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Depati Amir Airport

Bangka Tengah, Kepulauan Bangka Belitung
Alamat: Dul, Pangkalan Baru, Beluluk, Pangkalan Baru, Kabupaten Bangka Tengah, Kepulauan Bangka Belitung 33684, Indonesia
Rating: 4.10
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 5:30 AM – 7:00 PM
Tuesday: 5:30 AM – 7:00 PM
Wednesday: 5:30 AM – 7:00 PM
Thursday: 5:30 AM – 7:00 PM
Friday: 5:30 AM – 7:00 PM
Saturday: 5:30 AM – 7:00 PM
Sunday: 5:30 AM – 7:00 PM

Komentar :

urban planner (20/05/2018 12:23)
it was a new airport building, use in 2017. build in after 2014. many transporter you can chose. blue bird taxi, or others. the airport located around the area of province government civic centre. not far from there..only about less than 10 minutes.

Jenaka Channel (16/05/2018 07:24)
this airport has a new face. More cool and minimalist.

Teguh Prayogo Sudarmanto (06/05/2018 08:04)
New terminal building, taste modern and clean. But the space is still small, only for two departure gate with two garbarata if i am not wrong, so if the flight schedules to Bangka Island is growing fast in the future, this terminal building shall be upgraded bigger. If it is so, the airport will be great! 👍

Oloan Hutabarat (01/05/2018 23:26)
Ini adalah bandara baru.. yang dulunya ada diseberang..

Lokasinya nyaman, umumnya pelayanannya ramah kok

Cuma yang agak kurang menurut saya kurang memberdayakan mesin scan yang satu lagi..

Padahal mesinnya ada dua, pegawainya banyak. Tapi kenapa cuma satu yang dipakai.. jadi sering membuat antrian yang panjang dipintu masuk..

Kemudian lounge masih posisi diluar.. masih harus melewati pintu pemeriksaan terakhir sebelum boarding dan itu cukup mengganggu..

Selebihnya bandara ini cukup baik..

Happy travelling guys..

Arista Bayu (27/03/2018 03:44)
Small airport with modern style. This is the new image of Depati Amir airport. Before this airport is to small and look so old

M. Rizal Ridhal Malik (13/03/2018 22:51)
Yup a small airport here but its good.

Kristian Nugroho (23/02/2018 10:05)
a small but modern airport with lots of tenants.
adequate seatings available in the waiting room.

susan yulisman (21/12/2017 04:21)
all the closet are damaged even i can see the previous user pup cos the flush are broken too. very upseting

George Adriaansz (08/12/2017 09:26)
New airport with new ticket counter, outlets, and food courts, but too small to accommodate all airline passangers at once

Hengki Tasman (05/11/2017 06:08)
Nice and clean airport. The rest rooms are very clean.

Dhimas Giffarie Wardhana (30/10/2017 05:06)
Best airport in Bangka Belitung. It's new terminal more convenience than before.

Gilang Maulana (07/09/2017 08:45)
With the new terminal building, depati amir airport now much better, new and perfect. But, the way to get to the drop poit is too high

Hery Yusman (03/09/2017 09:48)
Nice small airport. Newly renovated.

Stephen (06/08/2017 05:54)
A great evolution of this airport. It would be better if it provides more than just Keris Gallery inside for shopping section. Overall it's a nice, clean and neat airport.

Wisnu Widiyantoro (28/07/2017 16:15)
The air conditioning is not working well so it's still feel a fairly warm inside. The new terminal is a major upgrade to the old one. Modern looking and compact.

Hendra Teh (14/06/2017 05:09)
New building new airport terminal, clean toilets, green roofing, clean flooring

Airport cab from pangkal pinang airport to Soll Marina Hotel was approx 1.5 km 60k IDR

The waiting room for departure only had 2 gates.

Muhammad Hakim (08/05/2017 00:20)
Google should update the airport location asap, since many tourist got lost to the old airport building. This caused some people lost their flight.

Rainhard Fernando (15/04/2017 14:02)
so many positive change in this airport after bangka belitung province became famous for its tourism..good airport!

Rendra Hertiadhi (09/04/2017 02:35)
Nice airport! It's clean and customer friendly. Would be nicer if they have variety of souvenir shops other than Keris.

Leonard Craig (05/04/2017 10:14)
No good taxis like Blue bird here because the locals taxis are block Blue Bird to operating in this area. The new terminal design was good but still to crowded. Use damri or "angkot" for better price as the town very near

Erwin Dongoran Erwin (26/02/2017 15:46)
New opening in January 2017. Architectural design is very similar with Sultan Tahha Airport Jambi.

Reza Fauzi (22/02/2017 07:19)
still under reconstruction, but we can see it's clean and cozy.

Afrizal Setiawan (11/02/2017 10:35)
very clean and good service

Heru Pramono (19/10/2016 02:50)
The Airport very small, toilet is very dirty, smell and not proper for airport.

Abdullaziz Alharthi (04/09/2016 17:43)
it is very small airport but still good for local airlines and everything near you

Akhmad Busyroh Alfiyana (27/08/2016 07:27)
Overall, it's ok. But the toilets smell bad and not too clean.

Mifta Rohim (14/09/2016 15:10)
yaah..baru kali pertama kali kesini.. ternyata diluar bandara jg masih banyak taksi liarnya...

Abdullaziz Alharthi (04/09/2016 17:43)
it is very small airport but still good for local airlines and everything near you

Akhmad Busyroh Alfiyana (27/08/2016 07:27)
Overall, it's ok. But the toilets smell bad and not too clean.

a niko s (17/07/2016 15:08)

Irvandy Zhang (30/04/2015 09:39)
Cave el jhon

Fauzi Idris (28/12/2014 08:44)
Nanti sampai jua

ridwan shoim (30/10/2014 14:50)
Kurang tertata

Romadon Adsel (06/09/2014 01:00)
Pangkal pinanh

Kaka Chano (17/08/2013 11:52)
Sampai juga

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