Direktori Lokasi di Indonesia Tidar Surabaya

Bangkalan, Jawa Timur
Klasifikasi: Spa dan Salon, Hotel and Villa, Restaurant, Cafe, Bakery, dan Bar
Alamat: Jl. Tidar No.5, Sawahan, Kec. Sawahan, Kota SBY, Jawa Timur 60251, Indonesia
Rating: 4.20
Telp: +62 31 99001877
Jam Operasional:
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours

Komentar :

Antonius Hariyanto (27/05/2018 13:59)
Good hotel to stay at same price . nearby 2 train stations in Surabaya . only around ten minutes by taxi to reach them from hotel. many kind of delicious food around it . there's skybar on top of it.

dundhee yuwono (06/05/2018 10:29)
If you want to find a unique rooftop bar with a great Surabaya views, this is the place for you. Quite affordable price, a nice beer, and pleasant foods makes it a great experience.

Hariroed (29/04/2018 16:55)
Not good for parking... not recommended if you bring your own car while you stay here.. even their parking man will manage but we have to wait..

Cedre Villas (06/04/2018 20:28)
Corridors are non air-conditioned, hot and humid, also not very well kept. Building looks very hip on the outside, but very tired inside. Smells of cigarettes everywhere, including the rooms. We had to waste one paid night because we can't stand the smell and we had to move to a better hotel.

The positives are the staff, very helpful, and the food were surprisingly good. Those are what the three stars for.

I've been to even cheaper hotel, but they manage to keep at least some floors smoke-free. Maxone, failed miserably on that part.

gracia feliciana (04/04/2018 15:31)
Good place in middle of town, cheap price, good breakfast

Muhammad Aldhiansyah (02/04/2018 23:26)
if you need a room for your comunity event, they have best package for you

Priskila Citra (30/03/2018 09:02)
City hotel, good service, it has a sky bar on 7th floor, you can make party or meeting here. The breaksfast need to improve, the taste was so so. With pool would be great, but they dont have😊

Thomas Riedener (08/03/2018 09:59)
Nice hotel. Small rooms. Great breakfast. Receptionist not all friendly. But a nice stay.

Rahmah Chemist (28/02/2018 07:28)
One of budget hotel in South Surabaya. With green color interior design, this hotel is quite elegant for spending night here. We also make mini gathering in this hotel for company or community.
Any meeting room with can cover about 50 persons. Quite large parking area, near from public spot like mini market, simple public transportation like "becak".

andy summer (18/11/2017 18:02)
good sized room for traveler. room is very clean. breakfast is above average. and also they have skybar on the 6th floor with city view from the skybox and it's a must try (only skybar that sells alcoholic drinks) - they usually have DJ on weekends. meeting room is also above average for a budget hotel with good lighting, ambiance, and service. a must try

rora veronica (03/11/2017 15:38)
Cozy place, you can found many food street here (with expensive cost)

aris sucahyo (02/11/2017 04:57)
New hotel good facilities

Hanifah Fajri (14/10/2017 16:32)
Located very strategic, near mall (Tunjungan Plaza) and culinary spot (restaurant, street food).
The hotel itself has a very unique design, simple and modern, yet artistic... Me likey~
Free WiFi for guest, the breakfast was not really variative tho.
Parking lot is very small and disorganized.
And when I was staying there, I sawvempty plates on the hall, and those plates never get cleaned up for days.

Ryan Arto (14/10/2017 07:20)
Nice hotel with reasonable price for business travel, only for the happiness room is quite small. It's rather hars to put your luggage. The breakfast is good with some variation of food....there is outdoor seating so you can smoke while you are having breakfast. This hotel location is near from TP mall and culinary area such as ayam president, ayam jakarta, ayam pemuda, bu rudy. But i'm really have a weird experience in this hotel....i order room with breakfas from tr*v*l*k* and already stay here for two days and havibg breakfast every morning... but suddenly in the 3rd day of my stay when i want to have a breakfast the staff told me that i order room only...what!!! Please fix this problem....

Fery Dwiyanto (01/09/2017 19:13)
Nice place near from every special places at surabaya city

Iggy Budiman (01/09/2017 08:17)
Room quite comfy, but small. Amenities is minimal, no coffee, tea, hair comb. Price is too expensive for what we got. There's K24 across the road if you need something. Many great food nearby.

Angga Praditya (27/08/2017 15:45)
Good hotel. Complete TV cable channel. Wifi access in every room, can reach higher floor. Good breakfast

Hery Setiawan (20/08/2017 07:59)
Very noisy, you can hear next door voices.
But the price is good

dimas pratama (30/07/2017 19:38)
Simple and chick hotel. Great design from lobby to the rooms. The food also great..

Risnaa Wijaya (02/07/2017 05:33)
The worst service i have experience!!!with the name of receptionist is ADI, very very very bad service that i could say!please for the director of maxone please to try teach him more about how to act polite, he said that no more a higher position than him and he yelling to the customer
Please check your cctv if you doubt about it
I just want to tell what i experienced this morning
Would be glad if you give feedback or take action about this insidence
Thank you

Jose fun (26/06/2017 20:42)
This hotel is AWESOME!! Will come back here for sure.

Robert Prabowo (06/06/2017 18:25)
Cheap, good room, food average

Chris Kuang (29/04/2017 10:27)
My favourite hotel when I come to surabaya. Good location, affordable rates, clean, breakfast inclusive, good food all around the hotel, fast internet. Highly recommended

Роналд Рустан (13/03/2017 02:00)
Still need some improvements. Toilet odour smelled in the hallway. Water smelled when shower is turned on but the smell dissappears after a while.

Room is cosy. Wifi is good. Had my breakfast and lunch and they were okay. Did not get to try the skybar though. Friendly staff.

Joko Mahendra Susanto (10/03/2017 17:05)
I love the Sky Bar.
Room rate reasonable.
Food standard
Location best. 1km walk to Tunjungan Plaza

Hari Widodo (08/01/2017 21:18)
Nice hotel with nice rooftop bar, nice view, many spot for photo, nice place for hangout but food just average...

Ridcian Tamri (30/11/2016 23:53)
Pro. : Roof Top Bar with great views and romantic atmosphere especially in drizzle
rain (gerimis)
Cons : Limited parking space

Yosua Sugiarto (24/10/2016 13:39)
Because this hotel was new so inside the room still nice (oct 2016). But personally this hotel is good for young people not recommended for elderly people especially when stay here on saturday night because the rooftop bar is very loud so you can't rest very well.

The bed was very comfortable and the the room was quite clean. The location was good next to the hotel there's a minimarket and a lot of food stalls.

Nickko Nick (14/10/2016 08:50)
The location is good, There are many restaurants around here, you can find variation of street food, and near to public area such as mall (tunjungan plaza and bubutan junction)

Andreas Harsono (15/09/2016 23:47)
I stayed only for one night. I found the hotel on Agoda. I came to Surabaya to attend a cousin's wedding anniversary. It's a one-year old hotel. It is clean. It's in a strategic location near Tunjungan area. Rooms are modern, minimalist design. It is a good one for business needs. I also found many great food vendors around the hotel. In the evening, it's pretty crowded due to the vendors. You should expect heavier traffic.

Arianto Indropratomo Indradjid (29/09/2016 00:07)
Good hotel with easy to find (evening time) local food in surrounding area

Alif Rafa (08/08/2016 02:46)
Restonya keren

fanani (21/07/2016 15:25)
Great budget hotel in the middle of surabaya
next to bebek goreng sinjay
near from mall and centre of Surabaya
Grab and Gojek also found this place easy to find

Adhit Satria (10/07/2016 08:58)
Good as budget hotel. But there are no refrigerator & cumboard/cummode.

Sutaji (19/06/2016 21:26)
High class

Yuda Manik (27/05/2016 00:01)
Nice interior, clean, great WIFI, good location...

AMAR KHAQQI (02/01/2016 18:21)
Good Hotel

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