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Trans Studio Bandung

Bandung Barat, Jawa Barat
Alamat: Jl. Gatot Subroto No.289, Cibangkong, Batununggal, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40273, Indonesia
Rating: 4.40
Telp: +62 22 86012555
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Thursday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Friday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Sunday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Komentar :

T J Tan (25/05/2018 11:52)
A very good undercover theme park, lots of entertainments for kids and adults. The location is very good, it's just adjacent to Trans Studio Mall which is a tourist attraction itself also The Trans Luxury hotel and Ibis hotel are just next door. You get almost everything you want in this complex. Don't miss it when visiting Bandung.

Bobby Mizutani (23/05/2018 04:41)
Nice and fantastic indoor theme park in Bandung city. Has so many rides here, surely kids will love to come here. Also has science corner, very good for kids to learn science in fun way. The ticket price here is quite expensive, but there is a discount price if you use a Mega cards. Overall, this indoor theme park is worth it to visit, recommended.

Arnoldo Giovani (19/05/2018 06:58)
I gave it 5 stars because it might be the one an only mall in Bandung with amusement park inside. Have been visiting this place for literally a thousand times. It has the most beautiful Mosque in Bandung along with 5 stars hotel beside the mall. You can find any food here but don't be surprised about the price.

Amie Wibowo (14/05/2018 04:41)
The place seems to lose its wow effect and there were not many new attractions. Some even out of service when we were there. But my biggest turn off was the fact that we can't bring our stroller inside the attractions while we were bringing our baby. Maybe this place is more suited for a family with older children.

Remy Syahdeini (09/05/2018 07:14)
Indoor-themed park with many games to play. Just remember to not come during weekend days or holidays. It's gonna be super crowded. Don't want to queue up? Buy vip access bracelet to gain direct access to every games

Muhammad Keiwally (01/05/2018 13:28)
Tiket masuknya sih relatif murah untuk seharian all wahana. Tapi makanan dan minumannya itu lo harga gila gilaan. Khususnya minuman, air mineral 330ml dijual >10k, betul betul ga masuk akal, padahal yg namanya minum diwahana bermain itu jadi keharusan. Pemaksaan yg kasar menurut saya.

Intan Kusuma Dewi (30/04/2018 14:39)
Has many renovation going on. This is my second time, now it has fewer visitor, they need to improving sooner or it will loses many more customer

Alexander Tabrani (27/04/2018 17:59)
It is a Mall with huge amusement area, where they build a rollercoaster through the main building to the aoutside entrance area. Bring your family here whenever you confused where you want to spend your weekends in a very crowded city full of congestion arround (only when you are nearby)

Dasea Ds (04/04/2018 13:41)
Good indoor theme park. Good place to have fun with friends & family. 👍

Spiner 95 (09/03/2018 07:24)
Awesome indoor theme park, totally worth to spend whole day in this place. Good place to go with family and friend. In weekend this place could be overcrowded so it's recommended to visit this place in weekday.

Edwin Azmiramdhan Sulaiman (20/02/2018 14:41)
Childhood never dies !!

This place is awesome.

One great integrated place.

Transcorp doing a great job!

Airlangga Jati Kusuma (05/01/2018 11:15)
I called it a place to shop, to eat, to chill, and to enjoy the time with your family or beloved one. You can enjoy the time by dinning in many restaurant inside there and you can enjoy some fun games.

Ricardo XxX (23/11/2017 09:26)
This was a very disappointed day for us. We had to pay Full PRICE 200.000 RP FOR A BABY OF 6 MONTHS. When we bought the tickets no one told us that for our 4 years old son most attentions are not allowed. This was so much sad for him. If you have a good management and customer service you tell this before you buy a ticket. If you want to avoid all this disappointments. Better bring your kid's to a Carrefour supermarket. There they have a big playground for free.

Reza Firmansyah (18/11/2017 11:45)
I wish JaBoDeTaBek could have its version of this epic place.
Provides lots of indoor attractions, from roller coaster, 4D cinema that plays short films, science center, and even live-action action theater.
Along with Trans Studio Mall Bandung and Trans Hotel, it feels like a paradise on Earth.

benediktus galih pradipta (17/11/2017 11:19)
Very good indoor family theme park, great rides, great knowledge sections, clean, nice layout, the staffs r friendly, and there's smoking room inside. pricey but worth to buy.

Rachel Christianita (06/11/2017 20:10)
Im really fun here... So comfort and good place for quality time with bigfams

Angelica Augusta (14/08/2017 08:43)
Place is excellent, big shopping mall with butik, kafe restaurant etc, big parking area, also interested with tran studio for anyone to enjoyed.

Ibn Danish Rabbani Basri (13/08/2017 08:14)
Great theme park and family-friendly. Take your couple, kids, dads and moms for an exciting journey. From toddler rides, ocean science, till thrilling rides, there are lots of rides!

Just a little precaution, prices could vary from 50 to 300% from outside prices

Pour Moi (18/07/2017 11:27)
Good indoor theme park. After a while, you realise you have tried every rides. I hope they add new ones soon. No food and drink allowed from outside. No cash transactions, we have to put deposit in our card. Good bathroom but it was hot (no AC) in nursery room. Limited rides for toddlers

Fyfy P (29/06/2017 01:12)
Indoor Playland for kids and teenagers integrated with the mall which have a lot choice of good food to eat... but Museum Angkut in Batu, Malang - East Java is much more interesting.

denys ignatius (19/06/2017 03:16)
this is the biggest indoor theme park at bandung until now (i write it 2017), you can get more advantages if you have mega bank credit card (if you have priority is the best)

they have so many attraction here, such as ghost house, mini waterfall, parade, etc. they also have souvenir shop, candy shop, etc.

the location of this theme park is at trans studio mal bandung, so you will easily find foods here, if you want to stay you can choose between ibis and trans luxury hotel which location is very close.

Nadya Kemala Amira (19/06/2017 02:17)
The place is small, the rides is limited. But the roller coaster is AMAZING!
Good place to spend the time if you don't enough time to have fun

Asrida Ulinuha (07/06/2017 11:46)
A cool indoor giant playground. Feels like at the fun fair and mall at the same time. I want to visit this park again.

Prihandaru Luhur Pambudi (05/05/2017 19:33)
The biggest indoor theme park in Indonesia. Its shuttle roller coaster is the best ride. The giant swing is also the good one. Beside the rides, it has cool science center, main stage show and parades several times in a day. Don't bring any foods, snacks and drinks from the outside or you have to entrust them. There will be a bag check before you enter the park. It has food and drink stalls and restaurant with cashless payment.

Endjang Gunawan (14/04/2017 22:44)
One shoping, mall, playland indor, great hotel

Murni Maas (25/03/2017 02:11)
Over priced when its come to Bandung and Jakarta school holiday. Not enough air condition due to it is crowded and it is an indoor theme park

Randy Chandra (22/03/2017 06:00)
Best indoor theme park in Java, but even they don't have that many rides. Anyway it is still fun, but rather dark.

Hafidh Salviandy (17/03/2017 06:30)
One of the indoor amusement park, well played place but usually to many people in here so can't play all of the game with single visit

apotek sidorejo (19/02/2017 15:57)
Good place for children, the ticket entrance expensive around 250 IDR, and we have to pay more if want VIP or fast way. Better to visit when not holiday season for cheaper ticket and short waiting line.

Hanny Nurmalita Anggadewi (14/02/2017 16:36)
this place is amazing. I like the games inside and so comfortable because it is an indoor theme park so no worry about the hot sunshine

Tedy Pratama (09/02/2017 12:58)
Indoor theme park in Indonesia. So many experienced that I discover this place from game until show. but there 2 games are not available due to they still build it.

Sammy Anthony (13/11/2016 22:20)
This is the largest indoor theme park in Indonesia. I like every inch of it, and I like to stay here for many hours. Don't visit this place when it's raining, because you'll miss Yamaha Racing Coaster, the greatest rides of Trans Studio Bandung (in my opinion).

Joe Marselo (20/10/2016 13:34)
“great experience for kids”
Reviewed July 15, 2015
great experience for kids. we like it very much during our visit here. kids are very exciting and enthuciast. for sure they are not having enough time to play and see all the arenas. this is a huge indoor theme park. this is for sure a place that you cannot miss when you visit Bandung.

Arif Abdul Ghafur (26/09/2016 15:43)
Dekat dan Memuaskan

Harry usodo (27/08/2016 13:00)
The best & biggest one stop shopping
place on integrated area.
Big n best mall,indoor theme park,many choices of culinary.
It was great n recommended!!

Haryanto Sutrisna (31/07/2016 18:14)
enak buat rekreasi

Rifqi Rahmadiansyah (22/07/2016 08:04)
Tempatna rame pisan

Jekson Malau (17/06/2016 10:13)
masih bagusan dufan

Film Production (13/06/2016 14:55)

tabuty Coffee (29/05/2016 13:20)
havefun with my best frenzz...

Mirza Hasmy (08/05/2016 02:18)
Semua ada disini

Marcus Chan (16/01/2016 01:22)
Visited the indoor theme park here. It was great! Recommended rides include: Yamaha Racing and Marvel Heroes 4D. There is currently a marine exhinition running as well; educational with a lot of information on the oceans and marine life.

Disliked the system of buying credits to purchase food and beverages within the park, when simply using cash would have sufficed.

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