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Istana Plaza

Bandung Barat, Jawa Barat
Alamat: Jalan Pasir Kaliki No.121-123, Pamoyanan, Cicendo, Pamoyanan, Cicendo, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40173, Indonesia
Rating: 4.20
Telp: +62 22 6000404 malls/ Istana-Plaza/
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Komentar :

indra sila (25/05/2018 05:54)
This place have a large parking land but in the weekend sometime U will found that the place is full so U have to find parking in Ur own. If U wanna shopping or hangout with family or friend, there a lot of shopping area, restaurant, food corner even playground for kids and book store. There are bathroom in every level floor so when U need them, it easy to find.

nandang w (19/05/2018 19:49)
Nice place, one of good mall in Bandung
Easy access to find here, but sometimes more crowded around here, the location exactly at intersection road
#large parking area, available vallet parking

Joanne Sunarisa (19/05/2018 03:10)
A lot of fun things inside. Good restos, and lately there is a new glasses store called dr.specs. The only thing that is quite horrible is finding an empty car park.

Agis Baswara (02/05/2018 05:27)
Mallnya tidak terlalu besar namun lengkap.
Namun yang bikin gak suka itu parkirnya. Yang ribet. Untuk yang baru pertama kesana pasti bingung. Lokasi bayar parkirnya aneh. Tidak pas pintu keluar. Mungkin niatnya baik untuk mengurangi antrian. Namun gak enak kan kalo udah naik motor. Tiba2 gak ada tempat bayar deket pintu keluar. Harus turun dan pakir dulu motor. Jalan ke tempat bayar yang diluar area parkir motor namun masih satu lantai. Lalu balik lagi.

Julian Sutisnawinata (20/04/2018 02:52)
Fun for everyone. I love to frequent Istana Plaza for the choices in eatery, snacks, bookstore and it has a movie theatre too now!

Mochammad Akbar (19/04/2018 10:31)
One of the most comfortable shopping centre. I like this place because there's a lot of good outlets, especially the ones that sell foods. It's not too crowdy for me although it's located in the center of Bandung's traffic. I enjoy being here for a long time and that's why I definitely want to comeback for sure.

Mahendra Ari Kurniawan (30/03/2018 12:52)
It has some issues about its parking payment procedure. Somehow it makes thing so unbearably difficult just to pay your parking fee. The place seems like it is not a big shopping mall but it's a quite complete package from groceries to foodies. Though I'm not going to recommend you using its lavatories. They are kind of dark and creepy with their medieval appliances. They got food court in their highest floor, quite a lot menu option by the way. Still, it is difficult to find moslem prayer room. Unless for the stores they have, I wouldn't be coming here.

Andre Sukianto (29/03/2018 16:18)
Your average mall, love the new revamped foodcourt, AMK and KOI are still one of my favorites, and one of the oldest mall in Bandung, I've been here since I was 4 years old, awesome place to hangout, loads of good foods, clean place, but kinda dull compared to other mall, still love it tho

Tommy Suriady (23/03/2018 00:24)
Classic mall. Reasonable variety of shops. A new cinema; pretty small but of good quality.

Afryzal Faringga (16/02/2018 06:24)
I didn't spend much time here but what I can tell you is that this place is well-managed. It's easy to access due to it being located in the middle of the city. The strokeepers are friendly, the crowds are cool. Other than that, it's yet another mall in Bandung.

Sony Setiawan (08/02/2018 08:15)
Medium-small sized mall, easy to notice from the street. Practical to have a small but proper parking lot, finger snack and a cup of coffee. The restrooms need more improvements in terms of size, odor management, and lightning.

Shinta Camellia (18/11/2017 08:40)
A cozy place to spend your day-off or after work time or just for window shopping time....

danu r setiadi (04/11/2017 09:54)
Nice place to hangout. Good food. Over Crowded at weekend but it's okay.

Nia Aprilya (29/10/2017 02:54)
This is just like regular mall. There is cinema, food courts, fashion department, drugstores. The best place to eat based on my experience: Mangkok Ayam. In Matahari there was often big sale.

Sou S (13/10/2017 04:30)
One of Bandung's classic shopping centre, located at the heart of the city. Parking on the outer parking lot is easier because basement is full most of the time, but susceptible to rain.

Leon (05/09/2017 11:00)
Indentity crisis... maybe? Great location but not so many changes. If they not having some innovation in shopping expierence, they will keep sinking under other new mall

Timothy Pranata (01/09/2017 14:47)
The only thing causing me to give the 3 star is its poor parking service. Overrated valet service giving the first basement floor an exclusive valet-service only, causing visitors to park at least in the second or higher basement. The valet itself is really un-valet-y, with visitors parking their own car. Otherwise the mall is modetately good.

Luthfi Ardhi (27/08/2017 07:33)
Affordable. Usually quieter than most malls. Good food court choices; plenty of good restaurants outside of food court. Good for casual weekend shopping.

Dwiyani Christy (15/08/2017 13:58)
Mall acessable from airport.
It has cinema, restaurants, food court, department stores. Need more space for car parking area.

Mel Nathania (07/08/2017 08:37)
An old simple mall but its quite good. Mostly retail stores and food court inside. There are also coffee shop you can hangout at.

altar altar (27/06/2017 10:48)
Die-hard mall in the Bandung downtown. Clearly IP targets school students as customer, as it is situated near some high schools. But it should adapt with shifting teenager's lifestyle. Teens nowadays prefer restaurants and cafes to shopping malls

zelig dspace (19/06/2017 14:55)
Good mall for family, in the heart of the city. Not the biggest or the newest but still offer great products and brands.

denys ignatius (19/06/2017 03:25)
this plaza is on of most visited mal i usually go. this mal is near my home, it's located very strategic and placed on the centre of the city, it have many restaurant and shop here. you can find matahari dept store here too.

the popular restaurant in this plaza is eastern

Tomi Taladin (30/05/2017 02:02)
Simple but offers wide variety of food and shops. Good place for meeting with friends. No movie theater could be one thing missing from this place.

Hans Lito (27/04/2017 09:24)
This mall has a fair good access and it has fairly good stores to visit. The features it has are also complete and friendly for people with disability. One thing to pay attention seriously is the parking lot for car and motorcycle that is very small and tight, so lots of customers reconsider to visit this place if it's on weekends or holidays.

A. Abiasa (25/04/2017 04:02)
good place to hang out, plenty of choices in terms of restaurants and cafes.. there's Matahari Dept. Store with a lot of discounts.. but.. almost impossible to find a parking space on weekends

claudya wijaya (18/04/2017 09:38)
Located in the city centre. Love the Eastern restaurant. Their dim sum is thw best in town

Willyhono Ho (16/04/2017 12:20)
This is a good place for family.. there's a place for everybody to do activities... dad can go to ace hardware, mom can do shopping, and there's playground for kids too..

Jefta Jedidiah (08/03/2017 07:31)
A famous mall in a strategic place. Has many famous stores and also small indie brand shops. The only downside - this mall needs a bigger parking!

Livina Intania (18/02/2017 18:25)
I don't know why, but I love going to this mall. Maybe just for a walk, or looking for books, or trying to find something to eat. There's no cinema here yet, but it's not decreasing this mall convenience. More or less, this mall is fit with what I need.

Bernardus Adriel Mulia (03/02/2017 17:42)
Not too big but it's enough for you to have some meal or dessert or coffee and shopping. Unfortunately if you go to this place at the weekend or public holiday, you will find parking space for your car hardly.

Toar Lukki Rogi (02/02/2017 08:57)
Cool place and modern. Christian bookstore available. . .

Jeanne Yonne (27/12/2016 10:13)
The location is convenient, good place for meeting point. It's better to come on week days since weekend is crowded and difficult to get car park. Many shops & food options.

Afriski Nanda (27/12/2016 10:03)
Plenty food tennant to pick but lacking in entertainment department. Unless you're a foodies with specific destination or game center regulars, there's nothing interesting here. The ground level mostly noisy because of events that the mall gave space to on it. It's also a closed air mall, so you know what you get: air conditioned establishment that can make you uncomfortable from time to time.

Kardinal (20/09/2016 01:08)
Great place to hang out BUT with a very bad services when i found sth to eat in the food court. The staff really impolite and seem want to dismiss all of us there by putting all the chair on the top of the messy table. At that time 9PM. While some table there were still eating.

Weresti K (11/09/2016 18:21)
A reccomended mall to find some foods and do a little shopping. There aren't many stores since the mall is not so big. Very limited parking area, especially on weekends where the car vallet area is expanded. Some toilets are not available a lot of times.

Peter Dautzenberg (07/08/2016 21:14)
Big mall with an international foodcourt on the top floor. They even have belgian wafels..

Gisella Thiofanny (02/08/2016 07:48)
The place is ok. Not so special. PVJ, ciwalk, and TSM have their own concept. I don't think istana plaza has their unique concept. It's just a mall, with super expensive parking fee. They're just lucky that their position is close to some reputable schools.

Naomi Chrysantia (11/07/2016 16:06)
What I love about IP is its foodcourt (because several malls in Bandung don't have foodcourt). A nice place to shop. But it's hard to find a parking spot on weekends.

Marsya Rebecca (17/06/2016 08:37)
many great foods here. that's all. but i think they're building some cinema. so, yay! and ... it will be harder to park then

Rico Chandra (14/06/2016 06:45)
The best place to kill time and the food is good too. I would recommend to eat at Mangkok Ayam.

Hisban Taris Aditya (08/06/2016 02:05)
Susah untuk parkir

Fedora Fei (31/05/2016 03:21)
Still one of the favorite malls in Bandung. Even though it is much smaller than the usual malls in Bandung, it has various stores inside and usually has so many events for the customers. Since it's also located in a strategic place, it can't help but usually crowded even on weekdays (though it'll be more on the weekend). Too bad the parking area is not really big, so that it's a bit hard to find a parking spot in here, especially when it's crowded.

Wibisana Salam (17/05/2016 14:09)
Too bad they dont have movie theatre. Good things in this mall is the bookstore (quite big, though), Restaurants, and the location. I hope Lippo Group as owner this mall would build their own Cinemaxx Theatre

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