solving problems and friendly. Keep it up!

kacang sukro (18/02/2017 19:09)
Execelent service, good room and great taste buat makanannya 😋

Shalom Liem (17/02/2017 04:00)
Actually I went to Bromo Buffet, it was a terrible experience. Food was incomplete, dull, and it tasted bad. The two stars was caused by the service, I reported that the fish wasn't stripped to a clean fillet and still has bones in it (I'm not sure what menu) but if it were to have bones in it, would be nice for the management to warn.

Long story short, I ate the fish, got a bone stuck in my throat and told the server, but guess what? No respond from the server. I just try to drink it away with couple of glass, and yeah. They don't give a thing, and just went off like that.

Also, I was with a bunch of friends and we wanted to take a picture together, we asked the server at the Gro (there were no wait) and the person there didn't want to help us to take a picture. While we have to ask another who's roaming around inside. Sheraton, bromo was supposed to be as the mountain projects. But this?

Benny Chandra (16/02/2017 18:37)
A 5 star hotel located next to Tunjungan Plaza. Has swimming pool, resto, and convention room.

Aldo Adela (24/01/2017 09:48)
Nice room and nice place to chill. Enjoy live music at their lounge at night

andreas salim (02/01/2017 10:50)
Good hotel, Great service, delicious Food, reasonable Price "for five star hotel" perfect.

Troy Richardo Muljono (03/10/2016 02:27)
finally, it is being renovated. free wifi! (code : sheraton)

Thomas Killinger (19/09/2016 21:28)
Always same standard and perfect recognition of Platinum member. Due to construction a little difficult at the moment but the staff makes all to feel comfortable.

Sony Ganadhi (06/08/2016 16:25)
A bit crowded place between towers and mall. But if you like malls and cafe, thats the place..surrounding by Plaza Tunjungan.

Willson Suryadi (16/07/2016 14:46)
Very nice hotel to spend holiday. Have a nice swimming pool. Very friendly room service

property broker (18/06/2016 01:20)
A 5-star hotel as usual, connecting with Tunjungan Plaza complex.

Hans Adisastra (24/05/2016 20:51)
It connect with the most famous mall in Surabaya. Convenience for family

asep permana (09/05/2016 02:52)
For now, area around sheraton hotel have under construction but in future, sheraton hotel will integrate with tunjungan plaza complex area

Nia Wibiyana (15/03/2016 18:09)
Went to a seminar in here, nice place, love the helpful staff and the interior

Hans Stephen Tang (15/12/2015 16:40)
nice hotel but dont have park
you must park your car in Tunjungan Plaza mall is annoying sometimes

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