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Farm House Susu Lembang

Bandung Barat, Jawa Barat
Alamat: Jl. Raya Lembang No.108, Gudangkahuripan, Lembang, Gudangkahuripan, Lembang, Kabupaten Bandung Barat, Jawa Barat 40391, Indonesia
Rating: 4.30
Telp: +62 22 82782400
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Thursday: 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Friday: 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Saturday: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Sunday: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Komentar :

Desi Triyani (04/06/2018 04:42)
It's a nice place to go and hangout with family or friends. It was very beautiful place with european theme yet crowded on weekend, so better visit this pretty place on weekday. Please make your schedule start by morning. So you can do any activities without wasting time in traffic. Take a lot photo and taste their yummy fresh milk!

Suryadi Leung (03/06/2018 05:53)
Great places for kids. You should visit Hobbiton. Great places to explore. They give milk that you can exchange with entrance ticket. Suggest to come early in the morning in order to avoid jam and pack to get there. And also you can rent a dutch costume there. Cool..

vincentius stevano (29/05/2018 12:33)
Its a nice place for having holiday with family especially kids arround 2 to 12 y.o.. Its has wide open area and a place where you can petting an animal like rabbit or bird. The ticket is fair cheap. 25k for entrance and you can exchange that ticket with fresh milk(check my photo) at the counter. And at inside they have hobbit place and you must pay 20k again to entering that place. Again u can exchange that ticket with milk pie at the end. Overall its a nice place with such nature so you can take many photograph. Avoid weekend cause it will crowded. Normally it will spend 4 to 5 hours here.

Rudy Kurniawan (27/05/2018 15:31)
Great ambience.
Nice place to take photos and share the moments.
Enjoy the milk, I hope they provide less sweet one.
You should go to the hobbit town, just pay 20k more

matthan benjamin (09/05/2018 08:01)
Nice place with affordable price.. kids will love the interaction with animal.. not much to see for adults, they have nice spot for taking picture though

Silas Oghenemaro (27/04/2018 10:42)
Nice place.
The scenery is beautiful and picturesque.
The gate fee is just 25,000 and ticket exchanged for pure milk either plain milk, chocolate or strawberry flavor.
However to enter into the Hobbiton building, you'd be required to pay another 20,000.
Overall, it's an experience to be much remembered.

Devi Indriawati (26/04/2018 09:27)
Enjoying the scenery and lots of places for having instragamable pictures. Once you enter the gate, you will get a ticket that you can exchange with a glass of milk. Walk into the gate on the left, the roots of old trees become the wall, really artistic, and you can have pictures with action figures or writedown your name&your partner on the padlock, lock it in the wire gate. It is a nice theme park with European-style building and you can wear Dutch costumes. Nice selection of souvenirs with good price. Recently they open Hobbit house, but you need to buy another ticket to enter it.

Billy Tantri (25/04/2018 21:46)
Nicely designed theme park. Imitating European architecture. Many nice spots for taking pictures. Nicely designed and doesn't look cheap at all. Very crowded in weekends. Make sure to come in the morning around 8 AM. Parking is limited especially for motorcycle, try parking in the adjacent buildings next to farm house. Expensive but at least you don't need to fight for parking space. Entrance is 25 rb per person, you get 1 cup of milk

Ghea & Hanif (16/04/2018 19:36)
Salah satu tempat menarik untuk didatangi saat sedang ke Bandung. Tempatnya adem, dan waktu terakhir kesana tiketnya tergolong murah meriah. Cuma 20k dan bisa dituker susu atau sosis.

Banyak spot-spot foto disana, mulai dari rumah-rumah bergaya eropa, toko-toko yang lucu, hobbiton, dan lain-lain.

Cuma emang tempat ini hampir selalu rame sih, waktu itu sengaja kesini weekdays, dan nggak lagi menjelang akhir tahun sekolah, tapi tetep aja banyaaak banget rombongan anak sekolah maupun rombongan umum.

Tapi karena tempatnya lumayan luas jadi nggak terlalu bermasalah. Mushollanya bagus dan nyaman.

Iqbal Maulana (12/04/2018 02:42)
Sepengalaman saya yg berasal dari luar daerah dan berkunjung pada high season. Yang kurang dari tempat wisata ini adalah lahan parkirnya, parkir mobil lumayan sulit karena jalan raya di depannya padat dan sering macet karena keluar masuk kendaraan yg parkir. Lahan parkir motor seadanya, walaupun memakai mesin tiket tapi areanya berupa tanah berumput yg berada dekat area perumahan warga.
Tiket masuk 20rb/orang yg dapat ditukar dengan segelas susu atau voucher makan restoran di dalam area wisata. Saya suka dengan permen susunya.
Di dalam tersedia berbagai macam produk olahan susu, juga beberapa area rekreasi bertema, seperti taman gembok cinta, taman hobbit, dll. Bisa memberikan makanan langsung kepada hewan seperti kelinci, domba, dll bagus utk edukasi kepada anak2.

Yolanda Samosir (06/04/2018 18:22)
Went here on the evening, so it was pretty dark but we still managed to enjoy the view and took some pictures. First we took our milks (I love the chocolate one) and strolling around the place while drinking it. The place was very well-thought and very taken care of, because it is clean and very beautiful. There are many spots where you can take pictures, like the gate where all people place their love locks, the Swiss buildings, and other spots even the pathways are beautiful to take pictures.

Naufanti Zulfah (29/03/2018 15:22)
This place is so beautiful and pretty big. I like the themes. The buildings look like europe buildings. There are souvenirs shop, restaurants, small park, some animals. It's a good place for photo background. This place fits for anyone.

Andrew Christian (15/03/2018 04:00)
The place is beautiful. They had good vibes for vacation. You can pet and feed animals here. The iconic hobbiton is also here. You can exchange your entrance ticket for a glass of milk.
Overall it's a good place to hangout and hunt photos.
Notes: when the weekend comes the place is a bit crowded

Alison Stone (17/12/2017 14:43)
It is great for families. There's activities that is suitable for all age group. Animal feeding can be really fun. The entrance ticket can be exchanged for a cup of milk at the entrance or used as voucher at some of their stores or restaurants.

Lucky Wibisono (16/12/2017 18:48)
Tempat rekreasi yang sangat asri dan indah dengan bangunan style old european country yang sangat unik. Uang masuk berupa voucher yang dapat ditukarkan dengan makanan atau sebagai pemotong tagihan makan di resto.

Wahana2 yang included dengan uang masuk sudah sangat cukup menghibur. Ada wahana tambahan yang cukup unik dan menarik (hobbiton) yang sangat instagramable.

Menu di resto beragam dari masakan indonesia dan western. Nyoba spaghetti carbonara, porsi yang diberikan sangat generous dan rasa yang enak. Harga mungkin tidak bisa dibilang murah, namun sebenarnya cukup standar dan bahkan lebih murah dari resto di mall2 dengan kualitas makanan kurang lebih sama.

Overall great experience. No wonder tempat ini selalu penuh ketika weekend

Wahyu Parbowo (11/12/2017 14:30)
Appreciate the gardens and concept. Unfortunately it is too crowded for its own good most of the time, especially on weekend. The milk is fresh and nice, love the milk. The 25K IDR entrance fee has a milk voucher included, you can find the milk counter inside if the one outside line's too long. I especially like the petting zoo.

Sten Md (10/12/2017 10:29)
Superb places to go.. you get milk coupons which you can change it in the advise for that, is not to change all at one time.. if you have 4, change 2 of the coupons 1st.. den another 2 while walking in the park, which is very pretty to be in..

The place is nicely decorated and you may even view the mountains at one side of the place. Hobbit deco is almost everywhere, worthy of instagram and facebook.

If you bring your kids, this place has many cute animals. Just buy the feed to feed those animals and petting is certainly free.. its a great place to be in and worthy of the entrance fee.. cheers!

Diah Royani Meisani (01/12/2017 02:55)
Located about 15-30 minutes from UPI Bandung by car. If you love nature and want your children learn about how to feed animals like cow, sheep, rabbit come to this place. Ticket is only 25k and you get a cup of milk free. Photo spots are good, it offers visitors to rent cultural costumes from some other countries, like Netherland, Korea, etc.

Alfa Sinaga (02/10/2017 04:12)
nice place for family vacation. very crowded at weekend and holiday, there might be a heavy traffic on weekend and holiday but its light traffic on workday. accessible with public transport. 25k for a ticket/person which will be exchanged for pure cow milk.

Eartha R (30/09/2017 13:28)
Good place to just hangout with your family. Quite packed on long holidays, but it’s a big place so it’s okay. The prices were reasonable. They have good places to take good pictures as well

Raymond Calitri (26/09/2017 08:38)
This place is great for the family. There is a large petting zoo for the kids. Plenty of food available and some great scenery. Admission for 4 adults was 100,000 rupiah. Also there is an opportunity to play with the sheep and baby cows.

Leonard K (13/08/2017 02:12)
Fun place to bring friends or family. Many animals to interact with, from bunnies to goats. Flower garden has tiny walkways. Snack shopping alley would be crowded most of the time, awareness of belongings is a must.

People would spend about 2 hrs or less here.
Parking is a wait & a hassle.
There are only a few restrooms (I think).
Free cup of milk when exchanging the ticket stub.

Sophie Lam (04/08/2017 15:56)
It was quite nice to spend some times in here with your family. However it's to packed on the weekend.. you barely cannot move and totally not recommended to come on the weekend, public holiday or either school holiday.. ticket price IDR 25,000 and u can redeem the ticket with a glass of fresh milk. The white fresh milk is really fresh and good, strawberry is too sweet (for me).
The place and the concept is really good. If you never been to Amsterdam before you can visit this place. They are also have a Amsterdam traditionally custom for rent and you can strolling around there. Don't forget to bring with you a nice SLR or either a nice phone with good camera resolution.

Brigita Advenia (26/07/2017 14:35)
One of the nice place I've visited. The atmosphere changes here, u'll feel that u were in another country. You'll got a lot of cool photos here. You'll found Holland's clothes for rent and use it while taking walk around this place. You'll find so many cute store with cute staff and decors, amazing building of cafe and restaurant. Btw u don't need to worry about where to buy souvenirs, cs u can find and buy it here! Don't forget to buy their raisins inside of banana dream store, it's surely yummy.

leonora wongkaren (24/07/2017 08:25)
Nice place. You need to pay 25k which is already including one drink. You can choose chocolate or strawberry flavor. Its fresh milk. Recommended for local tourist.

Prisa Kandora (23/07/2017 03:24)
This is a good place for family.
Many good place for take a picture. We can rent some costume.

But this place is very crowded.
Many people here.
But is oke.
We can spend time and many theme place bring us inspiration

Suyandi Liyis (16/07/2017 12:07)
It feels like you're entering to another country. Great atmosphere and good collection of animals. The European like building is my favorite. Open at 9 am but there were car queue already before that. Huge parking lot is still not enough. Entrance fee only idr25k. This is a good place for family and everyone probably will agree

Monika Ardine (07/07/2017 05:53)
Great place to spend the weekend with your family. You can see, pet, or even feed many kinds of animals like goats, hedgehog, sugar gliders, calves. There's a lot of nice photo spots too.
Don't forget to try the little pastry shop near the restroom, they got super good croissants and danish bread
The entrance ticket will cost you a 20k rupiahs and 10k rupiahs per car. The entrance ticket can be exchanged for a medium sized cup of milk (original, strawberry, or chocolate).

Fitria Amathonthe (14/05/2017 07:32)
Great place to hangout with family but not on the weekend. It was just too crowded. But the place make you wanna stay long. The milk was delicious

Idrus Fhadli (11/05/2017 19:01)
Great place for taking great photos, only and if only you came in the morning, when there are less people inside and not that crowded. Perfect for holding family gathering. Offers various food, drink, and snack. Ah, the back garden and hills view outside are brilliant!

Erisa Noviati (11/05/2017 10:41)
Petting zoo is such a pleasurable experience (although we have to buy quite expensive carrots).. 🐐🐇
Nice & clean place, good service/maintenance,,
Expecting more farm than the buildings.. But it still has a lot nice places​ for taking pictures,, So crowded at the long weekend..

Cynthia Damayanti (26/04/2017 17:57)
Exciting place to take selfie and groupie pictures. Petting zoo for children. There are also costumes for rent, old dutches or cowboy. Delicious fresh milk and croissant.

Just prepare for the traffic and crowd during holidays and weekends.

Yulia Rahmawati (04/04/2017 10:31)
Another great place to visit in Bandung. Have beautiful design and concept with old western building. Also unique shape one such as hobbit house.

Many plant. There are some animals such as rabbits and goats. You can interact with them or feed them. Children will love it.

This place is really instagramable. But in the weekend it is too crowded so you even have to queue to take a photo at best spot.

Pricilla Jupz (07/03/2017 11:34)
You can feel fresh air and enjoy nature at this fun place for vacation with your family and friends. It's also a perfect spot to take pictures and share it to your social media. There's a small kiosk inside the place that sells cookies and other snacks. You can enjoy free fresh milk, which is one of my favorite unsweetend milk

Fitriana Kusuma Ningrum (04/03/2017 03:41)
Having fun in here. The right place to spent your holiday with family and the beloved ones. Affordable price and very interesting.

Siti Aisyah Damiati (19/02/2017 07:23)
It's a pretty "instagram" place, but I wish it could be something much more..
Instead of only selling overpriced food, souvenir, and all other touristy things like Dutch costume rental, the place could provide more education and fun activities like showing how the process behind fresh cow milk, etc..
Now they only have a small "zoo" of farm animals where we can pay to feed them.
I think one time visit is enough for my lifetime, unless they improve the place.

Nurul (18/02/2017 17:24)
At first i thought it is really something to do with a farm. But it is definitely an Europhean theme. Well, the place is cool but not much knowledge i can get from here. 3 stars for the view.

Ahmad Syahid (10/02/2017 00:39)
When they mention farmhouse, I was expecting more farm and less house. Apparently it's a whole "European" theme park, meant for Instagram moments more than anything else. Entry fees are reasonable, but everything else isn't. The one cup of fresh milk you get tastes good and I'd be very keen to know how it came to be

Rizal N. (05/12/2016 01:05)
Good for kids. There are animals for kids to play with. To enter this place you have to spend 20k idr per person and 10k idr per car. The ticket can be exchange with a medium size milk. The restaurant taste average. The price of the food was slightly expensive.

Monika Ardine (16/11/2016 10:27)
Great place to spend the weekend with your family. You can see, pet, or even feed many kinds of animals like goats, hedgehog, sugar gliders, calves. There's a lot of nice photo spots too.
The entrance ticket will cost you a 20k rupiahs and 10k rupiahs per car. The entrance ticket can be exchanged for a medium sized cup of milk (original, strawberry, or chocolate).

Thomas Vallentino (01/11/2016 12:13)
Nice place! The beverages and foods is really tasty. also the view from above is really nice. they also have rabbit's house and western culture's spot for you to take a pic or two

Risky Setiawan (20/10/2016 15:32)
i thought it was a big place. the restaurant above this place is so quiet and mesmerizing. so cozy love the place. at the bottom you'll find everybody dress-up like Hollander (i don't know what the right word to describe) with costume that you can rent. there is a miniatur farm and you can feed up the lamb and take a picture with them like many people did.

ferra w (18/10/2016 09:32)
Great Concept of tourist attraction for family or even the couples. They have 2 level which downstair they have garden concept with Hobbit house and Miniature building for visitor who love taking photos and wearing a hire dress such as Dutch and Indian. For young kids they can feed an animal like a sheep and Birds. Upstairs they have open plan sitting garden. The Entry fee is Rp 20.000/ person but you can exchange the entry ticket with a glass of milk.

Ian Liu (20/07/2016 16:03)
Buat maniac selfie oke. Tapi kalau cari refreshing c so-so

nadhira fidelia (20/07/2016 05:58)
The best place I've visited in Lembang. Every spot is beautiful as it is, my camera didn't stop taking photos. The cool western-like buildings, breath-taking sceneries, gardens/flowers, costumed-people who work there, and the FARM itself are beyond any expectations!!! There's this one spot which we can give milk to cows and sheeps... It's a super fun experience since I haven't found any places providing these kind of stuffs. RECOMMENDED for anyone who wants to experience something new in Lembang!! Plus, the entry ticket is quite cheap, only 20k and you can exchange it with 'susu murni' with 3 flavors available (choco, strawberry, plain). So what are you waiting for? Cool place, cheap, free milk, without question you'd have a great time in here. Everything you'd ask for in one place.

Dewi Pintokoratri (07/07/2016 05:03)
My boy enjoyed this place so much. He is 3 years old, up close to some animals he used to sing along in his everyday nursery class. Sheep, chicken, cow, birds, rabbits. The entrance fee is 20k rupiah, which you can exchange for a glass of fresh milk. They have 3 different flavours, plain, strawberry and chocolate.

Bastian Prasetyo (03/07/2016 15:21)
A place with many flowers and gardens. It is a very nice place to visit. With only IDR 20K as entrance ticket and it can be exchange with we a glass of fresh milk or a roasted sausage. You can take a marvelous panoramic or feeding sheep or bunny.

Amsal Polla (04/06/2016 10:06)
The place is vey well decorated. It's so crowded on holidays and weekends. Great place for taking pictures. The milk itself is not to my liking. Too blant. Don't know about thw food. When i went there it's too crowded.
The kids probably will love their petting zoo, it has sheeps, rabbits, chickens, and birds. They also sell carrots to feed the rabbit and sheep with.

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