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Parai Beach Resort & Spa

Bangka, Kepulauan Bangka Belitung
Alamat: Kawasan Wisata Terpadu Pantai Parai Tenggiri, Sungai Liat, Sinar Baru, Sungai Liat, Kabupaten Bangka, Kepulauan Bangka Belitung 33211, Indonesia
Rating: 3.80
Telp: +62 717 94888

Komentar :

Akbar Rhamadan (27/04/2018 03:17)
U will find the best scenery here

Dom Perignon (16/04/2018 06:07)
Great place for anchorage if you are passing by with a yacht. Clean rooms, nice restaurant and friendly service.

Sheila Rahma (08/04/2018 11:53)
Pantainya bagus

erfan nurhuda (25/12/2017 05:08)
Nice restaurant with ocean view and the seafood is very very tasty

Rudi Lie (25/12/2017 05:06)
The kinda seafood people from Jakarta may like. The fried grouper with ginger and yellow spice is fantastic, and the grilled prawn is also good! Price wise is a bit higher than outside but overall not too pricey. Btw, the resto is within the beach complex so you can tell the receptionist that you're going to eat at the resto and show them the receipt afterward without incurring the entrance fee to use the resort (pool & private beach).

fendi karman (04/11/2017 01:44)
Nice place and very nice view

E Riko (02/11/2017 02:13)
Nice beach 🏝

irvan hardiansyah (05/11/2017 07:39)
Nice place, nice view.

Hengki Tasman (04/11/2017 07:47)
This restaurant has excellent view.

yukie ryuji (02/07/2017 10:21)
Good views

Yuliendry Insafrestiandi (01/07/2017 03:34)
Nice place for relaxing

Don Agusta (26/06/2017 06:54)
Nice view, the food is OK

arimbhawa yasa (01/12/2016 15:46)
Stone beach

Tuan Amos (28/08/2016 13:33)
Beautiful beach, clean sands

Achmad Ridhony (01/07/2016 07:37)

Vic Easter (24/04/2016 05:10)
Parai Beach, located not far from Sungai Liat is one of the favorite destination in Bangka.

uswatun hasanah (24/04/2013 13:14)
I'm so happy

Yudi Wahyudin (04/08/2016 05:44)

Dominicus Vincent (03/08/2016 17:30)
Not bad, sepi

Jeffry Iskandar (16/11/2015 12:15)
Kamar ny jelek bener, bathtub nggak bs dikunci, bnyk kotoran cicak n binatang di kamar mandi, andalan ny msh pantai n kolam renang, breakfast oke

Tatikana Kusiana (19/04/2014 05:50)
Surga wisata

Da Daniel (04/03/2014 12:46)
Rinyek nek maen kesana agik#alay

Novrina annisaa (08/04/2013 13:54)
the beach interesting enough with big stone which complete the scenery...:)

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