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Bandung Barat, Jawa Barat
Alamat: Jl. Ir. H.Djuanda No.322, Dago, Coblong, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40135, Indonesia
Rating: 4.70
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Tuesday: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Wednesday: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Thursday: Closed
Friday: 1:00 – 11:00 PM
Saturday: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Sunday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Komentar :

time frost (18/05/2018 15:10)
a little, warm hearted cafe which serve quality drinks. price and quality worth 10/10. definitely going to miss this place when i moved out from Bandung

Delima Putri (17/05/2018 03:05)
tired of college?? worn out from work?? this is a 'healing place' for you! this is a humble cafe that genuinely wants to serve you quality drinks, with heart and soul. this cafe also offers unique coffee bean every few weeks. ask away and the friendly barista will explain everything about your coffee! very affordable price, they even offer free glass of water. i really hope this cafe will last for a very, very long time

Reza Rahmadiansyah (09/02/2018 08:39)
favorite little place. the atmosphere is intimate and unimposing, perfect for socializing over coffee (or chocolate, or tea), reading, or working on your laptops...or just relaxing. the baristas are friendly, too.

Ishmael Yudhistira (25/12/2017 01:01)
Good Coffee. Friendy barista. Cozh and comfy place although the place is small. Book collection is good too.

Afriski Nanda (29/11/2017 03:02)
Friendly barista, cozy place. The table are a little too wobbly to my liking. You can enjoy few sips of coffee while reading from the bookshelf here. The toilet is clean enough. The coffee selction is also good, too. You can almost find different kind of coffee in every few weeks here.

Srikandi Putri (19/08/2017 13:11)
My favorite cafe. Hot chocolate is their best specialty. Offers milk, medium, and dark chocolate. Also has various manual brew coffee beans with simple pouring methods. No espresso machine. Good ambiance. Good for loner, reading place, workplace. Only use one radio station for their music with blues and jazz kind of genre. Wi-Fi and charging ports available. Has a mini library to read at cafe only. Friendly baristas.

Mutiara Dini (05/07/2017 04:10)
So cozy and comfy! Filled with coffee and chocolate fragrance. Oh and you can also find a quite big bookshelf with a lot of good novel! Chill

Furqon Waspada (10/09/2017 12:23)
A gem in bandung, a cozy place to hang out, work or even watch people passing by

anita remontika (13/08/2017 09:13)
This place is perfect for you to decide having time alone, small space but cozy.

Mahbub Haq Al Farisi (16/05/2017 18:33)
Quite and comfortable small cafe in Bandung. Recommended for who loves coffee, chocolate, or tea. We also can read some magazine or book in this cafe

Adrianto Oktavianus (16/04/2017 17:01)
A small cafe for you who love coffee, chocolate, tea, and literature world. I like the hot chocolate that the one of the best in Bandung I think. You can enjoy with another or get your 'me time' here

mulki makmun (16/04/2017 06:06)
Unexpectedly found one of Dan Ariely's book in this place,a good companion for my hot dark chocolate.

Firia Nestivirani (08/03/2017 07:03)
Cozy comfortable place, although one of the coffee taste like jamu 😅, but others that i have tasted are fine

Bawono Budi Waskito (05/02/2017 01:47)
A nice small place for a chat with close friends or just for a read. Went here and ordered the Bold Coco, which was the dark chocolate drink. Awesome taste! Gets me ready for a snooze lol. Would come back and defo would recommend!

Edward Furey (31/01/2017 10:41)
Cool little cafe that made me wish I could pass some time there reading a book at the window table. The coffee was pretty good, a little too hot. We enjoyed sitting on the side walk tables and watching the people pass by.

Jonathan Pribadi (27/01/2017 04:35)
Cozy and comfy, good place for group discussion or just for chillin'

Jessica Tobing (22/08/2016 09:55)
Really like this cozy cafe, a really professional explanation of the coffee on the menu book and also from friendly waiters, but especially, totally in love with the Ice chocolate bold! Why? Its excellent consistency and of course its super flavour!

Andri Mujahidin (22/08/2016 09:20)
Ask something to the baristas, then they'll tell you everything. Yes, they like to share stories. Lovely!

Prettyla Yollamanda (23/08/2016 00:07)
Love this place! The coffees are amazing, with affordable price and comfortable place ❤️

Bintang Lestada (11/06/2016 14:52)
It is small but very homey. The sound of traffic and cars, motorcycle honking adding the livelihood of this joint.

Fadhel Gartam (02/06/2016 05:39)
Great coffee, the wifi is fast, the employee are friendly, and the atmosphere is really cozy.

Don't be shy to ask something to barista, they will serve and answer your question even if its your first time there.

for menu recommendation, try ice coffee lemon. I'm serious. At first, I was skeptical too, but believe me its great

Rachmadian Deshiantama (04/03/2016 12:28)
Always love this place, friendly, cozy, and the most important thing for me is the wi-fi is great.

Aurora Wibrianne (28/02/2016 11:34)
Ambience was good with the good musics, books not much but enough when you craving for reading 😝

Menu was good tho they have less option for food, I only tried their hot milk chocolate and IT WAS HEAVENLY GOOD!!

I have to say thanks they also gave customers a portion of yummy pancake for free! 💋😍

Mutiara Effendi (23/02/2015 14:54)
Homy place either for chilling by yourself reading great books or socializing with friends talking about... things. The drinks are good, i personally like hot chocolate and tea (there are some snacks too and various of coffees). The baristas are very friendly, try talking and laughing with them ;) Books are great, classic and modern literatures. Overall, the atmosphere is nice. Come and give it a try!

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