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Bumi Surabaya City Resort

Bangkalan, Jawa Timur
Alamat: Jl. Jend. Basuki Rahmat No.106-128, Embong Kaliasin, Genteng, Embong Kaliasin, Genteng, Kota SBY, Jawa Timur 60271, Indonesia
Rating: 4.60
Telp: +62 31 5311234

Komentar :

Yenni Dwi Kurniawaty (23/05/2018 03:17)
The food are tasty! I like how big the restaurant and how many menus you can choose. The interior is nice and the garden is big enough for you to take a stroll.

Yu Hui Cheong (17/05/2018 05:54)
Great atmosphere. Friendly staffs who always greet you. Room is clean and has a great view! We booked the room at a low-period discounted price. Totally worth it!! Will definitely stay here if I vist Surabaya again.

Raihan Rijanto (13/05/2018 05:38)
Good food, big room. The steak on a hot stone is remarkable. Suitable for couples or travelling in a group because it can get lonely in such spacious room 😅 Also the hotel smell very nice, like lemongrass. The live piano show every morning is quite nice too.

Hanna Suryadika (04/05/2018 04:59)
One of the best choice to stay in Surabaya.
the Javanese ethnic ambience and also you can feel the natural aroma is authentic.
The breakfast also have a lot of choice from the Surabaya's delicacy up to Indonesian food.
The room facility is good, also the staff treatment and manner is good

Jee Hye Shin (02/05/2018 17:11)
Swuka banget sama hotel ini. Hotel bintang 5 tengah kota terdengar biasa, tapi yg bertema resort bisa jd berbeda. Begitu masuk hotel aroma terapinya memanjakan dan yg paling suka lagi restonya kizahashi (?) bayar 1x bisa nikmati all you can eat more than 3 menu. Western, chinese, japanese dan Indonesia plus jajanan yg memanjakan lidah. Kalau ada tamu penting dari kantor biasanya diajak makan disini. Belum lagi di bagian bakery, setiap hr disc. 50% diatas jam 6 (setiap hari buat baru) bisa tahan sampai 3hr kedepan.. Ah so many good things I can mention to this hotel. Just try and make yours~

Ross Hardy-Barker (02/04/2018 06:38)
Simply my favourite hotel in Asia.

No hotel in the world smells like this palace of indulgence.

Great restaurants and coffee shop.
Rooms extraordinary
Pool and Spa first class

I had room on the 19th floor, it was perfect.

I never where possible eat in hotel restaurants, but why would you eat anywhere else. Its buffet is a world beater with Indonesian, Japanese, and European options. Its huge.

The only draw back is the lack of bar these days. There is alcohol but its only served on the full menu.

Voni Trisnawati (04/03/2018 12:12)
The hotel's services and ambience was amazing, though their food taste are so-so...

When I worked as event crew, work together with their crew was always amazing,

And when I'm a guest at their restaurant also feels like at home.

This hotel has a lots of resort style photo spot, oh and if you ask nicely, their staff will gladly taking pictures for you.

Hopefully they can improve their food taste,

But so far, going there is a lovely experiences.

Dimas Maulana (03/03/2018 14:59)
One thing that made this hotel memorable to me: the aromatic atmosphere! I could smell the scent of lemongrass throughout the hotel! I haven't had stay there, but meeting. The staffs were nice and helpful, the food was great and super. The meeting room was comfortable. Overall, my experience was great here, but I just don't like the parking lot for motorcycle. It is too far from the lobby, it is quite challenging when it is raining. It will ruin your outfit due to the splashing rain whenever walking from parking lot to the lobby or vice versa.

Sulaiman Sujono (01/02/2018 03:32)
Not here to stay but for the restaurant. Reasonable price with great selection of foods and comfortable setting. Recommended for family dinner or dinner with colleagues and clients. Private room also available. The hotel seems nice too. The staff are very friendly.

SANDHY SIPAYUNG (29/01/2018 09:39)
Good hotel.. Nice view.. Delicious food.. Comfortable place.. Warm receptionist and all staff.. Clean area.. A lot of souvenir and gift shop... Traditional music loud making we feel happy to stay in here

Wendra Kurniawan (16/11/2017 10:55)
A resort in middle of city, the garden is an option for traveler who like to sit and juat enjoy the view. The restaurant is famous for the variety of the food

Rizqi Fadillah Romadhona (12/11/2017 08:10)
good location, old building but well maintained. the breakfast has wide and varied menu

TFK Z (11/11/2017 15:45)
Definitely one of the worst I’ve been to. There’s no light on the ceiling, and only one power plug on each side of the bed. If you want to charge your phone, you will have to unplug the nightstand light they give you (real cheap motel feeling); the curtain has light leaking out in the morning. And there’s only one switch that controls all the light in the room... so there’s no way you can make it to the bathroom at night without lighting up the table and the hallway... you get the idea. And the pillow is hard and tall... very tall, if that is you thing, go for it. I set the temperature around 20, but the whole night the room is warm... warm enough to make u wake up sweating... I can bear with all of these, but the air spray in the lobby is the last straw. They use some kind of scent spray to make the air smell like mint and lemon. But it made people having stuffy nose and tears eyes... come on! Buy some good air purifiers!

aquirina putri (05/11/2017 09:13)
Had dinner with family here multiple times. Always love the ambience, the food choices and taste. Be sure to book for place in advance especially on weekends. Would recommend indoor place for family and outdoor for those hanging out with friends.

Sher D (21/10/2017 14:32)
Very relaxing and authentic traditional Indonesian atmosphere. Been a part of the organising team of some work-related seminars here, and the crew were very efficient at getting things up and running.

Tram (09/09/2017 11:27)
Food location, services and room are great

Bagas Dwi (01/09/2017 10:32)
This hotel is excellent. The lobby are very cozy and has a strong fragrant (aromatheraphy). The garden are beautiful and perfect for relaxing. The room is big. The bathroom have a bathtub and a shower separately. And also you can see city view from your room.

Inez Halim (26/08/2017 10:58)
The aromatherapy scent is very strong in the lobby, I think its to prevent mosquito because they have a large garden inside. And the breakfast is awesomely delicious with wide choice of east to west menu

Kuntal Erba (29/07/2017 06:56)
Good resort.. however overbearing aroma in lobby area.. makes it heady.. also mosquitos and flies after 4pm.. 🤔

Dapur Palembang (24/07/2017 15:01)
The breakfast was amazing, so many choices and all of them were good. The room also spacious and clean. The bed was comfortable and the bathtub also nice. i'll come back for sure

indoturtle (02/07/2017 12:33)
A nice 5-star hotel in the center of Surabaya. Nice indoor and outdoor decorations. Nice swimming pool and gardens.

BebyMagicka (01/07/2017 15:29)
I only visit this on anniversary or celebration.. got lot of place for photo with family, love one or alone. Great food especialy the japanase food..

Reza Nugraha (27/06/2017 15:43)
Wonderful place wonderful meal a little bit pricey for the meal

Nita Indriani (11/06/2017 07:30)
Editing my last review:
They agree to provide me room of no charge for make up my last terrible experience. And they did well. The room is extra clean (they must have prepared it well) and the staff just extra nice. And breakfast is wonderful as usual.

And THANKS GOD the water is now running.

Previous review:
This is the WORST HOTEL I EVER HAD because they don't have water. The reception said they don't​ have water because there's a piping work, and it will be by 11pm to 3am.

I was wondering that since I come in the LOW SEASON, why don't they just MOVE us to a room which is not affected? Then until 11am, still no water. It feels like living in a refugee camp in stead of a hotel.

And I PAY 950k for such service.

Kill them lah if the management is like this!!

PS: they have good resto and food, just DON'T come at all for staying any night here.

Hesti Maulidya (09/05/2017 02:14)
One of legendary hotel in Surabaya. First time you enter this hotel you'll smell the traditional "rempah" of Indonesia. Good places to eat also

Yodi Soebadi (06/04/2017 09:16)
Aged but renovated hotel complex. Up to the highest standards of a business luxury hotel. Restaurants are also recommended, the multi cuisine buffet is one of the best value in town.

Ian Prasetyo (02/04/2017 05:58)
One of the best hotels in Surabaya for sure. Very much value for money. The hotel smells divine like lemongrass.

Jonathan Jordan (12/03/2017 15:53)
Very nice place to stay. Very pleasant service from the staff and great restaurants for breakfast, lunch or dinner :)

Cicilia Henny Handoyo (20/02/2017 02:16)
arum manis resto, their buffet dinner is the best in town. worth the price. so many variety. no one can't beat their price n variety

Muhammad Asrar Amir (19/02/2017 01:14)
Good place stay. What i like the most is the buffet. 3 kind of food, indonesian, western, and japanese. Their salmon sashimi is what i like the most.

Niq (31/01/2017 10:46)
Well maintained and still has its kinda charming looks from the old times, yet must admitted that it has been aging.
The food was still great though ;)

Shalom Liem (30/01/2017 16:02)
I was here only for the Buffet Restaurant. I forgot it's name, but man, good food for its Indonesian and Japanese cuisine. The place is sometimes crowded but it never ran out of what I want! Cheers to unlimited sashimi, sate, and everything else. Good job Bumi.

Gaby G (03/12/2016 16:57)
Its great place for you to celebrate your special day. There's many kinds of food from indonesian,japanese and idk how you categorized that but ye its a great place with delicious food.

Junaedy Wijaya (27/09/2016 08:58)
the place very cozy coz have many green area/garden. the food its delicious & healty too !! :P i'm loved so muchhhh !! :D

rizqy lovina (13/09/2016 11:12)
It's a nice hotel but the shower was very crap... I asked for a room with a nice view but they gave us a room without a view. If you want to stay here just check that if everything is working

Andre Josua (10/09/2016 03:17)
Great resort located in the center of Surabaya. Offers great delicacies packed into massive all-you-can-eat experiences called "Pasar Malem"

nico yonathan (23/08/2016 11:47)
nice 5 star hotel. The restaurants offer nice dining experience. from variety of local food to japanese and western food.

Ling Lie (12/08/2016 06:59)
Nice play to stay, room quite large and comfort. The best spot is Arum Manis restaurant, they provide buffet with large selection (pasar senggol, japanese, and western), with beautiful outdoor dining place.

Kenneth Wangga (14/06/2016 06:14)
Nice place to stay, great food, nice architecture.

kresna arya nugraha (08/06/2016 17:16)
Parkir motor 8rb wtf???

Victor Emmanuel (04/05/2016 16:54)
Great garden, breakfast is superb, alot of local food.

Frank Luu (18/04/2016 20:44)
I been to this place in my dreams. The rooms were huge, like I was in Barney the purple dinosaurs arms. I laid there in my Dubai-sized king bed , I felt like the I was the the King of Ghana.......The tall me is looking over my shoulder. I should stop,....

j marc (18/02/2016 03:35)
Great hotel with friendly staff, large rooms and one of the best breakfast selections I have seen in a long time. Loved the nasi goreng Java.

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