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Pasar Atum Mall

Bangkalan, Jawa Timur
Klasifikasi: Mall dan Department Store
Alamat: Jl. St. Kota No.7A, Bongkaran, Pabean Cantian, Kota SBY, Jawa Timur 60161, Indonesia
Rating: 4.40
Telp: +62 31 3532109
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Thursday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Sunday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Komentar :

Didit Suto (23/05/2018 07:03)
This is the place to satisfy your appetite.The food is great and you can also find decent clothes here

Chikita Fadhila (21/05/2018 23:34)
i’d use to going here looking for gold jewelry (there is many shop for gold jewelry etc) and hunting food 👍👍👍 but in here is too crowded, not easy to looking for parking, the toilet is not free and not too clean neither. i’m sorry for my terrible english 😉

Miftah Sutis (18/05/2018 15:15)
It is old supermall in Surabaya located in North Surabaya. It's Not crowded mall now

ricky fernaldi (01/05/2018 23:41)
Shopping buat ai2 bolehlah.. Sizenya lengkap😂😂 buat nyari sandal harga miring jg bisa.. Kaset dvd? Bisa.. Mau makan? Buanyak.. Jajanan pasar? Lengkap.. Yang g ad klo mau cari parkir aplg hari minggu😱😱😱 harus dateng awal.. Min jam 9

malvin piero (28/04/2018 19:47)
Place for shopping. Cheap (compare to other), nice atmosphere

Lindawati Chandra (27/03/2018 14:22)
The good chinatown in surabaya

Hizkia David (28/02/2018 14:58)
Good place for shopping and eating. Got very big foodcourt.

eric soejatno (29/01/2018 00:20)
If you come to Surabaya and visit north region. You should visit the place. There are many things that can buy in here.

From food, clothes, even accessories and souvenir in there.

There are two area in here, old one and mall area. But all of the area are comfortable and have various stall that you should try. They open everyday including holiday (even some of the shop are closed during holiday)

Anneke Natali (01/01/2018 12:14)
This is the best mall since i was a kid. Want to buy food? Clothes? Smartphone and their accessories? Come to Pasar Atum!

Wiwik Delicacy (29/12/2017 19:39)
Pasar Atom mall is one of my favourite place to go. From kids until now 28 years old, i always go to this place. This place also my Family Favourite too from my Grandfather, his mom and dad.. and also my big families. It is complicated too with culinary too. So if you are going to Surabaya, You must go to this place. OK?

andre alim (20/11/2017 16:36)
This place is like a maze really.. but u can find everything here.. it is said that if u have not visited pasar atum, means u haven't been to Surabaya.. lol..

Elizabeth Suhartatik (15/10/2017 09:36)
Best one stop shopping in Surabaya. Yoa can buy anything here : foods, clothes, gadget, etc. Good quality. Med-high price.

Gunawan Khang (06/10/2017 08:45)
Great place for shopping. Almost everything can be find here. Also the culinary here were great. So many choises.

toko si wita (01/10/2017 18:13)
Legendary mall from before i was born yet haha,,, favorite place to buy jewellery or just window shopping at central gold merchant,,, looked what i ve brought cuty hello kitty ring.

Ramlee Tamin (25/08/2017 22:00)
This is quite a big mall facing the railway.
It is linked to another part which is facing ITC Surabaya.
There ground floor primarily deals with jewellery.
The upper floors deal with clothing, toys etc.
Highest floor is where most restaurants are placed.
There are some high end shops here.
Many Chinese related items are sold here.
You can find many ATM machines from many banks here. Every floor has quite a few.

anton wibowo (07/08/2017 22:39)
One of the popular mall in Surabaya, this mall is usually packed with many chinese people, what people like is there is the owner of the store who stay in there, unlike other mall which only the staff who take care of the store

Eventhough its not the best mall, but this mall gives special atmosphere experience for the visitors

Bambang Purnomo (04/08/2017 17:33)
Legendary shopping mall at Surabaya. Must visit for domestic tourist. Many local food at one place. Must try: bubur madura.

Fellix Liem (08/07/2017 00:15)
Also called the Chinatown of Surabaya
Must-Go place for tourist
Sold many kind of goods across Java
Food court are available at wide range of traditional foods. Actually, this is the best place for retail therapy and culinary

Johan Axel Pariury (08/06/2017 13:27)
If you have to stay at surabaya for a time, you should go to this mall. It's offer a lot of goods

Ailin Easterina (22/05/2017 09:06)
My advice is to not go here near Chinese new year... unless you're willing to wake up very early, otherwise you won't find any parking. This is my mom and her sisters favorite place to shop, probably since they migrated to this city. The mall basically sells everything, from cooking ingredients, cooking wares, jewellery, to clothes and so much more. There are so many good food worth to try here.

Melissa Hadiwidjojo (13/05/2017 08:16)
Good place to shopping and eating. many kind of goods you're looking for are sold here. Bank teller also open until 3pm in weekend.

Salahuddin Muhammad Iqbal (03/05/2017 15:28)
Same as other mall but in smaller package and cramped. Parking lot is overcrowded and no sign whatsoever. Just go to older Pasar Atum, you can get various snacks.

Lysa Dewi (29/04/2017 06:19)
Surganyq cuci mata

Billy Gondokusuma (13/04/2017 17:28)
One of the most known shooping mall in Surabaya. Great place to spend your money. Just ask security guard if you got lost👀👌

Margareth Yap (09/04/2017 07:31)
Food, clothes, jewelry, groceries are here in pasar Atom! There are old and new building with or without air conditioning

Diaz Putra (29/03/2017 16:24)
Nice mall yet not so luxury.. you can find many cheap things here and clone of branded things.. many nice foodstall with great taste of food.. but sadly this place is always so crowded, and very difficult to find parking lot..

Sylvani Thelma (20/02/2017 09:50)
An old mall or market . But inside doesnt look old, but nice and modern. Mostly selling fashion, bag, mobile accesories, and food. Try bubur madura local food in the lowest floor near the parking area.

Thomas Petitt (16/02/2017 07:21)
There's a new mall and an old one which are connected together. The new side is quite nice. The old side is run down and ugly. Lots of clothing stores and tailors inside. The food in the food court area upstairs is very average.

Sonny Suharsono (14/02/2017 17:33) price against quality just so so.. Be careful of halal food for moslems when buying snack food and others..

Ivan Olianto (15/01/2017 01:30)
This place offer big variety of stuff. Almost everything you can find here for daily purpose. Sadly, some part of this place don't have air conditioner

Okky Fernandes (17/12/2016 22:45)
Most crowded mall on during the day. Many store to visit. Many culinaire. And nice place for shopping

David Herlianto (28/09/2016 23:02)
When we look at the name, it is a market. But market that combine with mall. The stuff in this mall is not low quality by the way. The food court is also has great menus.

Yohanes Suryanto (27/09/2016 21:45)
Rame terus

Ridcian Tamri (19/09/2016 20:02)
Many Indonesian food and great shopping mall for ladies. No longer hot like in the old days

Johny Fabulous (13/09/2016 22:30)
Recomended for out of town visitors. They have a complete selection of food that locals hang out with their family

Nita Indriani (19/08/2016 13:18)
The last mall in Surabaya where you can haggle price. Feels like walking in an old Chinatown here, loads of Ai (Auntie) and Shu' shu' (uncle) selling and talking. Rather busy at all times. Come early (before 10am) if you wish to have easy parking lot.

Djimantoro Widjojo (20/06/2016 11:14)
iconic shopping center in surabaya

Made Mulya (17/06/2016 11:59)
Many street food and small boutique, price range from medium to high price.

yoyo dsign (24/04/2016 06:45)
Just like old pasar atum but with air conditioner.

Ivan Yudhi (15/12/2015 14:18)
This is a low end mall serving variety of different goods. You can even get bootlegged DVDs while you're here. The food court serves variety of delicious food. Some part has AC, the other don't. If you go to the basement area you'll find some stalls serving delicious Indonesian traditional snacks. We tried a few yesterday and it was delicious. This place is perfect for college students or for those that don't want to spend too much money but can still have a good time.

Evan Ericssen (17/05/2015 10:58)
Nice place to get cheap clothes. There's air conditioned and non-air conditioned room. But overall, this is a good place.

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