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Novotel Bangka And Convention Centre

Bangka Tengah, Kepulauan Bangka Belitung
Klasifikasi: Hotel and Villa
Alamat: Jl. Soekarno Hatta KM. 5, Dul, Pangkalan Baru, Kota Pangkal Pinang, Kepulauan Bangka Belitung 33172, Indonesia
Rating: 4.40
Telp: +62 717 436888
Web: lien_externe.svlt?goto=fiche_hotel&code_hotel=7297&merchantid=seo-maps-ID-7297&sourceid=aw-cen
Jam Operasional:
Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours

Komentar :

Winston Arethe Mulyadi (30/04/2018 21:24)
This is surely one of the best hotel in Pangkalpinang. Nice hotel design. Nice atmosphere and ambience. Hotel staffs are very friendly to accommodate your needs.

Wifi is available at a good speed without any device limitation.

There are two supermarkets near the hotel (Giant and Hypermart).
Siloam Hospital is next to the hotel. And BCA is just in across the street.

One strange things is why they put the power outlet at the high location. It’s surely not the best place to put your power.....😏

M Tagor EB Sidjabat (29/04/2018 18:09)
This Novotel at Bangka Island is very comfort & cozy place to stay. Room is also very nice. Hmmm..

Lilik Wulaningtyas (08/04/2018 14:05)
Kamarnya bersih, terang (karena gue penakut yaaa... Jadi kamar yang nggak remang-remang is a must!)
Ada kolam renangnya di lantai 3. Ada gym dilantai yang sama dengan kolam renang, tapi harus pakai sepatu ya untuk nge gym. Temen saya musti balik lagi karena turun pake sendal hotel 🀣 pelayanan ramah dan ada welcome drink teh sereh yang enak bener. Sarapan lumayan dan ada jus sayur dan buah yang murni. Lokasi nggak terlalu jauh dari bandara dan deket dari giant juga hypermart. Oiya kalau nginep di kamar superior, dapat tambahan buah di kamar dan pas sarapan ada menu tambahan khusus seperti sandwich dan kentang goreng juga sepoci teh delima yang nggak ada di menu sarapan di hotel πŸ˜‰

KS Yeom (23/03/2018 11:37)
Stay in Suite for 3 nights
But Breakfast terrible
Electric drill sound at late night and even early morning
No sense of time for car service... 1 hr delay
Wrong calculation on bill....should be careful whether it is right.
Never want to come again

Berri Lie Zan (24/02/2018 05:52)
Best hotel in Bangka. Love to stay here. Food are good and facilities is nice. Always stay here when visit there.

antonio Davorte (08/01/2018 15:53)
Nice hotel to stay in your vacation, so many kind of food for breakfast, delicious taste for lunch or dinner also, near from airport, overall is good.

Kusuma Adi (25/12/2017 17:48)
Best hotel in Pangkalpinang. Modern room with perfect service. Food tastes excellent, mainly indonesian food. Only 1 problem, air con somehow cant be tuned up, too cold.

Sofiandi Effendi (08/10/2017 07:57)
Love the clean and big room, the staff was friendly, the breakfast wa great. The whole facilties were just great.

Bintar Abdillah (22/08/2017 22:03)
The first impression upon entering this hotel is "Noveau Riches", very elegant design, neat and modernist architecture

PoullyHB Gunharie (01/07/2017 07:07)
Near airport, Giant and Hypermart...
15 minutes to Bangka food paradise..
Nice breakfast...

Lachu Jhamatmal (09/06/2017 07:18)
Excellent Service . Staff being polite and very helpfull. Bedroom layout very nice. All necessity available in Room . Awesome Room Service. Room rates reasonable.

Ria Tumimomor (17/05/2017 11:23)
Friendly staffs, great breakfast, but the room is less spacious & no balcony. The swimming pool is not too big and watch out for the handle to climb out from the pool. It is no longer steady. This hotel is near the airport but far away from down town. Overall, I like staying here.

Dear Lestari (19/04/2017 19:35)
Minim variant of breakfast menu...
The taste of some foods are under expectation specially for japan foods

Daniel Wardhana (01/02/2017 09:11)
The hotel is nearby airport and they offer free pick up at the airport.. If i going back to bangka will consider to stay here again

Ratna Ervan (10/01/2017 20:03)
According to me, this hotel provides good food with many choices from Indonesian traditional food to International.

The room is quite large, clean and I also have a nice view of Pangkalpinang town from my room window. This hotel also provide ballroom for holding an event.

The hotel's location is also very close to Airport and there was a shuttle car picked me up when I arrived. I was satisfied enough with this hotel's service during my stay.

Alvin Lie (29/12/2016 11:55)
Best Novotel in Indonesia. Spacious rooms, excellent service, good food at the restaurant

Mohammad Afwanul Hakim (28/12/2016 08:18)
First time in pangkal pinang, i decided to stay in novotel bangka (after confusing search of course) the Hotel placed near airport just across the street (very confinient right) - with the hotel staff so kind and nice, i welcomed by the smile from the locals. The hotel room is as always Novotel's signature comfy, beautiful and simply great bed to spend the night. I'm quite dissapoint with the pool but everything else just fine. Breakfast have a well enough variety to keep my belly full for the rest of week.

dadi maskar (27/12/2016 08:52)
Good location, clean room, good food

Prita Ismayani (05/10/2016 22:29)
Love the room, meeting room, food, the kindness, music, ... Lovable hotel

Adelia Geger (20/09/2016 05:32)
Good delicious food, comfortable room, friendly staff, near airport and large parking area... All of the five star hotel offered was here... Very reccomended...

Thomas Stur (04/09/2016 17:44)
Standard Novotel, relatively new, very poor wifi, no other restaurants nearby. Good for business, not pleasure as beaches are some decent away. Close (but not too close) to the airport.

RiNaldi Tjhin (05/07/2016 19:22)
Very nice place, friendly team, cozy room!! Love it!

farhan febrianto (25/06/2016 23:58)
Five stars hotel near depati amir airport

Mourme Taruna Halim (24/05/2016 20:55)
I think this is the best hotel in Bangka island.

syariy threeutami (02/05/2016 15:27)
I'm happy

Harviani 0396 (17/01/2016 00:28)
Is the best in the Bangka Belitung

Yoan Destina (24/11/2015 23:44)

Hendy Hasanuddin (26/10/2012 21:20)
Barbeque time in friday night 26 okt 2012

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