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Setiabudhi Supermarket

Bandung Barat, Jawa Barat
Alamat: Jl. Setiabudi No. 42 - 46, Hegarmanah, Cidadap, Hegarmanah, Cidadap, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40143, Indonesia
Rating: 4.40
Telp: +62 22 2035000
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Komentar :

veronicael (12/05/2018 15:10)
Lots of important stuffs around here. Even though it's kinda old-fashioned but I found more things in this supermarket than in Yogya Riau Junction.

Niddie Rachaju (11/05/2018 02:28)
Setiabudhi Supermarket is a place to go for a complete experience.They have awesome qualities products, both imported and locals.
What's good about this supermarket is, they have variants prices you can choose for the same kind products with almost the same qualities. Both for locals and imported products. Which I think it's brilliant! Well, who doesn't want to get best product with less price, right?

Forget about those frozen food. Setiabudhi Supermarket also have those prepped variants of steak and other kind. From beef to fish. Just grab them and cook fast at home.

Or go to second floor to find your home needs. Bed to kitchen. Towels to plates.

Done with shopping? You can relaxed yourself with tea from tea corner there. Or if rather have a big meal setiabudhi supermarket has a foodcourt for you to enjoy local foods.

Psst, what I love the most about shopping here is it's a less crowded because the service is friendly, helpful and fast and many places to go here. Easy parking

Muhammad Firman (23/04/2018 12:46)
Premium fruit and vegetables. Premium consumer goods, include imported items. Wide range of coffee, include fresh roasted beans. Fresh bread, bakery, and "jajan pasar".

Lutfi Hanafi (21/04/2018 04:24)
They have a lot of imported stuffs especially from Korea and Japan. They also have a lot of unique products that you will rarely find in other stores. The place is clean, well-staffed, and well-maintained.

suzanna setiawaty (13/04/2018 18:05)
This is my fave supermarket in Bandung. Offer various fresh n frozen foods. Good service and has place for eat too

Praditya Wira Satria (08/04/2018 11:46)
This is one of not many place in Bandung if you need to get non-halal (containing pork) food but no alcohol. They also have more selection of imported products especially japanese & korean. More option for chocolate, coffee & tea. Most of the price is above average but the quality is excellent.

To me this is the only place in Bandung where I can get Jack Links jerky. Update: they don't sell Jack Links anymore since end of 2017.

intan kandhi (08/04/2018 08:58)
Salah satu supermarket paling lengkap se kota Bandung. Yang cari barang-barang aneh atau produk import yang susah didapat di supermarket pada umumnya, di sini tempatnya. Khusus muslim, harap berhati-hati dengan produk makanan yang anda beli, pastikan lagi kehalalannya.

Di bagian depan, ada bakery rasa jadul yg yummy, lengkap & fresh from the oven.

Dadang Sudana (04/03/2018 22:27)
This shopping center is one of the best in Bandung. The quality and ranges of goods offered are excellent and at a reasonable price. If you, for some reasons, have been abroad or stayed overseas before and are longing to bring back your unforgetable memories, visit this place, enjoy your time here. There are quite a lot of stuffs just for that: reminding your beautiful stay or visit overseas. The atmosphere for shopping is also okey..👍👍

Vyan Nanda (03/03/2018 13:41)
Nice place to shop, well, the usual stuffs. It's a supermarket, anyway. And there's bookstore called Periplus inside, too, and other shops.

Egi Marindra (21/02/2018 10:43)
Located on Setiabudi street Bandung. It's where you can find imported stuffs here. There are two entrances, directly to the supermarket and other one to many stores like Periplus. I love to visit this place!

Mtri Sutrisno (16/11/2017 03:27)
One stop shopping market. You can found any import & local goods which you can't get at another place in bandung

Ivita A. Ghassani (14/11/2017 07:33)
Good place to purchase international ingredients and daily needs at the good price.. easy to reach and find.. the service is quite good but they need to maintain the building more..

Felicia Monika (10/11/2017 16:44)
Everything you are looking for will be pretty much available here with a cheaper price too! 😋 even wasabi powder, wine, flower, limited book.. lol

binu gandhi (17/10/2017 09:56)
Has a lot of imported varieties n good bakery items. Good Assortement of breads. A store with a wide variety of products.

Gina Mariana (08/09/2017 18:40)
Great place for shopping unusual ingredients. And good deals of sushi and other ready-to-eat food.. There's a discounts on several items above 8PM for member. The membership fee is very cheap. Only IDR 10.000

Amalia Muthia (05/09/2017 18:48)
My favourite convenience store by far. You can buy almost every grocery here, and there's also some food carts and restaurants if you want to grab some meal, but there's also a god bookstore to refresh your brain after grocery shopping

Dwiyani Christy (15/08/2017 13:29)
Best place to buy groceries and imported food such as chocolates. It used to have more varieties buy nowadays more focus on favorite korean food.
The wine cellars is a must visited place.

Kathy Kho (06/08/2017 07:29)
a supermarket to go to for almost every daily needs. lots of fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits. Lots of imported goods also.

Willy Ray (30/07/2017 15:57)
Best place in Bandung to go for your grocery shopping . Amazing arrays of goods, including the japanese and korean ingredients, sauces, and noodles.

FOOD Court on level 2! Serving mostly traditional foods found anywhere in Indonesia. From fritters, Indonesian meatballs, noodle dishes, and Shaved ice dessert. (Did I mention that its super cheap overhere? No?? Well, I just told you ;)

albert artandi (01/07/2017 02:14)
If you search any great food and products, just visit this place. There are so many imported product with affordable price

Leon Kawidjaja (18/06/2017 14:45)
My ever favourite Deli in Bandung! Stocks fine food ingredients with reasonable price. Food court at 2nd floor has great selections! Must stop at each Bandung visit.

Skeleton Meat (19/05/2017 00:05)
I work as a purchasing staff at a cafe in bandung, I actually have often shop to this place, but this afternoon when I was shopping there is something unpleasant that happened to me. I intend to have a video call with my co-worker (failed) because I do not know the item in question and because of my bad network, i send the photos of the stuff and send it to my co-worker, only the goods are not with the price, but it also fails because the network is bad. A few minutes after that came someone asked me "is this from MD yes? From MD huh?" I am confused and being troubled I just say "hah? No" I continued looking for items on the list, then the man said "here the rules should not be photographs of goods, if you want just note the price" I replied quickly because in a hurry "Oh yea yes" while looking away, because the person does not talk politely, I do not really care. At the same time, I feel there is an old man watching me very suspiciously and following me to the one aisle to the other. Then after a few minutes the man that ask me earlier, came back and still asking very suspiciously to me "What is that? What are you doing?" Pointing to the list of items I had to buy, then he said "that the note of the price?" I was annoyed being too long suspected, finally I explained all with a sense of annoyance and uncomfortable, then he said "I just afraid you guys record the price then compared with other supermarkets", with a sarcastic smile I say "I've often shop here". Really unpleasant experience, could you just say politely or something good? Do i look like will do the crime? Or i will not buy the items there? And what if i really compare the price with another supermarket? Even just a little? Impossible to record so many items there, do i look that stupid? You guys should proud because of the place that the really complete place to shop, but you guys give me a very bad experience.

Iqbal Syamsu (01/05/2017 22:17)
I had been here hundreds times. Still, I come here again and again because they sell many imported goods you won't find in other market. They also have organics veggie. Cool.

yusuf sutanto (01/05/2017 12:13)
One of a kind grocery store in Bandung. They sell many imported products from around the world, fresh meats and vegetables. Many ex-patriats shop here.

Crisan Karna (15/04/2017 01:41)
I love to shop groceries here. The employees were nice and helpful. They also have a well range of imported goods.

Oscar Marino (12/04/2017 22:52)
One of the legendary supermarket in Bandung for high quality and imported goods, esp food. Not just supermarket, it also serves as a mini shopping mall with foodcourt, imported book store, home and living, fashion, cafe and beauty shop.

Praditya Wira Satria (07/04/2017 11:11)
This is one of not many place in Bandung if you need to get non-halal food but no alcohol. They also have more selection of imported products especially japanese & korean.

To me this is the only place in Bandung where I can get Jack Links jerky.

Maria Eleanor (01/02/2017 14:14)
Various products from organics vegies to imported products plus they have their own small bakery shop inside

Muhammad Taufik Tirtosudiro (29/01/2017 10:06)
Best place to go if you're looking for imported groceries. They also have the freshest produce.

Jeanne Yonne (08/01/2017 12:45)
Spacious, bright & comfy place for shopping. There are variety kind of local & imported products , fresh vegetables & fruits. The yogurt & bread are fine.

Josephia T Liem (22/12/2016 00:14)
Plenty of choices of groceries. What I love about this place is that it is mostly supermarket and dining place. Not packed with clothing shops like other supermarket (Bandung is already full of clothing market). Great place to hang out with your family. Fresh, clean air around the premises. Unfortunately lack of parking spot.

zelig dspace (21/12/2016 15:48)
It's been standing since the 80's I think, since I was little. And now it's one of the most reliable supermarket in town with its various collection of products local and imports. They have a lots, and one of the best in town, fresh products and meat. The service is good, very flexible and helpful to customers. Keep up the good work and keep growing.

Harry Zhou (15/09/2016 14:59)
You have to try Bakmi Mangkok, their Bakmie Rica is super yummy, don't forget to try out their Dim Sum selections while you are there

Stephanus Sumadi (11/09/2016 09:26)
Nice place to shop groceries, they have lot of variety brands mostly imported, japanese, korean, western its all there. Go ahead and check😊

Gisella Thiofanny (19/08/2016 06:24)
If you've experienced shopping in the other grocery stores, this store would give you different atmosphere. It feels like you're doing your shopping abroad. Not only they offer you international stuffs, but they have a lot of international visitors here as well.

They actually sell fresh fruits and veggies here. Unfortunately, most of their products are more expensive than the other stores.

Julijanta Gunawan (13/07/2016 12:02)
Not many people know that on second floor, enter from a stairs near the entrance, they are many food stalls. Really nice food from all over place in Bandung, but they are a little bit expensive though. :) more pictures coming up soon (12/07-16).

They really need to take care of the toilet & hand wash. It's very dirty. If it's clean, I would not hesitate to give them 4 or 5 stars. :)

robert asima (21/06/2016 06:33)
Small market but I enjoy it because not crowded.

Rico Chandra (19/05/2016 04:11)
The imported goods supermarket I would say. Be sure to bring money because you want to buy everything. And the bakery is surprisingly good.

impala crush (09/04/2016 18:08)
For those that recently move into bandung and live around setiabudi, this is your grocery store, the product here is the best in the radius 15 km from the store, you can find your everyday needs here, from organic food to imported stuff

Cokro (09/04/2016 13:07)
Upper class supermarket...
In the same level as Kemchick or Foodhall...

Ratri Adityarani (26/11/2015 01:50)
my favorite place for grocery shopping! not only the good quality of the products (fresh vegetables, various brands), but also it has a lot of imported products from South Korea, Japan, India, or any other countries. It helps a lot for expatriates who live in Bandung.
The price is very competitive with another local supermarkets, and i dare to say some goods are cheaper here than in other place.

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