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Metro Indah Mall

Bandung Barat, Jawa Barat
Alamat: Kawasan Niaga MTC, Jalan Soekarno Hatta No. 590, Sekejati, Buahbatu, Sekejati, Buahbatu, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40623, Indonesia
Rating: 4.10
Telp: +62 22 7537577
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Thursday: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Friday: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Komentar :

Humairra Fauzani (09/05/2018 14:36)
Tbh i am not bandung timur person, when i went there, it always make me confused where the exit or escalator is

Mitta Mukti Lestari Lestari (09/04/2018 02:47)
One of my favourite place... You can get what you need in this place with the cheap price

Rifki Agfa Khadami (06/04/2018 03:50)
Cozy place... I've been here since the day it was still on construction, now it has many restaurants, food courts, game centre, optical needs, supermarket, electronics, clothes shops and now even a cinemas! 10/10 would come here again!

emma eryanti (04/04/2018 12:39)
Konsepnya one stop shopping, cukup berhasil untuk tenant di ruko nya. Namun di mall nya agak sepi. Ada supermarket, bioskop, ace hardware, bahkan waterpark namun sepi pengunjung. Untuk warga sekitar biasa melintasi area mall ini tanpa bayar parkir.

Insun Medal (14/03/2018 13:10)
This My Own City I have very knowledge around this place then nice bussiness places. And Metro I dah Mall Nice Mall too for My activities

George Inaldo (06/03/2018 00:11)
Not too busy ad the other malls.
But just giving limited options to buy.
Some cafes are great - offering good menus at reasonable prices.
Depending of what you're looking for, but this a good alternative specially when you lived just nearby.
Parking is not a problem, as you could always have place for your car.

Ahmad Shiddiq Fadhilah (04/01/2018 07:35)
A mall inside a shopping complex. Mainly consisted of small fashion shops. They have cafes and restaurants all around or food court at the top floor. They also have bigger store like ACE Hardware, hypermarket, CGV cinema, a gym and billiard hall. Else there's nothing much to do here and the toilets aren't very well maintained. I think most people come for the restaurants. They're good and the shopping complex outside is a decent view.

Ryan Setiawan Hidayat (18/11/2017 12:54)
Previously old under developed mall complex, but now more lively and have good tenant such elec city, ace and CGV

kokoh kabul (11/11/2017 00:29)
Better and better facilities, now with cozy foodcourt (2nd floor) and Cinema XXI

Icha Sinaga (17/10/2017 03:27)
In the past this shopping center is always crowded but now there are not visitors coming there. There are cafes, fashion store, phone store, gym , so you can do many things in that mall. However the last five years I prefer to shop online

kharisma wakhyuning prahesti (06/10/2017 07:26)
A complete shopping place with a great selection of goods and prices. Complete with several dining venues and children's play area. There are hotels, banks, and fitness areas. According to information, the cinema will start in October 2017.

Agus Saptono (14/09/2017 00:23)
Middle class mall with standard facilities but cost of parking expensive if comparing to the place. Unfair in time as well,not match with the real time happened. Thats why not many visitor. When clarifying, they said eventhought not match, the actual still the same one hour,so what for doing like this?

Glen Ardi (07/09/2017 10:46)
A big mall, but lack of interesting things. But still it can be really crowded here sometimes.

Azura L (22/08/2017 13:20)
The parking lot is wide but the street is bad. The restroom are smelly. I cant feel he air conditioner. Tho there is karaoke, hypermart and a few noticeable restaurant.

M. Arief Bayuaji (11/07/2017 15:47)
Decent place to hang out. Large parking lot. Many choice of shopping place and workplace. Expecting Cinema XXI as fast as possible

A. Gofur (03/07/2017 08:45)
Strategis, komplit ada hypermart, kfc, dunkin, hoka2 bento, dll

Ahmad Yafie (30/06/2017 22:50)
I've been visited this place like thousands times, this place not even worth 5stars however this place is good for hangout, but the parking management rob your money really well, they put different time in the entrance and the gate where you out. Basically you need to pay if you stay more than 10 minutes, but when i stay just 5 minutes you still need to pay. And the never ending movie construction is really annoying. Killing the joy of shopping because some path are blocked.

villuetz evi (30/06/2017 16:25)
So many cafe and minimart surrounding the mall... and easy park for cars.

Ellyas Prajasa (13/06/2017 05:33)
The place itself is great. You can find everything in here (well, not everything tho).
Cool place for hangout or shopping.

Widia Miharja (04/06/2017 06:21)
This place is great. The design is like a conplex/neighbourhood with so many different restaurants, shops and services. The mall is the biggest. Many options. Great service

Dini Kamaliah Nasution (23/03/2017 02:33)
Semakin lengkap... Fashion, food, electronic, grocery supermarket .... One stop shopping

Firman Juliansyah (16/03/2017 18:07)
I found so many good quality products with affordable price. There is a hypermarket, ghost house, restos and playing grounds for kids and todllers

Putry Sanny (14/03/2017 01:42)
This place is great if you want to buy things or eat but this place doesnt have a movie teather. But I think I saw a banner that they will open ones

Devie Martin (19/02/2017 22:55)
You can do shopping at this mall, there' complete facilities such as varian resto, clotch,supermarket,drugs store,book store,karaoke, billiard

Ramadhani Barjono (24/01/2017 10:09)
You don't have much option at East Bandung. At least you can go shopping at the groceries. I think this is not exactly a mall, I prefer call it trade center. Like the old name, Metro Trade Center.

Ikhsan Arditiya Nugraha (03/01/2017 14:40)
Good place to hang out
Many option for shopping and entertainment
Still too quite complete for mall in case for in middle of city

Vicynthia Tjahjadi (26/12/2016 22:20)
It's a place to find anything you want. You can choose if you want to shop, eat, or just hang out. To shop grocery or anything you need at home, there is Hypermart. If you want to buy some electronics or furniture for your home, you can find it here too. Many restaurants if you want to have a lunch or diner here, or just having some kinds of snack. For people who loves apparels, there are some clothing shops. There is also a swimming pool and hotel. Some parents may also find some institutions to improve their children's capability. And another thing that can't be forgotten is there are some salons if you want to groom yourselves. There are also some other services like pet shop or travel. Some events may give this place another good reason to visit.

Yuanita Mirza (22/12/2016 23:03)
This mall actually is like ITC, so they have mini kiosk inside feom kids clothing until the hypermart t the down stairs and the peoce lso very cheap

FIRMAN (09/08/2016 11:12)
Segala ada

Alison Thackray (08/08/2016 11:43)
Pusing cari parkir..

Yugi Purba (26/07/2016 13:48)
Mall deket rumah

Muhamad Ario Jatmiko (16/07/2016 19:50)
Ok juga

AA Leo Yudhasanga Pandji (12/07/2016 03:23)
comfortable and affordable middle class mail

Agustini Sinnie (16/01/2016 05:07)
Sinie uniek seprei perca. Ada di Metro Indah Mall . GF-ISL-07.
Murah meriah..lucu2 dan unik2.

Irsyad Nashirul Haq (01/01/2016 01:49)
Lumayan aja, aya jajanan di sekelilingnya, nu enak mah da Bebek Ireng Suroboyo. Itu bebek mani empuk pisan jeung pulen, ga ada bebek goreng lainnya yg ngalahin ini kayanya.

Safira Nys (10/12/2015 22:46)
Quite good. But the interior and design of the mall itself not that futuristic. However, the food are cheap. There are so much fashion items sold here with wide range of choices; price, design, color, for everyone.

Rama Renspandy (19/10/2015 23:12)
It's an okay place. You can related this as an ITC in East Bandung area. A point plus that it also has a Hypermart. Become a pivotal place to do a U-turn in Soekarno-hatta.

Putra Melala (23/08/2015 03:47)
Pentas seni tari

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