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ITC Kebon Kalapa

Bandung Barat, Jawa Barat
Alamat: Jl. Moh. Toha Jl. Pungkur, Pungkur, Kec. Regol, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40252, Indonesia
Rating: 5.00
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 8:30 AM – 7:00 PM
Tuesday: 8:30 AM – 7:00 PM
Wednesday: 8:30 AM – 7:00 PM
Thursday: 8:30 AM – 7:00 PM
Friday: 8:30 AM – 7:00 PM
Saturday: 8:30 AM – 7:00 PM
Sunday: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Komentar :

Green Droyds (23/08/2020 02:19)
good good lengkaap

Nova Fernando (12/08/2020 04:50)
Good place you want to buy spare parts handphone, Recommend Golden , bilitone spare part handphone

andreas kurniawan (10/07/2020 20:05)
If you want to find silver ring or gem stone. And to fix all your jewelery

G. C. Eka Darma (29/02/2020 15:42)
Recommend for customisation and repairing your ring, hunting gemstone and also certified your stone

Fonardy (03/11/2019 15:25)
As it's name International Trade Center (locally), the place is always very crowd. No place for kids to play around nor comfortable place to pick things to buy. But it's heaven for those who want to buy cheap clothing..

Edisan Supriyadi (09/10/2019 08:59)
Great shopping mall with affordable prices!

nurhayati barends (01/10/2019 22:18)
Found the stuff I need after trying to go around place to place with avordable price

Hisar Sitompul (25/09/2019 15:23)
Parking lot space and not too crowded

Sunanto Ajidarmo (22/09/2019 14:50)
In maintained but cheap prices

Steven Yohanes (17/06/2019 15:23)
If you want accesories & sparepart for your phone cell. You can visit 'Young-Young cell'

sani adli faldi (03/12/2018 14:26)
Di lantai atas Tempat sparepart smartphone murah, tapi ya pemasangan ala kadarnya.. harus pinter pinter cari toko hehe
Di lantai bawah banyak pakaian murah jugas...

HM Solatun Dulah Sayuti (26/09/2018 14:35)
less comfortable but have cheaper prices and better service

Thomas Tarwendie (19/09/2018 18:18)
A shopping mall for fashion with reasonable prices. Can be reached easily..

Stevie Harison (16/09/2018 08:10)
Strategically located, in Southern Bandung, close to public transportation terminal Dewi Sartika. Almost all the stuffs here are sold with cheaper price or at least very competitive. Here you can find electronics, fashion and accessories, toys and hobbies, and supermarket. Crowded on the weekend. Parking lot is available but limited.

ananta buana (07/06/2018 12:56)
This place has seen better days, but still i would recommend this place to buy or just to look around some clothes, cellphones, or other electronic stuff. Can be easily noticed from the main road, accessible by almost all public transport, located on a one way road, sometimes the traffic around it isn't so friendly and tend to be more crowded. Quite hard to find some restrooms here, lighting isn't so efficient and tend to be more dimmed, not so wheelchair friendly, and the elevator is not working. the prices are quite satisfying depends on your negotiating skill. all in all, its okay. :)

Kuda Poni (20/05/2018 08:22)
Sagala aya lurs!

Romi Hermawan (02/05/2018 01:03)
One of the cheapest clothing & electronic centre in Bandung. Located not far from the City Landscape Alun-alun Bandung

Echa Echa (01/05/2018 14:14)
the best place 4 looking cell phone acc... coz it's cheap

baya asmara (05/04/2018 19:03)
Belanja murah-murah

Anggita Khusnur Rizqi (05/04/2018 12:03)
U can shop fashion items with a good price here.

andre wana (25/02/2018 04:30)
one of alternatives for 'pasar baru' alike, with calm and ease access.

Erwin Yogaswara (18/02/2018 05:58)
Modern and traditional shopping center. Good price.

Yerikho Teudas Litaniwan (17/02/2018 11:03)
Mostly fill with clothing store. If you dilligent enough, you'll get good stuff with good price.

Sena Prasena (26/10/2017 11:42)
Good prices, a lot of seller/counter for computer/laptop/cellphone spareparts and services, also second stuffs. There's clothing, fashions, shoes. Also Famous place to go for makers, sellers, accesories, and custom gemstones, rings, pendants, and accesories. Some stores are closed but doesnt hinder finding a good cheap stuff. No air conditioning, but who needs it in cool and beautiful bandung city.

ilham muhammad (15/10/2017 03:21)
Quite complete.. Combined with the traditional market in the basement you can buy all your daily needs here. However the place is not well maintenanced.

Fitri Nayyiroh R (27/09/2017 06:15)
Visit it, they offer you many good price for each kind of goods... trying to choose the best price.. good luck

Wahyu Altair (21/09/2017 07:08)
Sehun is handsome. But I love JK too... What should I do?

Yansen Haryanto (17/09/2017 01:46)
The place is quite dirty.. and most of fire extinguisher is low on pressure also most of them is out of inspection date..

Many of the store has been closed.

But it has a very good parking location

Saeful (17/08/2017 05:17)
It's not really good market place. But not really bad.

Jaka Septa (05/07/2017 13:54)
You can find fashion, gadgets, accessories, etc. here. One thing I would like to comment about this place is that the cleanliness seems not to be paid attention.

rizal rizo (05/07/2017 12:17)
Fashion mall whole and retailer (KW "number 2 quality" famous brand) laptop and mobile phone service and spareparts on 3rd and 4 th floor, rooftop parking, food court not too suggest,

anasta rahayu (04/07/2017 15:21)
One of the most complete and cheapest wholesale center you can find in Bandung is ITC Kebon Kelapa

Zakie Yamanie (03/07/2017 07:01)
Makin kesini makin komplit

Diandra Aullia (20/06/2017 12:29)
This in an alternative place to fix your phone, nevermind going to BEC. There are several phone shop that actually can fix your phone with cheap price e.g. Billitonite, Queen. I changed my iPhone 5s LCD screen for just Rp220K

Fadhel Iqbal (12/06/2017 22:44)
Visit my friend. Nadia colection in Ground floor.

Priyandita Widhianto (28/04/2017 01:47)
if you want to buy a cheap cloth here is the place, my mother spend whole day for shopping.
don't bring kids, they will not happy. since doesn't have any playground.

Yulia Rahmawati (13/04/2017 00:08)
Another alternative to buy fashion in cheap price if you don't want to go to Pasar Baru. Many small stall and floors, so you can explore it well girls!

Kris Luk (03/04/2017 23:56)
If you looking the cheap deal for the clothes,,, then this mall is a good option for you. Otherwise, the mall filled with simple and mediocre tenants

Joseph Fixer (06/03/2017 14:19)
Cheap places to shop fashion product but crowded, no AC, and dirty environment

Winny Kartini (25/02/2017 14:16)

sutiadi rahmansyah (21/02/2017 10:17)
Cheap place same as pasar baru you can buy in bulk or pieces

Bukhaerotul Brilliantoro (18/02/2017 08:21)
Spare part dn service laptop dn hp ada.

Bambang Lukito (07/10/2016 02:32)
It's a below average shopping center, filthy and dirty. It's supposed to be quite a big thing for locals but I won't go there again.

AG (11/09/2016 11:15)
Many goods with cheap price can be found here (especially electronics). The place is crowded and the alleys are quite narrow and not too comfortable (for me). The location of this place is really strategic (very near to the Kalapa Bus Station and Alun-Alun Bandung).

Anisa Rahmawati (16/09/2016 13:40)
Kudu pinter nawar. Btw tiati tuh kalo mu beli barang harus teliti, pengalaman mau nuker jeans disalah satu toko, eh si pedagang pasang harga seenaknya, mereka dua kongkalikong dan akhirnya sok sok barangnya abis karena gak mau terima tuker, padahal sebelumnya perjanjian boleh nuker. Dah jauh-jauh cuma mau nuker, eh dibohongin #cumasharepengalaman #hatihatisebelummembeli #gaksemuapedagangkykgitu #masihadapedagangyangbaek #gadamaksudapaapa

Adhi Darmawan (04/09/2016 03:19)
agak kotor, sesak

Afriana Sya'ban (28/08/2016 05:18)
Simple shopping

Zacky Ghaidak Akbar (15/08/2016 09:29)
Gini aja tukang service mah

tabuty Coffee (29/05/2016 13:22)
mau belanja murah meriah
tapi awas banyak copet

Maman Warman (10/05/2016 04:13)

Yanny Gde (07/04/2016 06:37)

imam habiburrahman (25/02/2016 06:59)
one of most visited mall in Bandung, there is clothes, shoes, bags, etc

asoed Abu Kayyis (03/12/2013 15:33)
Jl otista wedt javs

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