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Pantai Parai Tenggiri

Bangka, Kepulauan Bangka Belitung
Alamat: Sinar Baru, Sungai Liat, Bangka Regency, Bangka Belitung Islands, Indonesia
Rating: 4.50
Telp: +62 717 93888

Komentar :

eren jaeger (26/05/2018 01:14)
I love this place so much ! , parai be like my private personal beach , i can enjoy the beach the resort the food all by my self !! Its very a good place to calming your self when someone had a bad day !

evy limin (04/05/2018 06:33)
Big rocks scatered beautifuly along the beach line, stunning!

Teguh Prayogo Sudarmanto (21/04/2018 05:05)
Shall be long beach near Sungailiat, quite good and more developed now.

Rohmad Bagus (08/04/2018 14:30)
Pantainya akan lebih indah jika diizinkan bawa makanan dari luar. Kekhawatiran akan sampah yanh berserakan jika dibebaskannya membawa makanan dari luar seharusnya bisa diatasi dengan bersama-sama membangun kesadaran hidup bersih dan menyediakan tempat sampah yang cukup.

Selain viewnya yang bagus, pantai ini juga memiliki ombak yang bersahabat sehingga sangat asyik digunakan untuk bermain air.

Salah satu spot favorit adalah spot di ujung jembatan, yang kebetulan per 7 April 2018 masih di renovasi, di mana banyak bebatuan besar di tepi pantai yang asyik buat foto-foto, bermain ataupun melatih kelincahan dan ketangkasan melompat/berpindah dari batu ke batu.

Ratna Setya (22/03/2018 05:49)
Love this blue tosca beaches. Quite, clean & great for family beaches activity.
Hopefully this beach is really2 belong to the public, not controlled by some resort that blocked the access to the beach!

Yayan S Putra (15/03/2018 02:13)
What a beautiful place.... Nice view....Love it. Recomended for you, with couple..

Kristian Nugroho (12/03/2018 07:25)
not many people coming to this beach. perfect place if you're looking for beautiful scenery without any other tourists around.

Lidya Ummu Salamah (05/02/2018 04:52)
A well known tourist spot. They got lots of beautiful white rocks along the beach. But since this beach is kinda private own by the resort so you have to pay an entrance fee.

Yansen Wicaksana (08/11/2017 02:13)
This place have a beautifull view..big stone and calm sea..hotel staff is friendly..but cleaness of room and hotel need attention

Sofiandi Effendi (08/10/2017 03:31)
Nice beach and calm environment. The place was great, unfortunately less maintanance. The room was just usual. The view was awesome.

Virasanti Wuryandari (28/08/2017 00:12)
I was told by our driver that Pantai Parai Tenggiri is the best beach in Bangka that has the most expensive cover charge. As soon as my friend and I got there after about an hours' drive from our hotel, we found out that the beach was part of a resort hotel. We were asked to pay an entry fee of IDR 25,000.00 and was given a voucher for a 'teh botol' in a 200-250 ml pack. It was the most expensive 'teh botol' in our lives! The view was not as we expected, even though it was slightly better than the beaches we visited. To make our monies worth, we took lots of photos before leaving the area.

The hotel has a swimming pool for adults and kids. I'm unsure if you have to pay extra. There was live entertainment at the restaurant when we strolled along the beach, which was ok lah.

If you have time to kill, it doesn't hurt to pay a visit. However, I'd rather hop on a plane to Belitung Island. Their beaches will mezmerize you. Guaranteed.

Billy Putra (20/08/2017 14:28)
The Beach so clean...and so quiet even i was think "are they set up this beach for our honeymoon??"
Actually this place is Awesome!!!!!

ossy maulita (16/08/2017 09:19)
Private owned beach on a resort, but people can still go to the beach without staying at the resort. It's a nice little beach.

Tubagus Fajar Sanjaya (27/07/2017 04:47)
Best place. Best beach. Best view. Amazing place. Im love that place.

PoullyHB Gunharie (28/06/2017 13:56)
Very crowded during holiday...
But it has abundant insta spot...

Andreas Andi Mahardi (27/06/2017 20:01)
Good place but not well maintain

Don Agusta (25/06/2017 15:48)
White sand and clear water, calm with tiny waves. Good spot to take small children swimming.

muhdi anto (17/04/2017 04:48)
Nice spot for family holiday. Good view. Good people.

Fitri Indrayani (19/03/2017 09:20)
Pasir putihnya sangat indah, ombak tenang, overwhelming view above all. Time is lost here.

Eko Prianto (23/02/2017 07:43)
One of my best beach I loved.

Reza Fauzi (22/02/2017 07:15)
very bad services. smelly places, dirty pool, f*ck. just have a good view of beach, thats it. Dont swim!

Ratna Ervan (22/01/2017 23:58)
This beach is separated into two places. The left side beach belongs to Parai Beach Resort and Spa and we have to pay IDR 30.000 at the entrance. The right side beach is free of charge. I only visited the free of charge beach as I didn't have much time before going to the airport.

For me, this free of charge beach is very excellent for photography with its wonderful white sands and white rocks. The sea looks calm. However, it is forbidden for guests to swim in this beach.

This beach is one hour driving from the airport. And as far as I know, we have to rent a car to get there.

Outside the beach area we can find little shops along the street selling local food.

For me, this beach is very recommended to visit although you probably don't have much time in Pangkalpinang city.

Alvin Lie (29/12/2016 04:56)
Beach side hotel, excellent view & ambience. Quiet & good privacy

Tommy Pratomo (19/06/2016 01:26)
Great beach panorama where we can enjoy and relax along the day. Rare of visitors in work days.

Thomas Stur (04/09/2016 10:42)
Picturesque beach and rocky outcrops with a decent restaurant and fresh coconuts

Hadi Kausar (23/08/2016 10:34)
waaah tempatnya asik nih buat bareng keluarga atau temen kantor..
mantap lah pokoknya...

Aditya Sani (13/07/2016 18:24)
Its just okay, its not great. As a private beach, its not well managed.

Su Kanta (02/06/2016 10:52)
Don't pass this place if you visit Bangka island. Good place for holiday

Mourme Taruna Halim (24/05/2016 13:58)
Beautiful group of ancient rocks at the beach.

dean akbar (24/04/2016 16:36)
great view... beach with big rocks

William Robbie Wijaya (12/04/2016 00:13)
The beach itself is okay. Public restroom should be vastly improved; it's dirty!

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